Trolly Daily News June 17th, 2017 – Special Snowflakes demand UN make Cultural Appropriation Illegal #ShitpostSaturday #CulturalAppropriation #Politics

As a white dude, if I decide to make a Chinese restaurant, I should be massively fined or arrested, if special snowflakes can convince the UN to declare cultural appropriation illegal. Yes, you heard me right, special snowflakes want us to go to jail for ridiculous reasons. Like poor Count Dankula! Racist jokes are racist, and he needs to face a year in prison for teaching a Pug to do the Nazi salute! I don’t know what the world is becoming!

All quotes are from  the United Nations may finally make cultural appropriation illegal

As we learn every festival season, and all other seasons too, there’s still a lot of confusion around the difference between appreciation and appropriation. There could soon be a strong incentive to get educated: jail time. Because being called out on the internet doesn’t seem to be stopping the proliferation of runway chola bangs and high street Navajo panties.

LOL, I never even knew about this, because it was so important! They got all butt hurt over this. . .    

Those evil people who had an idea while being white! Fuck them! Make that model take those panties off right now! That is racist!

The perpetually offended squad, enacting their communist utopia, are so against white people, so racist because they believe there is nothing white people should do but be cucked by people of colour because we colonised them at some point. Stalin would be proud of what they want to send us to prison four, he sent people to the Gulags for being 20 minutes late for work. They want to send us to prison for having an idea while being white! Yay, being white is a crime now, or may soon be if the UN wants to enact those measures in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This is dangerous, because any country attached to that organisation in the UN, to protect intellectual property, will have to accept that and ratify some law to continue to be ‘protected’ by international law. Isn’t that wonderful! People I never voted for have the right to tell my nation what things I can be imprisoned for! I hate the UN!

Indigenous groups around the world are currently calling on the United Nations to make the appropriation of native cultures illegal, reports CBA News. A special committee has been asking for sanctions since 2001, long before Twitter and Instagram became the default ways for offended communities to call out BS and make their cases heard. This week, though, the ball is really getting rolling. Delegates from 189 countries are currently meeting in Geneva as part of a specialised international committee within the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This is the problem of extra-national organisations of the UN. They strip agency from all our nations. Though I am sure Lietudeau would have been ‘culturally sensitive’ enough to throw something up – because of the residential schools, where the Catholic Church and the Canadian government tried to strip native culture from young boys and girls in schools that were meant to break them. Yes, that was evil, and we need to do something about it, but what these groups are asking for is would make Stalin proud! You have an idea that borrows from native cultures and you’re white – to the Gulags with you!

The committee is pushing for three pieces of international law to put sanctions place. This will expand international property regulations to protect indigenous property ranging from designs to language. The UN should “obligate states to create effective criminal and civil enforcement procedures to recognise and prevent the non-consensual taking and illegitimate possession, sale and export of traditional cultural expressions,” James Anaya, dean of law at the University of Colorado, told the committee. Anaya took explicit aim at Urban Outfitters’s aforementioned Navajo line, which resulted in the Navajo Nation slapping the company with a lawsuit in 2012. (The case was eventually settled out of court.)

Remember those two enterprising young women who made created a food truck business making homemade tortillas in Portland, Oregon. The PC police ensure they lost their business. If laws like that were ratified in the US, not only could they have lost their business, they may have been sent to prison for ‘racism’ and ‘cultural appropriation’. If someone other than an ethnic minority creates an ethnic restaurant or ethnic clothing or hair style, like a Chinese restaurant, they could face massive fines or jail time!

These proposed laws are the most racist laws ever! It is straight up, you can’t be inspired by anything you eat from another country, or experience from another country, and replicate it with your sense of style! Nope, if you’re white, that’s might be a crime now!

Given that these products keep happening, the committee is understandably irritated that it’s taken 16 years for negotiations to reach Geneva. Aroha Te Pareake Mead, a member of the Ngati Awa and Ngati Porou tribes in New Zealand, noted that many national indigenous groups don’t even know the committee exists. “We are only halfway through 2017 and yet the number of occurrences of misappropriation happening to indigenous peoples in all regions of the world seems relentless with no relief in sight,” she said. It will likely take some time to define the borders of appropriation — baby hairs are foggier territory than headdresses — but at least the conversation is moving forward.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but with the world of intersectionality – you must conform. They take away all the fun of an open internet and open world. If I am inspired by something and want to replicate it, they want to make it illegal. From clothing, creating restaurants will probably be next! Soon, breathing will be illegal for white people!

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    1. Definitely a great essay on the topic. It is a total restriction of free speech and will harm creativity and innovation. I wish the regressives would understand that, and embrace multi-culturalism and an open world and culture!

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