Trolly Daily News, June 30th, 2017 – The War on Men Pt. 4, Parental Rights

The court system is biased when it comes to child custody.  In Canada, 79.3 percent of children are exclusively under a mother only custody situation. Men have to fight tooth and nail to be able to see their children, sometimes spending 1000s of dollars because of selfish women who want to be vindictive. Hell has no fury like a woman spurned so some women will do anything to prevent fathers from seeing their kids as the final insult to her ex-husband or lover.

Child custody may be one of the reasons so many men probably end up committing suicide, which is almost four times higher than women in western countries. If you have no chance to see your children, I can see a man putting a bullet in his brain, because he has lost all hope in seeing his children. I would hate to live under that situation. But with the push of men’s rights things are changing. In Canada, 12.8 percent of child custody situations, is shared physical custody. And as a result, feminists are pissed again.

From  Agony of being a 50/50 mum: Women once held the upper hand in custody battles. Now fathers are winning EQUAL access… and mothers are struggling to cope

In this article, mothers who have 50/50 custody are complaining that the kids are going to their fathers for some of the time, saying they do not know how to live, because their kids are not with them, even if the kids are only gone for the weekend. They don’t know how to act. The article never looks at the other side of the coin at all. No fathers were ever interviewed. Their perspectives are completely ignored, because of the wiminz are complaining again.

That is what first struck me about this article. Nothing from a man’s perspective, how he is so thankful for actually having time spent with his children. This women-centric attitude is devastating men in so many different ways when it comes to parental rights for men in the world. Women are almost always chosen for sole custody almost everywhere in the first world, and fathers have to fight just to see their children.

Now, let’s look at some of the blatant sexism found in this article, shall we?

Every mother lives for those small, joyful moments when her child masters something new – a book once too challenging, the telling of a joke previously stumbled over, a food devoured that had formerly been rejected.

For it’s in the gentle minutiae of a little one’s life that you really see their budding personality grow.

Do you see how this is completely exclusionary? What about fathers missing seeing those things. Do fathers never have pride seeing their children doing those things. Imagine the over 80% of fathers who never see many of these firsts, because the children’s mother never allows them to see their children to see their fathers.

I lived in a single mother household, and my only father figure was my grandfather, who was gone 6 months of the year because he went to Florida with his wife every September. I have seen the characteristics of a child growing up without a father, and I recognise many personality flaws of mine that correspond to not having a father. That is why I am going to be with my fiancé no matter what. When we have kids, like  @BrownBear, I am going to make sure they have a dad.

And check out how they use multi-media in this story. It’s showing a caring and loving mother, with her kids.

How dare those selfish fathers to ask for their kids for the weekend. She is literally suffering from being without her kids, leaving them with her police officer ex-husband. We should totally trample over his rights to see his kids because she has hurt feelings. I can’t imagine being a police officer is an easy job, seeing his kids may be his one hope in life. I can make it through seeing the shit of humanity this week, I get to see my kids.

But that isn’t the story we should think about, she’s traumatised every weekend because she has to give their dad his right to see his kids and spend time with them. This story is so biased against men, it is ridiculous. The only pictures you see in the article, 6 of them, are all women. I show 5 of them. And of course, the blonde is featured the most. I think the photographer or photo editor had a bit of a crush.

Men are shit upon when it comes to fatherhood. We almost never have a chance to see our children because of biased court systems and angry women. If you don’t like being without your children, imagine how the father’s feelings for the amount of time they don’t get to see their kids. I say this is probably one of the major causes of male suicide being almost 4 times higher than women.

When I said I would go to Australia to see my father, he was excited, because he never thought he could see his children ever. It was a great vacation, and I will always remember it. I saw how my life could have been, compared to my life without him. It’s time for men to be honoured in this world because fathers are needed. Let this man who was raised in a single mother household shout this, I needed my father!

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Trolly Daily News June 29th, 2017 – VidCon gives again #FakeNews #Minds

In the Journalism biz, there should be an element where you don’t beat a dead horse anymore. I swore, when VidCon decided to side with Anita Sarkeesian, and not with Sargon of Akkad, after Anita attacked Sargon, calling him a shit head and a garbage human on her Women Online panel, I would be done with it. It’s time to go on more important stuff than Sargon and Anita. I know this might wound your ego Sargon, but the world doesn’t revolve around either you or Anita. But more shit happened again. And it is #FakeNews too, of all things.

You’d think that Sargon is in deep trouble with that fucking headline. When I saw it, I was on a 20-minute rant about how unfair that was. And then I did what every good journalist should do, and checked the article.

I think I was the person who broke this real news. That’s the problem with fake news. If Mic created a headline, Patreon Investigation Clears Sargon of any Wrong Doing, there wouldn’t have been half the outrage or the interest. So, they lied in the in the headline to gain the maximum amount of outrage based on the facts of the story. They could have been more close to the truth with their headline. Patreon Investigates Sargon, Disgusting Content Doesn’t Break their TOS. It may have fit their narrative a bit, and been more truthful.

This is the first real shots in this culture war. Despite VidCon being a place where many Antis and SJWs started to mend bridges, as they meet with each other. Anita, in her nightmare world, is still on the rampage. Sargon disagrees with her, and she has to squash him. And the best way to do that, squash his income.

This is why is our refuge in this war. When you have people like Anita trying to attack our lifeline, the income we get from our readers and viewers, because our revenue sources are slowly drying up, it is a place that stands for free speech. We can monetize our content and gain the same monthly subscription as Patreon. And as long as we do not incite harassment, we can talk about just about anything we want.

This place is a god spend, and I am glad it is as successful as it is. Thank you, Bill Ottman. We have a safe harbour because of you.

But there have already been casualties. I smiled when I first saw the monument to those fought in the great meme war. But the attack on the income sources of people is happening. I wonder when Minds becomes enough of a safe harbour for Internet dissidents when they will come after this place.

I think that is why Bill Ottman is right to keep this as small as possible. The smaller it is, the less oversight it will get, and the safer we are when it comes to the microscope of leftist interference and attack. I do hope it does get more popular, but I don’t want it so popular that things get interfered with. Maybe breaking the top 1000.

If you oppose the current draconian forces of the left, you need to be on Minds. If you blog, you can monetize it. If you create videos or art, you can use their monetization process to have paid subscriptions for your content, like Patreon. You can have a voice, and nobody will censor you, investigate you for bullshit reasons, and you can be free to say whatever you want.

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Trolly Daily News June 28th, 2017, Trudeau Blames Opposition on Government Failures

With an 184 of a possible 334 seats in Parliment, Justin Trudeau has a majority and can push any kind of Orwellian legislation down Canada’s throat.  Be it C-16, forcing Canadians to respect ‘gender identity’ and use the pronouns of tall pansexual flirty wood sprites. Or C-6, which has so many holes in investigating immigration fraud, Isis combatants with the right forged documents will find it easy to immigrate into Canada.  He can even green light the sale of high-tech military firms to China. With so many harmful decisions pushed down our throats by Trudeau’s federal government, you’d think election reform and balancing the budget would be easy. It isn’t, the opposition parties are preventing him from doing those things. That’s right, they are preventing him.


From PM Trudeau blames opposition for electoral reform failure, budget deficit

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ended his second parliamentary sitting with a few parting shots at the Conservatives and NDP, blaming the opposition for stalling bills in the Senate, the federal deficit and his broken promise to reform the electoral system.

So, you are saying the Senate, whose task is to be a check and balance to the federal government, is preventing you from achieving what you want to do. When 5.6 millions of people voted Conservative last election, to expect the conservatives not unite to reflect the wishes of those voters in the Senate, to take a closer look on things to ensure the bills passed reflect every single Canadian. Oh, boo hoo Trudeau. To expect a dictatorship of the majority in the House of Commons to go unchallenged in the Senate is completely wrong. I am glad you have to fight tooth and nail like Trump has to in the States. It means the best compromises are made on behalf of all Canadians.

I’m even thinking of challenging C-16 by suing the federal government! I wonder how I would go about that, if anybody has any advice, just comment below. That is one fucked up law, and I believe it is unconstitutional as it infringes on my right to free speech.

“If you tally up the promises we made [in our election platform], it was about $10 billion worth of new spending. In our first year, our first budget as we put forward, we committed to about $10 billion in new spending,” Trudeau said in Ottawa.

“We just went from a floor where the budget was balanced, because supposedly the Conservatives had balanced the budget, to what was the reality of our budget of being at about $18 billion in deficit the end of that first year. So we’ve been consistent in our plan and our approach,” he said.

So, he is blaming the Conservatives for a bigger than expected budget deficit. Well, Mr Prime Minister, this is your second budget, and you do, and if you have a deficit, that is on you. The second year budget is even worse. With a three-second Google search, I found out what the second budget deficit was.

The Canadian federal budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 was presented to the Canadian House of Commons by Finance Minister Bill Morneau on 22 March 2017. The deficit is projected to be $28.5 billion, including a $3 billion adjustment for risk, projected to decrease to $18.8 billion in five years.

I don’t have high hopes next year’s budget will balance itself either.

Trudeau kicked off the press conference with an opening statement in which he thanked journalists for their work. He has repeatedly emphasized his “positive” approach to governing.


If people want to know why most people distrust the mainstream media, it is paragraphs like that. At least CTV has the word positive in quotes, mocking the shit out of him. No politician should be thanking the press. Every politician should feel like they walked through fire when they meet the press.

Asked whether he regretted kicking Liberal senators out of his caucus and appointing only independent senators, Trudeau said the Senate is taking steps toward the independence envisioned by Canada’s founders 150 years ago.

But he singled out the Senate’s Conservative caucus as a problem.

So, he is basically, in his positive approach to governing, that Conservatives are a problem. You campaigned on the fact you would unite Canada. But if you disrespect conservative voices like this, it shows you have no desire to unite Canada, and you are just pointing the finger and saying, it is their fault.

My voice should not be silenced, just because you won a majority government Trudeau. It is shit like this that I want to make sure you are made a drama teacher again. Actually, I don’t want that, you’d still be wasting tax payer’s money with that job. I wonder if you were homeless, like other men who represent 73% of homeless people, if you’d become an MRA.

Conservative Sen. Larry Smith disputed Trudeau’s remarks. The opposition plays a critical role in holding government accountable and protecting Canadian democracy, he said in a statement.

“The Prime Minister’s nomination process is no different than previous governments’. He simply added an online application and made public who would review candidates. All prime ministers make final recommendations to the Governor General,” Smith said.

Finally, someone is telling us the truth. Go, Larry Smith. I love when people speak truth to power, and Larry is calling out the Prime Minister of his bullshit. Trudeau says is the man behind the curtain, telling people to look at the nice pretty website where people can apply, and the public could see who is up for nomination. If people think a progressive like Trudeau, a feminist extraordinaire, who wants to sell Canada to China isn’t going to choose the ones that best suit his interests from the selections, people are kidding themselves.

“This approach demonstrates less partisanship, more [independence] of thought. The fact that we are stymied a bit by a block of partisan Conservatives who vote against the government every chance they get, simply means there is more work to do to create a more independent and thoughtfully reflective Senate. But we are on the right track on having removed the knee-jerk partisanship from what is now the majority of the Senate,” Trudeau said.

So, if conservatives across Canada are weary of bills you place up, we shouldn’t have a voice of opposition that at least slows down your bullshit Trudeau. I bet you hated how much time it took for C-16 to pass because Conservative partisans in the Senate ensured people like Gad Saad and Jordan B. Peterson spoke at length against it. Why do you hate democracy so much, Trudeau? I bet you wished you could get rid of all of that, and be able to force your view of the world on each and every one of us.

So, I am glad there are senators giving your government knee-jerk reactions. I knee-jerk every single time I see shit like C-6, and sales of high-tech Canadian military firms. You are harming Canada, and the voting public, in 2019, will be the biggest conservative knee-jerk to all the bullshit you have passed in the past 4 years Trudeau. You are a joke.

“I think there were ways to improve our electoral system in this country,” Trudeau said, noting he preferred a ranked ballot so that any MP elected would have the support of at least 50 per cent of voters in a riding. Currently, the number of candidates running for major parties can mean an MP wins with less than 40 per cent support.

Okay, if that was his idea of political reform. . . That would kill democracy in Canada. It would absolutely force things to be a 2 party system, and things would get so divided between Liberals and Conservatives, things would disintegrate like they have in the states. But I think Trudeau knows the left is split into 3 parties, and the Conservatives have a unified voice and vision. So he just wanted to counter all the people whom would vote NDP and Green, and consolidate power in the left.

This is messed up. If conservatives can unite under one banner, but the left can’t, it is up to the left to start to work together. But the voice of progressivism will always tear itself apart eventually because there is no end goal.

Look at the two feminists are almost tooth and nail against each other, and the man is just a token player in the debate. This is the national discourse of progressivism in Canada. White male voices are tolerated only if they work with feminism.

Well, it is great to see Trudeau is on the ropes. I’m sorry he’s not going to be in the news in the next few months. He sure is a lolcow.

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Trolly Breaking News, VidCon sides with Sarkeesian

I really wanted my last blog on VidCon to be today, I really did. Looking at the disgusting behaviour of how Social Justice bigoteers silence people and keep their echo chambers intact. The whole insult them, mass swarms attacking them, block and shift blame. I really wanted to tackle something more substantive tomorrow, like Trudeau is blaming the opposition parties for all of his MAJORITY GOVERNMENT failed promises. But no, VidCon has to side with Sarkeesian, and I am breaking this to you guys right now. And the Orwellian shit they are pulling is fucking retarded as well.

From VidCon Debrief – Who’s Harassing Whom? section

It is openly known that women on the internet are subject to far greater amounts (and intensity) of harassment and abuse than men. This is a pattern and it’s pervasive. Running this event, we have to be aware when a creator has potentially dangerous harassers or stalkers, and our list for our female creators is a whole lot longer than the list for male creators.

There’s the first fucking lie.

Except for stalking and sexual harassment, every other category it is almost 50/50 between the genders. So, the amounts are not that much greater, and the intensity isn’t that much greater, except in two areas. So this is completely debunked, and we all know it!

Sarkeesian only wants to tighten the grip on the narrative. Maybe the reason why she gets so many ‘shit heads’ who debunk her videos, is her ideas suck. I’ve given Laci Green positive feedback on her new Gender’s video, and even Franchesca Ramsey has chimed in and said Sargon didn’t do anything wrong.

So Franny was okay with Sargon being there. Most people are okay with Sargon being there. Only morons who hate Sargon are railing against him and praise Sarkeesian, and now VidCon is siding with Sarkeesian.

Our founder, Hank Green, talked with our panelist and said two things:

  1. He told her that her comment had violated our policy, but that he understood that there was a broader context (which to be clear, we were blissfully ignorant of until this weekend, and remain inexpert in.)
  2. He apologized to her for not having been more aware of and active in understanding the situation before the event, which resulted in her being subjected to a hostile environment that she had not signed up for.

We agreed that she would go forward and continue on as a panelist on a later panel.

So Hank apologises to her when she was the aggressor. This kinda reminds me of something I watched on Judge Judy today, the girl started to cry the crocodile tears. Of course, Judy didn’t have anything of it. He apologises because he allowed Sargon and other members of the Shitlord Community to take up the first 3 rows of chairs. Crocodile tears may be the end of western culture, democracy, and free speech if we continue to allow this to happen.

This is a difficult situation to build policy to alleviate, but we ask that all of the people involved consider the power of our actions and statements both online and in the real world. But one specific note, if people attend VidCon to collect footage to later use in videos that criticize not just ideas, but focus the outrage of their followers on individuals, they will not be welcome back.

This is the most Orwellian of the statements in defence of Sarkeesian. He is saying the moment someone says, that person that is recording footage of me and using it in a blog or video is directing harassment against me, and then that person who is using their first amendment rights gets kicked out. Think of how people like Sarkeesian will use this new found power. This is how discourse dies. Sarkeesian doesn’t want a conversation, she only wants people to bow to her!

But one thing came to me when I saw this blog. Some idiot told me, if you don’t like the rules, don’t go. We have the ability to vote with our wallets. Minds is a great place for freedom of speech, and to connect with everybody. I say we create our own ShitCon, because VidCon doesn’t like garbage humans, or I could build a website to host ShitCon and call it, The place where Garbage Humans go instead of VidCon.

Tell me what you guys think, because we have 12 months to plan something like that all out, to create our own panels as live streams, discussing a variety of different topics, and have it as the free alternative to VidCon, for all kinds of content creators, because let’s face it, some content creators are great at video, some are great at meming, and some are great a blogging. That would be more intellectually diverse than something for just video creators.

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Trolly Daily News June 27th, 2017 – The Dishonest Tactics of SJWs

Vidcon really brought out the crazies. Either you have people who blame Sargon for being at Anita’s panel or hating on Laci and Sargon for mending bridges. During my interactions with them, I learned how some of their really disgusting tactics. I am glad I am not one of them, I have actual standards and morals. I don’t believe in victim blaming. No matter what someone has done in the past or is doing, they never deserve what happens to them. Be it Sargon being called a garbage human, or a person who gets mugged for being in a bad neighbourhood, neither asked for what happened, and neither should be blamed.

But Social Justice Bigoteers don’t have the same kind of morals apparently. If they don’t like someone, they will celebrate when they get attacked.  I’m on record here saying I don’t like the jokes made at the expense of Russian Deadpool, and I’ve been critical of Sargon before. But you can be critical of someone and not be a complete asshole about it. Sargon has some very great work and analysis on a variety of topics. I like his work. It is brilliant, most of the time.

On Friday, the first person I really noticed on shitty tactics was Wooly Bumblebee. She says the only reason why people don’t like her on both sides, is she has standards. . . Let’s look at the standards she has.

Instead of dealing with my argument directly, that Sargon and others paid 1000s of dollars to fly into the event, and pay $600 dollars to be at the event, they say that someone feels ‘entitled’. Think about that, would you say someone who pays thousands of dollars on a vacation, and the hotel they are staying at has the worst Wi-Fi ever, despite their advertising, and the food is horrible, and the booze was watered down. What an entitled piece of shit the person at the hotel would be if they complained after they spent $1000s of dollars. The same is relevant here, but Wooly Bumblebee and the Rugged Midwesterner couldn’t care less because they hate Sargon.

These childish insults to those they disagree with were completely evident in my exchange.

They make fun of people’s penmanship as if that is an argument. Anything to upset a person I guess. We must completely own that person, and look at the way they spelt things on that card. Despite what Wooly is saying, Chris Ray Gun spelt everything perfectly, it just his how he prints, but who in the 21st century using the Internet has perfect penmanship like the poets of old,  Emerson and Frost?

It wasn’t just Woolly, of course, other members of the Fisti Squad came in to attack Chris Ray Gun’s penmanship. Tim came into the fray to ‘insult my handwriting’.

At least Tim stopped after I said it wasn’t my card, he has brains enough to stop. But that is the second tactic of these social justice bigoteers, they almost never enter a 1-on-1 debate, they almost always gang up on others, like they did with Kaley Cuoco, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Walsh Jennings.

They are just like a swarm of locusts, devouring everything in their way, co-ordinating with each other. Just like Zoey Quinn and others during #GamerGate through GamerJournoPros. Every single person here should know, Kristi Winters, Chrisiousity, Tim, Kevin Logan, and many others have private Facebook groups that they meet in and co-ordinate things. I imagine they did that for Sargon, because how much they hate him, so I’m not surprised Tim joined in the insults.I was part of their private group

I was part of their private group for Against the Odds when Chrisiousity lied about wanting to work with Anti-SJWs. When I saw them pushing massive edits because ‘things were toxic’, I stood up and told them that wasn’t acceptable, and within a couple of days, I was kicked out of the group when I started to talk about it.

And if that doesn’t work to intimidate someone, because some people are strong enough to engage with people trying to bully them online. The next tactic they use is blocking them, like Anti-Social Media, when I engaged with this post.

He couldn’t argue with me because he knew I was right, so he pulled a Shives, blocking me for making a great point. Anger and revenge shouldn’t be a motivation for anything because it consumes people.

Nobody engaged against that point. The one person to reply to my post only did this.

If you can’t argue a point, like Wooly Bumblebee couldn’t argue my point, just insult the person. It’s is so laughable.

The fourth tactic, of course, is switching blame. Instead of saying Sargon was an innocent of anything, they say Anita was right to attack him because he was at that panel to harass her. Sargon and his cronies weren’t curious about hearing her in public because nobody hears her in real life. It isn’t like this is a novel experience, because she only talks in closed audiences, in echo chambers. No, they wanted to harass her, and what they did was paramount to violence.

From On VidCon, Harassment & Garbage Humans

To kick off the Women Online panel at VidCon last Thursday, the moderator posed the question: Why do we still have to talk about the harassment of women? I replied, “Because I think one of my biggest harassers is sitting in the front row.” He showed up with several others; together, his group took up the two front rows at the panel. Their presence was plainly not, as one of them later said in an “apology” video he posted to Twitter, to “give us the chance we never gave them” and to “hear us out,” but was instead to intimidate me and put me on edge.

These over exaggerated statements is a form of intimidation Anita. You think we’re harassing you because it is really the other way around. I am tired of you blaming everything on white men. In your eyes, you must believe we are all out to rape and destroy women. When I showed my Fiancé the next quote, we were both fucking pissed off at you. You do not know anything about being a woman, and you are a disgusting human.

The companion of his who made that apology video I referenced earlier also tweeted that women are “powerful” enough to “deal with things like workplace harassment to rape.” As if power is in accepting a culture in which women are second-class citizens, in which misogyny and workplace harassment and rape are the norm. Fuck that. I’ll never settle for that. You’re damn right I’m powerful. After everything I’ve been put through by Carl and other men just like him, I’m still powerful enough to go out there and try to change it.

Rape is not the norm. Women are not second-class citizens. Misogynist men are a very small part of the population, and most of them are MGTOW because some MGTOW are so mistrusting of women, they don’t want women anywhere near them in the real world. They avoid them like the plague. That’s misogyny, not most normal decent men. By saying the world is filled with these things, you show yourself an extremist, and your ideology of feminism and progressivism completely blind you from reality.

This is why I at first supported you Anita, but after watching your videos, I stopped. You have no connection to reality. If you see misogyny, rape and harassment everywhere, no wonder why you reacted to Sargon the way you did. You live in a nightmare world that nobody could survive and remain sane.

So, let’s summarise the dishonesty of SJWs. First, Don’t argue the points, just throw childish insults. Two, never engage people unless you have a bunch of people to swarm them to intimidate them into submission. Three, block the person if that doesn’t work. The final, switch blame because every social justice bigoteer is pure, and without sin because they are awesome fighting against the patriarchy.

This is how they abuse people, attack people, destroy people’s reputation, and are nothing but a bunch of garbage humans. And this is why I will never be a social justice bigoteer. They are nuts.

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Trolly Daily News June 26th, 2017 – Quality vs. Equality

During Vidcon, we saw so many bridges mended. Online feuds that we affectionately called Vidcon an alternative timeline. Laci and Sargon, Andy Warski and Francesca Ramsey and all kinds of other truces announced and pursued, it is time to have some reflection. While I was watching Sunday Morning on CBS because my Fiancé and I like watching that morning show because of all the cool things they do on it, inviting singers, and telling some interesting stories about all kinds of awesome things. This Sunday, Cyndi Lauper said something that got me really thinking. When she talked to her husband about equality, he suggested, the patriarchal scumbag he is, to drop the e, and focus on quality. And I agree with that.

One of the most important, but least talked about virtues is thankfulness. Being thankful for what you have destroys bitterness. When I see the fanaticism we see in feminism and social justice, where Antifa professors put people into hospital attacking them with bike locks, or women stripping nude and screaming at the top of their lungs, it is evident they are unthankful. In their mind, they are fighting a hugely oppressive force that is out to destroy them, and they must destroy it before the system destroys them.



And I believe this is the fundamental reason there is a war between social justice bigoteers and most other people. Most other people may have a normal amount of discontent to the status quo, i.e. We want a better life for themselves and our loved ones, but we are generally thankful for what we have. Bigoteers, on the other hand, are never thankful. They are never satisfied, and only the complete undermining of our culture will ever do. They will destroy the quality of life we all enjoy for equality.

So, really, this culture war is between the satisfied, with the completely dissatisfied. And when you are completely dissatisfied, people become black holes, consuming every bit of light and goodness in the world, making the world a very harsh place.

Like I said before, once upon a time I supported Anita Sarkeesian. Then I watched her videos, and I could see how much dissatisfaction she had with everything. I knew there was nothing that would make her happy, and I stopped supporting her channel by watching her videos and agreeing with her. All of a sudden, I saw why people were trying to fight back against feminism because her feminism is shit.

In our culture, we have the greatest quality of life anybody has ever seen. Because of science and technology, most children born will get to see the ripe old age of 70s+ due to vaccines, and medications to help people when they are sick. We can be entertained with a mere click of a button, so we never have to be bored. There are blogs and videos galore for the world to explore. There are supermarkets filled with food for everybody to buy, and the poor can get food and water through generous people through food banks. Every single person in western culture has complete protection under the law, and they can become whatever they want, and have romantic relationships with anybody they choose to be with and even have gender re-assignment surgery if they suffer from gender dysphoria.

And with all these things social justice bigoteers say it is never enough. Our culture is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, fatphobic and any other phobia they can come up with!

They are enemies of quality.

So, from here on out, I will ask every social justice bigoteer what is interfering with the quality of their life on a personal level? I wonder if I will get the above answer from most of them, denying the reality we live in the greatest civilisation this world has ever seen. Sure, there are some things that could improve a bit, but nothing is dependent on being a white male.

I hope this blog can speak something to their heart because living in that self-defeating mentality is hurting them and society. It’s time for the thankful to be strong and stand for our culture, and stand with democracy!

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Trolly’s Week of Cancer 6/25/17

I think I’ve covered Anita enough, with my blogs on both  Friday, and  Saturday. We don’t need more preaching to this choir, she’s completely nuts, and using a platform to discuss online harassment to harass Sargon is bullshit. I wonder if this kind of stuff is a distraction sometimes. There was some more cancerous stuff that happened this week.

From  Black-only graduations are a step backwards

The first ever black-only university graduation in Canada happened this year. The University of Toronto got permission from the government to hold a black-only graduation ceremony. Because nothing says you’re not racist by separating two groups of people due to their skin colour.

Let’s separate blacks and whites, because whites will undermine their success some way through our white supremacy beams. Time to get out the tin foil hats guys.

The LCBO strike deadline is midnight Sunday.

I would suggest having a few more drinks while reading this cancer, but if you live in Ontario, you might not have the opportunity to do that on Monday. The workers of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario are planning on a strike on Monday if they don’t start getting more hours.

The reason, over 80 percent of those workers are only part-time employees. As a libertarian, I am 100 percent behind these workers. Every person has the right to fight for their rights, especially people struggling to pay their bills.

And we have two pieces of awesomeness from the Weirdness of Hollywood.

Trump family members speak out against Johnny Depp’s assassination joke

Another failed comedy attempt from Hollywood. This time Johnny Depp channelled the spirit of fellow actor John Wilkes Booth, asking when was the last time an actor murdered a president. What is it with Hollywood and these crazy mother fuckers.  I hope he doesn’t pull another Griffin, blaming Trump for any backlash after he apologises. I don’t know why Hollywood is killing itself like this.

They must put heroin in the water. These Hollywood people have no self-awareness, and my only conclusion they must all be on drugs. How else would they believe jokes of murdering a president of a country are funny or believe they are an ageless, genderless spirit.

‘I’m a genderless spirit!’ Miley Cyrus reveals that she doesn’t even like to brand herself as a human being as she strives to live a life free of labels

In what I can only say, you do you, Miley, this kind of shit can only happen in Hollywood. As the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, she probably lived a sheltered life, filled with Tumblr blogs, before she became a famous person as Hannah Montana, and then went completely nuts.

I will never tell my kids about Tumblr, it is better they never find out about it. It’s like drugs, and it fucks up young minds.

Well, that’s all the cancer I can stand. I need to get to the beer store before they go on strike.

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