Why Minds.com!

I came to minds.com in September of 2016. Dave Cullen said there was a free speech social media website during a video, and he was excited about it! This peaked my interest. Everybody was talking about how YouTube may have been trying to censor us by targeting out income. So, when Dave went public on Minds.com, thousands of people, including myself, started our channels. When I saw how easy it was to create blogs, I was soon just blogging. Still, the lack of money for that enterprise really did leave me feeling, why am I putting so much work on comics and blogs, when all I get is points.

So I went back to YouTube for a while. And at first, it looked promising. If I could earn money with just a few views, I could earn a living.

And then the adpocalypse happened, and I worked my ass off just to make a penny. My 9 videos for YouTube took probably 50 hours of work, for a penny! Turns out Dave was correct. . . I stopped making YouTube videos this week. I’m not even going to make that last one. Why take another 6–8 hours to record a video, put it together, and upload it to Youtube, when I will make less than 1 penny for it!

If I was going to do something semi-regularly, let’s blog on minds, I thought. The point ratio didn’t seem too different, and I can bang a blog off in a couple of hours. Oh, my perceptions were completely changed when I decided to track that on a spreadsheet. Seems like I am a much better blogger than I am a video creator.

But, could I earn money? With the new Ad Sharing program here on minds, I thought, let’s try it. I signed up for it because I believe in Minds.com. If I can help it both financially by blogging, while earning a living, I would at least try. It can’t be as dismal as YouTube and it’s ad sharing! Well. . . I didn’t know how much better it was. I literally don’t know why people are using Blogger, WordPress, or Facebook for blogging anymore. It must be so hard to network to make enough ad revenue to keep your blog sustainable!

In four blogs, on Minds, this is what I earned!

Fuck Facebook, right up the poop shooter! Why the hell would people want to blog on FaceBook or any of these Softwares — when it is hard to make people aware of you, and you definitely can’t earn any money blogging on FaceBook! If you a blogger, you need to be on Minds.com, if you want to earn extra cash! It’s so easy to market yourself! Just click on the groups tab, and find groups that would enjoy your blog, monetize your blog, connect with other bloggers and users, and you will see your channel grow!

I imagine, when Minds has ad sharing with their video service, there will be a paradigm shift from places like vid.me and YouTube to this website. The ultimate social media website that takes care of its creators. If this is the only place you create things on, this is where your audience will show up, that will change everything. People will think of minds.com as their place to be entertained, and to learn a few things!

And that paradigm shift is already happening. More and more people are finding this website through search engines! From 1–2 percent, from what it looked like, to 30% percent of its traffic in a few months — that means, people are finding the website outside of someone talking about it, and the number of active users is going up. When I look at someone like Sargon of Akkad or Dave Cullen, with over 60000 subscribers, the room to grow here seems to be unlimited! Does this search engine explosion show a difference in actual traffic?

Look at the end part, notice how the end part is almost a parabola! The more time goes on, the more people will be coming here. Ever since the Adpocalpyse happened, there has been a continued interested in Minds.com, and the traffic has increased on a continual basis since! People are tired of the gatekeeping against freedom of speech! We hate how these companies are trying to silence us because we don’t share the same messages that they want to create!

And when Minds.com does monetize their videos, we will see a rank 5000 website become one of the top 10! Way to go Bill Ottman! Your vision and your passion have changed the world, the stats are proof of that!

I hope you see you all on Minds.com. If you click on this link below, you can earn 100 points you can use boost your content and blogs.

And if you want more points, as I have regular point giveaways, you can sub to me here.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!


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