Trolly Daily News June 22nd, 2017 – The War on Men Part 3 – Domestic Violence

Even though domestic violence in the home and partner initiated homicide are at all times low in Canadian society, at least according to Stats Canada, the Trudeau’s Liberal government is going to spend another $101 million dollars to ‘study’ domestic violence. Yes, it’s time for the government to demonise men, despite the real statistics show that it is almost down the board, with 60/40 splits.

From Liberals to spend $77.5-million on centre to study gender-based violence

Most of the funds – $77.5-million over five years of a total $101-million to establish the strategy – will go to the creation of a gender-based violence knowledge centre within the federal Status of Women Department. This centre will focus on data collection, research and programming, along with becoming a hub to share best practices in the area.

Better data is key to understanding who is affected by gender-based violence, and how they are impacted, said Anuradha Dugal, Montreal-based director of violence-prevention programs at the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Even though violence in Canada is not a gendered issue, according to the Stats Canada.

From Section 1: Prevalence and severity of violence against women.

According to police-reported data, about 173,600 women aged 15 years and older were victims of violent crime in 2011. This translates into a rate of 1,207 female victims for every 100,000 women in the population, 5% higher than the rate of violence against men (1,151 per 100,000) (Table 1.1).

So for every 1200 women, 1151 men are also assaulted. The violence comes in all shapes and sizes, it can be stranger-on-stranger violence, it can be partner violence, and it can be family violence. So, what the crime breakdowns for women in Canada.

Overall, women and men tend to be victims of similar offences. The five most common violent offences committed against women were common assault (49%), uttering threats (13%), serious assault

Note1,  (10%), sexual assault level 1 – the least serious form of sexual assault (7%), and criminal harassment (7%).

A level 1 sexual assault, which doesn’t need touch involved, is seven times less likely than common assault. And remember, that is 7 percent of 1.2 percent of women. So we’re talking 84 women out of 100,000 women. We live in such a rape culture, where roving bands of rapists are tracking down and raping women at all times. Oops, this isn’t Sweden or the Middle East!

Common assault, that could be a little as a small spat and a slap. But let’s think about these stats, these could be something outside the relationship. This could be women fighting each other. The stats weren’t specific on who was perpetrating the violence. So it might be worth finding out what is happening on the ‘home front’ against women. I couldn’t find the recent study that says online harassment against women is usually women involved, a 60/40 split. . . Considering the feminist mobs descending on people like Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco, Olympic Gold Medalist Kelly Welsh-Jennings, and Taylor Swift, online harassment might surprise them. I wonder if they will victim blame, those ‘I’m not feminist women deserve what happened’!

From Liberals to spend $77.5-million on centre to study gender-based violence.

Our understanding of exactly what has been happening has been lacking, because of our inability to get gender-disaggregated data,” said Ms. Dugal, who was on the advisory council for the strategy. “That we will now have strong evidence based on gender is really important.

Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef said her department is working with Statistics Canada to bolster knowledge on gender-based violence, by collecting data that has not been gathered since 1993. The goal is to develop a new national survey that will look at where violence occurs, who is most affected and emerging problems, such as cyberviolence.

Again, we don’t know if men are the majority perpetrators of online harassment. Like the above examples, women were the people targeting Kaley Cuoco, Kelly Welsh-Jennings and Taylor Swift. If you leave the hegemony of feminism and the Democrat party, women are usually insulted for doing that.

Yeah, but it’s men who commit cyber violence. I wonder who is the artist who created this online harassment tool to attack conservative women? I wonder how many times Ana Kasparian has harassed someone with this meme, for women she knows voted Republican! But that would be against the narrative that angry men who say Anita Sarkessian and Zoey Quinn suck are the real danger.

Despite what people say, words are more harmful than actual fists, words are not. When I was a kid, I learned a little rhyme that social justice bigoteers should learn. Stick and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me! When you just got insulted, just say it a couple of times, and overlook the shitty comments and engage in the more substantive objections to something you posted online. First, you learn more. Second, you’ll live longer!

That sums up my opinion. Forty percent of the ‘online’ abuse against women are usually other women! Why is Canada going this far, spending so much to ‘protect’ a minority of women?

From Section 1: Prevalence and severity of violence against women

In 2011, 8 in 10 victims of police-reported intimate partner violence were women. Overall, there were about 78,000 female victims of intimate partner violence, representing a rate of 542 victims per 100,000 women aged 15 years and older. This compares to a rate of 139 male victims per 100,000 population.

First, is this really the real amount of male victims. Men are much less likely to say they were physically assaulted by their than women. Men want to be the strong one in a relationship, both emotionally and physically. That’s just a fact feminists, it’s part of our biology. We want to be strong, and to say your partner has hit you and attacked you shows weakness! Therefore fewer men will admit being physically assaulted by their partners!

Second, according to the stats, only .5 of a percent of women have been attacked! That’s right, .5 percent. Not a startling 1 in 4 we hear on the news. 1 in 200 more likely. That is why only about 80 women a year die at the hands of an intimate partner! Yes, that is 80 too many, but it is not some epidemic that needs millions of dollars to be spent on when that money could be going to health care!

Yes, the amount of violent crime of partner-on-partner is growing smaller and smaller every single year, for the past 20+ years.

And this paragraph right here tells everybody in what kind of relationship women should be in if they want to experience the least amount of violence. . .

Both women and men were more at risk of violence from dating partners than spouses. In 2011, at least 631 women per  100,000 unmarried population were victims of dating violence, 60% higher than the spousal violence rate (395 women per 100,000 ever married population).

So the reality is, women should get married and stick with stable relationships because the threat of violence goes way down. We don’t have this kind of public awareness campaign saying women should get married for their safety. No, we just the ones saying fear men because they are sexual and physical abusers that women need to be afraid of. We are demonic monsters ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

This $77.5 million dollar is just a virtue signalling at it’s worst. It costs taxpayers for something that doesn’t really need policing at all and health care in Canada is a shambles! And it furthers the anti-male rhetoric feminists love to use so much. That’s Trudeau Legacy, always selling out Canada to China, and pissing on men!

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