Trolly Daily News June 21st, 2017 – The Brussels attack

Yesterday, the religion of peace decided to culturally enrich us again. In a bombing attempt that ended in no casualties, other than the bomber himself, someone entered in a train station and attempted to explode a bomb. Fortunately, the bomb only partially went off and the majority of the bomb didn’t go off, or we could be hearing about actual deaths! I am extremely thankful that no innocent people died. Another guilt-ridden Islamist who believed the lie God could only forgive them if the kill themselves and others, ended his life in an attempt to end the lives of the infidels and go to heaven!

For the full story, you can go to  Security heightened in wake of Brussels explosion.

I don’t need to cover anything out of the article, except it doesn’t deal with the ways this is happening. I expect, when we hear about who the bomber was, he was probably a person who had been in Europe for years now and not some jihadi that came over with the refugees. He was probably a ‘good man’ in the eyes of people around him, and he was probably suffering from some kind of mental illness and he went out to murder people and kill himself.

We don’t need more “Allah Akabars” anymore. But how can we get rid of this? While some people may say, get rid of the religion, and others say – prevent the Immans that preach extremism from preaching. But we all know that this will only force these conversations in places that we won’t see them. They will not solve the problem of young people who hate the West, hate the lives and feelings they are feeling, who hate themselves for all the guilt they feel, who will seek out something that will help them alleviate that guilt!

We can’t solve this with a denial of freedom of speech and freedom of choice. We have to offer an alternative. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so we must offer them something, and I believe this is to get Muslims to realise that God can forgive anything they were caught up in. They do not have to blow people up to be forgiven of God. They don’t have to internalise all the guilt they are feeling, they can live in the grace that God can forgive all things if we only ask him.

But these kinds of conversation get squashed by the left because everything is racist, everything is sexist, and everything is homophobic. Heck, Sarkeesian created an entire episode of Islamic apologetics that didn’t even mention there were real world attacks by Islamic terrorists, and that couldn’t be the reason why people are concerned with Islamic Immigration! When guilt-ridden Islamists blow themselves up in the name of Allah to ensure they go to heaven, we have to start discussing this!

As long as the dialogue in the West is this, there can’t be any kind of headway in dealing with the Islamic world. You either have hard-nosed people who demand that freedom of speech is squashed under our rules, be it preventing radical leaders to radicalise guilt-ridden members of the Islamic faith or censor the Internet, which will only harm us in the long term, or complete apologetics. The centrist point is reform. It is to want a peaceful transition while being ever vigilant against the voice of extremism. We have to debunk the crap out of these extremist teachings with alternative messages of our own!

I truly believe that the key is to help the guilt-ridden Islamists that God doesn’t need them to blow themselves up for him to forgive them. They only need to ask to be forgiven and believe he has!

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