Trolly Breaking News – China is buying Canada for peanuts

In November of 2016, the Trudeau government made a decision to review the take-over of ITF Technologies High-Tech Canadian Military by Hong Kong-based O-Net Communications. This happened in the same month he held a fundraiser for the Trudeau Foundation, where Chinese Billionaires gave a huge amount of money. I covered it in a video, but the defence department was still saying the same thing as they said to Harper, this would seriously compromise the West’s technical advantage over China, and therefore bad.

For the full story – just go here –  Ottawa accused of appeasing China with second review of takeover deal – for the deal information.

To quote the article –

Instead, the Liberals in November 2016, granted O-Net a second chance to win national security approval for the transaction and Ottawa began a new review of the deal.

For the rest of the story  – Trudeau defends fundraiser with a Chinese businessman who later donated $200,000 to father’s foundation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to defend his party’s fundraising methods in the House of Commons Tuesday after media reports emerged revealing he attended a fundraiser with a Chinese businessman who went on to donate $200,000 to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

This had my blood boiling, and I couldn’t believe that Chinese billionaires had control of my government. Trudeau fancies himself a world leader, but every Canadian knows he isn’t leading Canada, Xi Jinping is the real leader of Canada. I never voted for him, but whatever he wants, Trudeau bends over and takes the big Chinaman’s cock up his feminist butthole!

Eventually, Trudeau was completely satisfied with Xi prick, and he acquiesced to allow O-Net Communications to buy ITF technologies in March of 2017!

From – Liberals reverse course on Chinese takeover of Montreal high-tech firm.

Hong Kong-based O-Net Communications announced on Monday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet had given it the green light to acquire ITF Technologies, a leader in fibre-laser technology.

Applications for such technology include directed-energy weapons.

Well, give them 5 years, they are going to be just as advanced as us, with 10 times the army! I hate to be Dale from Over the Hill, but that’s when China will march on in!

But that wasn’t the only Canadian firm that the Liberals have given the green light for China to buy! This came out on Thursday Globe and Mail!

  The Trudeau government is allowing Chinese investors to buy a Vancouver high-tech firm without a formal national security review even though Canada and many of its allies use the company’s patented satellite communications technology for security, public safety and defence.

Hytera Communications of Shenzhen, China, is acquiring Vancouver-based Norsat International Inc., a company with military customers including the Pentagon that is also delivering a satellite communication system this year for the Canadian Coast Guard.

The government decided after a preliminary security screening that further examination of the deal was not necessary.

So Trudeau has no qualms selling a satellite firm that the Canadian Coast Guard uses. There is no need to fucking worry that they will be able to disable any kind of telecommunications on the coast of Canada. There is nothing to worry about, go about your day slaves. Nothing to see here!

Trudeau is selling out the West, and he is a traitor to the West. He should be arrested for the shit he is doing right now! His Liberal government needs to be overthrown right now! What are you going to do Mr Prime Minster? Are you going to say I am a traitor to Canada – well if you point that finger at me, three fingers will point at the real traitor to Canada!

I am going to list every single high-tech firm you sell fo China, and I am going to organise people to ensure we all protest the wholesale undermining of Canadian sovereignty!

I am going to make sure you are not going to have a second mandate in Canada. I voted for you in the Election, because Harper was being too ‘harsh’. Had I known I was trading ‘harsh’ for someone who would destroy Canada, I would have chosen ‘harsh’ instead!

They had one thing wrong about that commercial, not now, not ever, he should have never been Canada’s leader! We must ensure this greedy, corrupt moron never has another chance to ruin Canada further!

Feel free to give me a thumbs up, and remind my blog on your profile. This is so important for Canada. We cannot allow Trudeau to undermine everything about our country, so if you live in Canada, please remind this blog. I’m going to create a master list of Canadian High-Tech firms Trudeau is selling to China, that will be updated regularly in meme format!   Thanks for reading, and have a great night guys!

Thanks for reading, and have a great night guys!


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