Trolly Daily News June 19th, 2017 – Internet Censorship

So, last week, I experimented with my free speech. Since I was a teenager, anybody going through the school system was told, Hitler was the evilest person the world has ever seen. Except for getting Germany out of the great depression, the only good thing he ever did according to most history teachers, he was a brutal dictator who murdered the Jews and brought the world into WWII. Heck, I remember my history teacher happy when he talked about how the Soviets dealt with the Nazis. There were all kinds of jokes, and because students are lazy, nobody moved past what their teacher said in class, their curiosity satiated. Heck, my Fiance said they made all kinds of jokes about Hitler having low testosterone, and that’s why he only had half a moustache. Yes, quality education up here in Canada. Nothing nuanced, nothing challenging.

So I challenged myself last week, let’s learn about Hitler, WWII and Communism in Europe, and I enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed it a lot more than my history classes in high school. I learned things that made me realised, things weren’t all that different between what is happening in the media right now, and what happened then.

And of course, the world has one two voices when it comes to investigating and talking about Hitler. You either have pro-nazi, holocaust denying people who are for it, or you have the people who are so intellectually lazy they only have one liner saying you or your blog is garbage. You can’t be a moderate, at least not in the eyes of our society. You’re either a monster supporting Hitler, or you condemn Hitler for being a monster.

And of course, because of the shitstorm of immaturity, the places you would place this blog will be silenced. This reminds me of so much of political discourse in the world today. Nobody wants to listen. They only want to ‘own’ people and then consider themselves superior to the other person for some stupid reason. So, different SubReddits decided to silence me.

I’m not even going to show the comments made to try to ‘intimidate’ me. Walt Disney said, if 10 people unanimously say the idea is a bad idea, you’re on the right path with your project. With every, garbage post, Looking through OP’s post history and wow, he is a real piece of shit, I’m so glad we can spot crap and shut it down quickly. I think I’m onto something, I’m going to take the next year to really research Hitler, WWII, and Stalin and Communism, and write a book on it, to create a fucking shit storm!


Alt-right websites always have the same shit format, always with a distinct lack of sources, and lots of appeals to emotion with very little facts

This reminds me of a Pizzagate website lol

TrollyMcShortDick, you may want to find a new hobby.

I think that is my favourite insult of them all! I love how people do not want to listen, and only want to condemn and shut down discourse with non-arguments, and the platforms denying anybody from posting anything up. The internet really loves no-platforming people! This is why I love We have a website that will allow discourse and conversations.

I was never censored, and the conversations were fantastic. People from all sides trying to come together and talk about the nuance of Hitler beyond the brainwashed sources of, Hitler was evil and a monster or Hitler is awesome, where no debate can be done. I learned from some people that many of the countries Germany invaded had German minority populations who were being oppressed by the native populations. I love that kind of nuanced discussion.

That information will definitely go into the database for future research, as I work on my new WWII book. Time to get back to learning! I am so fucking excited about that.

Again, I want thank @ottman for creating and giving me a platform to look into the forbidden topics and talking about them with interesting people.

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Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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