Trolly Daily News June 20th, 2017 – The London Mosque attack

It’s evident by the baseball practice shooting, and the latest attack on a mosque by a far-right individual, that people on both sides of the political divide no longer believe in democracy, justice, and the marketplace of ideas. They have become vigilantes, seeking to bring the people they see as a threat to their own personal justice, forsaking everything that needs to keep the world civilised. The rule of law, government officials that debate what should and shouldn’t be included in the law, and respect for other people’s positions while debating what needs to change about them.

I’m not going to say it was social justice warriors that prevented this first, shooting down every argument, saying people were sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, using buzz words to shut down any argument. I just know that this has gone too far. Like Hitler, James T. Hodgkinson and Darren Osborne didn’t trust the system enough to make a difference in reforming political discourse, and both of them engaged in horrific acts of violence. They had lost hope and went on the attack.

Both of them only saw the enemy. For Hodgkinson, he only saw Republicans, not people, who needed to be wiped off the face of the Earth. For Osborne, he only saw potential extremists. Both became so obsessed with the enemy that they became the enemy. They became fanatics for their own causes. For this, I think every free speech warrior needs to start to acknowledge that we have to fight this extremism that is occurring. We have to sharply condemn people not trusting the system and acting out on their own.

I use to be one of these people who was waiting for civil unrest because I wanted things to change in our countries. Now, the more I see the evil attacks, these complete desire to kill for a cause, and I see that I was lead astray. The real resistance must ensure democracy is healthy. I can see why Obi-Wan Kenobi said this now.

If you don’t believe in the system anymore, you have become Anakin Skywalker, who wants to create an empire of absolute control, to create the system you think needs to exist. Be it in the name of intersectionality, where Black Lives Matter chant kill cops and have murdered several cops, and students from EverGreen State College taking over the campus, or Hodgkinson attacking Republicans or Osborne slaying Muslims. They want to create a ‘peaceful’ world and create it through massive violent attacks. Each is so convinced of the rightness of their goals, they are willing to act in evil ways.

Evil people don’t know they are evil, they always believe they are doing the right thing for society. That is why it is so hard to deal with evil, they are convinced they are good. Anakin only wanted to create an empire that was at peace. Lex Luthor only wanted to even the Superman playing field. Osborne only wanted to keep the streets of London safe from Islamists. This is why trusting in democracy and the rule of law is so important. I give my allegiance to it. I want to honour the spirit of the laws of our countries. Murder is evil, and that is all I need to know.

This doesn’t honour Saffie Rose Roussos.

Saffie was murdered by a man so filled with the guilt of his religion, he thought the only way he could go to Heaven is to blow himself and her up. Because we can’t have those conversations, talking about how to reform the Islamic religion by helping the people triumphing over that kind of guilt so they never feel motivated to do these heinous acts, they will keep on happening. And so will the people who attack mosques, because they have lost hope as well. The loss of hope leads to continued loss of hope, and that loss of hope leads to the loss of life from both sides. It is so tragic.

I hope that one day, these attacks will stop, as the correct dialogue can resume and for hostilities between the Islamic world and the Western world can stop, but for now, this is our reality, and we must fight to ensure the system keeps on working. We must not become the enemies were are fighting right now.

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