Trolly Daily News June 15th, 2017 – Hitler, The Monster the World Needed #Hitler #Politics #CulturalMarxism

Fredrick Nietzsche said He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee. It was the basis of my favourite quote from Babylon 5, never forget the first rule of the fanatic, when you become obsessed with the enemy, you become the enemy. These are cautionary statements, ones that should get us to reflect on our actions, and ask ourselves, is the enmity I feel going to turn me from the well-balanced person I am.

Despite Nietzsche saying this way before the events of WWII, Adolph Hitler probably never asked himself if his paranoia was healthy. He only saw the enemy everywhere. Communists who wanted to destroy his country and Jews in collusion with them. He had to solve that for his country and the world, because he saw Marxist practically next door, ready to conquer the world and turn it upside down, and destroy everything he has fought for.

The story starts with the Treaty of Versailles. Germany and its allies were basically raped. Not only did the reparations they had to pay equalled 1/3 of its hyperinflation, but they lost land, and had the Rhineland demilitarised. Check these two maps out of the region – once before the Treaties of peace for the allied forces, and one after.

                                                                                     Europe 1917

                                                                                    Europe 1920

They sculpted the shit out of Germany and its allies. France and their special hatred for Germany, because Germany had invaded it 2 times in the past 80 years, was so consumed of being invaded again, forced the governments of Europe to do that. Despite, Woodrow Wilson having a much more neutral plan to create the peace in Europe, the French hated it.

To quote the French representative at the conferences,

Clemenceau also expressed scepticism and frustration with Wilson’s Fourteen Points: “Mr. Wilson bores me with his fourteen points”, complained Clemenceau. “Why, God Almighty has only ten!” Wilson won a few points by signing a mutual defense treaty with France, but back in Washington he did not present it to the Senate for ratification and it never took effect.

France was only interested in humbling Germany, and that is why the map changed so much! The more I read the history of France, the more I shake my head. Before this treaty was signed, which Germany only signed after the allied forces threatened to press the attack on them, France asked Germany for an alliance, to fight ‘Anglo-Saxon’ powers! Yeah, you heard me, France was playing sides with whoever could give them more power in an alliance.

Germans were in pain. With the hyperinflation and people out of work, people were looking for something to change their lives. This is where the National Socialist German Workers’ Party appeared in the picture. renaming itself from the German’s Worker Party in 1923, it promised economic prosperity on a  removal of the Weimar Republic (what the French forced on Germany), rejection of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, radical antisemitism, and anti-Bolshevism. The last one was important. With the threat communism was at the time, there were plenty of people who wanted someone who said, we do not accept the ideology of communism.

Eventually, Hitler would give the speech below, just before he became the supreme leader of Germany. You can click the link below, and read this chilling speech.





Filled with the conviction that the causes of this collapse lie in internal damage to the body of our Volk, the Government of the National Revolution aims to eliminate the afflictions from our völkisch life which would, in future, continue to foil any real recovery. The disintegration of the nation into irreconcilably opposite Weltanschauungen which was systematically brought about by the false doctrines of Marxism means the destruction of the basis for any possible community life

He was right on this. These words he spoke 84 years ago, were completely right. Look at what is happening in  EverGreeen College right now. Marxism only knows destruction. They are not interested in peace at all. They want to take over and destroy whatever social structures we as a society need to get their way! And it is up to everybody who believes in Freedom to fight back and make sure they do not do that!

 The dissolution permeates all of the basic principles of social order. The completely opposite approaches of the individuals to the concepts of state, society, religion, morality, family, and economy rips open differences which will lead to a war of all against all. Starting with the liberalism of the past century, this development will end, as the laws of nature dictate, in Communist chaos.

Feminism, Black Lives Matter, and the PC police are attacks on the State. They demand that their way is respected, and if you don’t, you’re a racist, sexist, homophobic asshole that isn’t worth their time.

They try to subvert society by constantly saying, those are gender roles, and we need to destroy them.  Even harmless things like enjoying barbequing are something to feel guilty about.

And the constant lies they spout about the Bible, from Onision saying the Bible endorses rape in his version of the Bible where he adds words to it, or Kristi Winter saying the Bible says God’s chosen gender roles are for Men to be penetrators and women are to be penetrated!

And with feminist laws making it easy for women to totally tear apart families, and prevent fathers from seeing their children, and pornography that makes men potentially uninterested in women, communists have almost won their war against everything that makes the world worth while. The only thing they can’t take away, yet, is our minds, our free will, we can choose a better way than they offer!

The mobilization of the most primitive instincts leads to a link between the concepts of a political theory and the actions of real criminals. Beginning with pillaging, arson, raids on the railway, assassination attempts, and so on-all these things are morally sanctioned by Communist theory. Alone the method of individuals terrorizing the masses has cost the National Socialist Movement more than 350 dead and tens of thousands of injured within the course of a few years.

At the time Hitler said this, not only was hundreds of dead in Germany but hundreds of thousands of dead because Stalin refused to accept any variance. You either worked for the Soviets or you lost everything. Being 20 minutes late for work could mean permanent loss of gainful employment, and the possibility of being sent to the Gulags!

The burning of the Reichstag, one unsuccessful attempt within a large-scale operation, is only a taste of what Europe would have to expect from a triumph of this demonical doctrine. When a certain press, particularly outside Germany, today attempts, true to the political lie advanced to a principle by Communism, to link Germany’s national uprising to this disgraceful act, this can only serve to strengthen my resolve to leave no stone unturned in order to avenge this crime as quickly as possible by having the guilty arsonist and his accomplices publicly executed! Neither the German Volk nor the rest of the world has become sufficiently conscious of the entire scope of the operation planned by this organization.

Hitler knew the threats that the Soviets, and he needed to protect his homeland from them. He knew both France (being power hungry assholes again) and Britain went to the Soviets to create an alliance with them, to box Germany in. Remember that map of Europe.

If I were a German, I’d had been shitting bricks if I knew this shit. I would have been looking at how communistic countries and their allies surrounded my nation!!! Hitler did what he thought he needed to do. We have to use an iron fist to prevent our way of life from being destroyed. He is a cautionary tale!

If German’s were versed in the politics of Europe at the time, they would have to know what was going on. They would have either been, bring on the Communism, or holy shit. This is why Hitler was so ruthless in purging his government from any communist sympathisers. He wanted to save Germany at any cost.

He lost himself in that fear. He stared into the Abyss, and it stared back. He became so obsessed with communists, he became a monster that would ravage the world in WWII! Tomorrow, I will look at how WWII unfolded, showing that Hitler was only trying to save the world from Communism, and became the monster the world needed!

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