The Lies of Traditional Media #TheRedPill #PewDiePie #GamerGate

On Sunday and on Monday, I was reminded about how much the media lies, when the Purple Horse and I watched Bearings take on the Sunrise Australia’s interview of Cassie Jaye. You could tell they were on the ropes when Cassie started to ask the tough questions. Oh yes, they never had the time to watch the movie, and know what the content was. This is just yet another victory of the Culture War because everybody could see the bold face lying and narrative sculpture that the hosts were trying to make happen.

Idiotic Aussie TV hosts Red Pill fail!

Red Pill Backlash – Idiotic Aussie TV hosts caught lying!

The second video was the most telling of the characters of these ‘journalists’. After 163 comments, with the majority being in support of Cassie Jaye and the Red Pill, they pulled a George Takei, when he asked if people trusted the media or Trump more, and it was almost a 50/50 in his poll and pulled the post down. When the leftstream media doesn’t get the response they want, they always pull their stuff back.

So, to actively prevent the truth to be told, the media decides to take every person’s comments down.

This is the world we live in. Where #GamerGate isn’t about media ethics, it is about misogynist men! Where Pew Die Pie is a monstrous Nazi, White Supremacist – paying people to hold up signs – Death to all Jews!

This is nothing new for us. The media lies and continues to lie. When there is a narrative that competes against it, they will always demonise it and they will go for the kill. I am sorry for this level of silencing. When I took journalism in college, one of the lectures always got my geek brain thinking. The lecture on ethics, and how journalists are both heroes like Clark Kent and Peter Parker, and villains, like the reporter trying to track down David Banner in the TV Hulk!

Journalists have been stewards of the truth, bringing down Richard Nixon for completely undermining the Democratic National Committee, which was exposed during the WaterGate break in. They have covered Tiananmen Square, as tens of thousands of people in China protested the government. They risk life and limb by going into the middle east to tell the stories happening there.

And who can forget this picture?

What used to be a noble profession has turned against the people. They earned our trust for the past 100 years, and now, they squander that trust. Everything they do now, all the lies, all the bullshit, it is disheartening! I only watch the news now, to see ‘what they want me to know’, and see if there is a social justice story I can comment on. I don’t trust the media at all! Reporters are like whores now. Fuck them!

In this media war, we must fight the very source of news. I learn more through  Dave Cullen, Sargon of Akkad, and  Bazzax than I do from the news. It is up to independent citizens like  Tim Pool and every single person here to take away the narrative.

I’ve often said it, with places like Minds and YouTube, we could seriously replace the local and national media chains, covering all kinds of news in every single district – for a fraction of the price that the mainstream media does it for! With Patreon, and minds exclusive content, and ad sharing in stories, we can completely replace the pathetic mainstream media, and everybody can know we’re are independent, therefore we are not sharing some media company’s bias!

Once upon a time, journalism was independent people writing and sharing the news in small daily newspapers. It was the town criers shouting out the news. It was small and independent of companies. The time for huge media conglomerates is at an end, and journalism to return back to its roots.

Time to take back the media guys!

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