Trolly’s Week of Cancer 11/6/17

Wow, this week is definitely filled with some very cancerous stuff. Some of the news of this week has been all about Justine Trudeau. First, he is selling Canadian High-Tech firms to China at a whim! You can read my rant about that here – Trolly Breaking News – China is Buying Canada for Peanuts. I ‘love’ being a Canadian, but he is such a fucking dolt, and I can’t stand him anymore. I really want to make him a Drama Teacher again!

But that wasn’t the only thing he did to piss me off this week! I was so pissed off when he decided his humanitarian aid commitments would be gendered. He is so ‘feminist’ he is going to make sure 95% of all foreign aid goes to girls and women!

Trudeau’s new ‘feminist’ plan commits 95% of foreign aid to gender, women and girls by 2022.

Let’s read the real nitty gritty.

Aid groups, which have focused on women and girls for years, welcomed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unapologetically feminist foreign aid policy Friday, though the plan does not increase funding.

So, he is going to massively redistribute the wealth we are sending to focus only on women. I knew feminism was all about man-hating, but this Trudeau! You couldn’t care less about the young boys who will need this help as well. Fuck them, the monies will go to the wominz!

That sounds like Gendered Equality.

He’s definitely done the same thing here in Canada. I guess the way to help homeless people, which 73 per cent are males 16 years of age or older, is to help with the Wage Gap! How are we going to help those men by ‘helping fight the wage gap’, when women make different choices than men when it comes to careers, and to be caregivers! I guess Tom and Mohammed can starve in the streets, for all Trudeau cares!

By helping women, we’ll be helping everyone.

This is the bold new vision for Canada’s foreign aid, which is being recast as unapologetically feminist by laying out a path to eradicate poverty that focuses on helping women in the world’s poorest countries.

“Canada is adopting a feminist international assistance policy to promote gender equality and empower all women and girls. For Canada, this is the most effective approach to reducing poverty and building a more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous world,” said international development minister Marie-Claude Bibeau in announcing the new foreign aid policy.

So, while it has been helpful to first world nations, to give women more choice in their life, the places where this aid is going to may not be able to help them. Most of the time, it is a man who is doing most of the work for his family. He works hard just to earn enough to buy a bike, so he can make more trips and earn more money much easier!

And most countries birth rate is lowering a great deal. Once, there were 4 to 5 children being born to each family on average, now in most countries in Africa,  it is down to 2-3. . . It isn’t like women and families aren’t waking up to having fewer children is a way out of poverty right now.

“When women and girls are given equal opportunities to succeed, they can be powerful agents of change — driving stronger economic growth, encouraging greater peace and cooperation, and improving the quality of life for their families and their communities.”

In five years, 95 percent of Canada’s overseas development assistance will be devoted to programs that target gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Fifty percent of the development budget will go to sub-Saharan Africa and the amount of funding going to health and reproductive rights will double.

While there’s no international precedent for focusing all foreign aid on women, Sweden pioneered a feminist approach to its entire foreign policy agenda — including diplomacy, aid and the military — back in 2015.

So, we’re taking lessons from the failed country of Sweden, where women are raped by migrants by the thousands every single year. Where Stockholm nearly crawled to a halt because Sweden made snow removal ‘feminist’, clearing walkways and bikeways, but waited to clear streets!

Trudeau shows how much he cares about men’s rights!

Fortunately, there is some good news this week. Poland had a massive Anti-Muslim Immigration demonstration, and thousands of Polanders took to the street to protest the Islamic Invasion of Europe!

From The Lamb! They have a great profile with lots of memes, I highly recommend it. I would have never seen this without their absolute desire to boost this to the community! A real warrior in the culture war! You guys should subscribe to them!

I really admire the Polish! They have made the right decisions. They have not had one terror attack in their country, and now they are probably saving European culture.

Another great piece of good news, Roaming Millennial had a brilliant idea on how to frame Islamic Terror, you should watch her video where she talks about an Isis Terror Plot against Iran. . .

It is exactly why I try to make all my anti-feminist blogs and videos about how feminists are trying to deny women the ability to do something! By framing the conversation on why to Isis continues to kill Islamic people, which has nothing to do with ‘imperialism’, except Islamic Imperialism, we can disarm SJWs from calling us Islamophobes.

Well, that is all the cancerous news I found this week. Trolly signing off.

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