Trolly’s Week of Cancer, 18/06/2017

I want to first discuss the nature of political discussion in the world. James T. Hodgkinson decided he couldn’t trust the democratic process anymore and took it on himself to go down to a baseball practice, with a fully loaded automatic rifle, and attempt to shot at Republican politicians who were practising for their upcoming baseball game.

This cowardly act left 5 people wounded. Not that I haven’t laughed at the Storm Trooper memes with James’ head, they fucking hilarious, but this could have been very serious! He could have killed people, slaughtering them. This shows not only a deep disconnect between people of different ideologies, where they only see the enemy, it also shows that people do not trust the government, and they are willing to take up arms against it.

James only saw enemies to be destroyed and didn’t see human beings with different points of view. I am glad that members of both sides of the political divide condemned these acts of terror. Truly, fear to lead to anger, anger lead to hate, and hate lead to suffering!

Speaking of the political divide, I decided to write about Hitler in a rational way, looking at the events happening in Europe before and during WWII, and what Hitler’s motivations probably were – instead of one sentence explanation of his behaviour in history classes. He wanted to cleanse the earth of the Jews, and set up the master race. . .

Trolly Daily News June 15th, 2017 – Hitler, The Monster the World Needed.

Trolly Daily News June 16th, 2017 – Hitler, the Monster the World Needed Pt. 2.

Great blogs, and for the most part, excellent discussions. There are some holocaust deniers, but for the most part, they were extremely great conversations. Feel free to join in with the discussion. From here on out, when I hear ‘Literally Hitler’ I’ll laugh. So, you saying that person wants to fight communists to ensure their country is safe from that divisive ideology, cool man!

In the news, special snowflakes have gone to the UN in an attempt to make cultural appropriation illegal. That’s right, they want to make it illegal. You can check out my entire thoughts on the matter by going to  Trolly Daily News June 17th, 2017 – Special Snowflakes demand UN make Cultural Appropriation Illegal.

To jail someone from ‘stealing’ and ‘appropriating’ someone else’ss culture, when we are living in a multi-cultural society where ‘diversity is our strength’ is fucking retarded. It’s about the same as throwing someone into the Gulags for being 20 minutes late for work! Stalin would be so proud of these useful idiots! It’s up to us to fight against these assholes with every single word we can muster!

This stuff is cancer. With fucked up social justice warriors saying shit like this  Nintendo Accused Of Cultural Appropriation With Super Mario Odyssey, they are basically saying – Nintendo should go to the Gulags! Those racist mother fuckers, they aren’t allowed to give Super Mario a Mexican outfit! That’s fucking racist, and you will have to check your Asian privilege!

All over this!

    And look at the PC police shout from the rooftops on this ‘racism’.

People are so brainwashed by communism now, it is so hard not to see. Most of these people want to take away the joy of a video game because it is ‘racist’ now. Cultural Marxism is so cancerous, I think we all need some chemo from just that.     And there are some defeats on the Canadian front this week. I hate Trudeau so much. C-6 passed, a bill that will make sure an A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

Despite the fact Michelle Rempel, the MP for Calgary Nose Hill, AB said there are massive holes in this legislation that makes it very easy for fraudulent claims to go unnoticed, and people dangerous to Canada to enter.


I believe we need to provide direct and clear guidance to the department on how to ensure people are not incented to lie on their applications. I do not understand what incentive people have to be truthful on their applications under this change. The government has to come up with either some sort of awareness campaign or punitive measure. I do not know what that would be and I would very much welcome an expert study that would address the issue of citizenship fraud.   The Auditor General’s findings have to be addressed. To underscore this point, this is an article that was published on May 3, 2016, on the Auditor General’s findings. It states:

Basically, the Auditor General of Canada says we do not have adequate safeguards to investigate fraudulent documents, to prevent people who may be hostile to Canada and Canadian culture from entering into Canada

Despite the former…government’s anti-fraud efforts, ineligible immigrants have continued to beat the system and secure Canadian citizenship, the auditor general says.   “People were granted citizenship based on incomplete information or without all of the necessary checks being done,” Michael Ferguson wrote in an audit of the citizenship program tabled Tuesday in the House of Commons. “Since revoking citizenship after it has been granted is costly, while the cost to grant it is far less, it is important to ensure that only eligible applicants receive it in the first place.” That statement goes to the heart of it and exceptionally and adequately summarizes the point I am trying to make, which is that we do not have an adequate response from the government on this particular issue. It is extraordinarily inadequate.

Thanks, Trudeau, you haven’t fixed anything, and you are going to make living in Canada dangerous! But diversity is our strength! And this wasn’t the only thing he announced this week. . .

Yes, C-16 has passed. So I am legally forced to call Riley J. Dennis a woman now, even if she likes to plough other women with her penis! Yes, you heard me right, Riley J. Dennis is a lesbian with a cock! I wonder when someone will make a porn movie named that! My country is so fucking open, I think most people’s brains have fallen out!

But you’re right Prime Minister Selfie, #LoveisLove! If Riley J. Dennis is a lesbian who fucks women with her dick, who am I to say different! Love is Love!

Of course, my tweet got me a passive ban on Twitter.

Yay, go censorship!

Well, thanks for reading this cancer report. I hope you don’t need much chemo for it.   Feel free to sub to me for further news updates, and updates on my #GamerGate Trolls: Origins project, and make sure to give me a thumbs up, and share this blog on your profile.

Have a great day guys!


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