​Trolly Daily News June 16th, 2017 – Hitler, the Monster the World Needed Pt. 2.

Hitler is a difficult and a controversial topic to talk about. The instant childish reactions of, Hitler is the evilest person to ever live because my history teacher told me so is almost everybody’s first reaction. They don’t want to hear anything positive, except he helped end the Great Depression. And while he did evil, reprehensible things like murder 6 million Jews in concentration camps, and started a war that would kill an additional 38 million people, he had the right reason to do it, he was waging a war against Communism!

We can see that by the very first country Germany invaded, Poland. The events that preceded this is pretty funny. Hitler and Stalin ‘agreed’ with a non-aggression pact. In the past, people would say that Stalin was ‘surprised’ by the attack on the Soviets, but he wasn’t. With a speech like Hitler gave in 1933, Stalin would no it was an eventuality. The Invasion of Poland was protection. It added a buffer to the region, and Germany had some breathing room to protect itself!

   This was the map of 1941. Germany and Italy were creating a buffer zone against Communism, as the Soviets completely overthrew 3 countries that bordered it, and they soon allied with communism. And how the Soviets did this, by encouraging communist revolution, and promises to ‘the workers’, and turning those countries upside down. They hardly had to do anything but do that, and make some threats of invasion, and most of the countries buckled and accepted Soviet Rule!

Hitler was frightened by this power. And did what he could to fight against the Soviets. On June 22, 1941, Hitler went after the Soviets. Yes, the invaded both France and UK at the same time, but they had sent envoys to create non-aggression packs at first, which France and the UK refused to sign. It just wasn’t in the cards for Hitler. How many people would want to sign non-aggression packs with a dictator? A person who would take away the freedom of the people.

The dissolution permeates all of the basic principles of social order. The completely opposite approaches of the individuals to the concepts of state, society, religion, morality, family, and economy rips open differences which will lead to a war of all against all. Starting with the liberalism of the past century, this development will end, as the laws of nature dictate, in Communist chaos.

He didn’t trust democracy, because of liberalism, which espouses democracy, leads to communism in his mind. Our open ways and open hearts lead to accepting ideas that may be dangerous for us. Look at the mindless people who hold signs up refugees are welcomed. Look at all the terrorist attacks that this crowd allows, in the name of political correctness. Hitler saw this happen through the agents of communism in the 1920s and 1930s! People accepted the ideas, and then governments were overthrown, and societies went into chaos. I’m not saying fascism is the way because it is just as freedom denying as communism.

But we can only maintain liberty through vigilance. Hitler didn’t trust anybody enough to be vigilant against the forces of Communism. He expected everybody to mindlessly be open to its influence, and the promises communism made for ‘a better future’. He didn’t realise, a population can work with each other to ensure those ideas can be squashed. The marketplace of ideas is a very important to democracy!

We have to educate ourselves on every single thing that could take our freedoms away. Everything from C-16 to Bill 89. C-16 makes it illegal to ‘misgender’ someone, and Bill 89 can take children away from their parents if the parents don’t ’embrace’ the child’s gendered identity. Even if the child is a tall pansexual flirty wood sprite!     The forces of cultural Marxism may have changed how communism works, it is definitely a mutated form of it, but it still denies the freedom of every individual to conduct their life the way the want. If I misgender a person, I may be fined or go to jail! How is that better than what Stalin did if you were 20 minutes for work!

Remember, communism was the promise of ‘a better future’ for the people as well. Except in Stalin’s Soviet Union, because he was not a true communist. He lowered wages for people, hoarding the extra for himself, and if you were 20 minutes late, to the Gulags with you! Well, we have this gendered identity stuff, a promise of dignity for ‘some people’. If I misgender someone, it is a hate crime now. I can be massively fined, and even put into jail for expressing my right to free speech. I guess not in Communist Canada now! To the Gulags with me if I refuse to call anybody Xi, Xer, Xim, and fuckever! We must protect people with a mental illness from hearing the reality that there are only 2 genders!

The government of Canada, like Stalin’s Soviet Union, has gone too far! They have no right to force me to do anything I do not want! These laws are no better than putting people into the Gulags for being 20 minutes late for work because we are traitors! And to any jackass who says, nothing will happen and everybody worried is completely wrong about how Orwellian this law is, they just made it illegal to misgender people, and not use their ‘correct pronouns’. That is wrong! The next time I say Riley J. Dennis is a man, use his real pronoun, he is a man, he can send me to prison. To the Gulags with me I guess!

This is how Communism works. It is the war of All against All like Hitler described it! But like I said in The Fate of Social Justice, everybody’s enemies will be those of their own household. Things are getting a whole lot more restrictive. It is probably soon that everything will turn upside down. If Andrew Scheer is not elected by 2019, I fear Canada will be completely lost. If he isn’t Prime Minster then, I am going to immigrate to America, where I still have freedom!

Hitler went too far in his war against communism. He denied the freedom of his people to destroy the ideas of communism through democracy. He murdered 6 million Jews, and he murdered 38 million other people through WWII! Had he stayed within the war of words, we might have a different view of him, because he was right. Marxism and it’s mutated retarded cousin Cultural Marxism, are dangerous forces that subvert everything good about our nations!

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