Trolly Daily News June 23rd, 2017 – Fanaticism 201, The Anita Shitfest

Last night, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant with a really cringy attempt to be ‘edgy’, Anita Sarkeesian showed her true colours and her utter lack of humanity. She used her power and platform, in a way that Meryl Streep accused Donald Trump of doing, to attack another individual in the most heinous way possible. Sargon of Akkad, in her own words, is human garbage! In her eyes, he doesn’t deserve to exist! He should be thrown into a trash compactor and completely destroyed. She has no humanity left in her soul, and I pity her because Sargon was one of the people who ‘uncovered’ her lies and showed them to the entire world. Her contempt is completely on display for the world to see.

He upset Sarkeesian by walking into her moment to soap box! And so she said one of the most disgusting things ever. To say someone is human garbage is to say you want them to not exist anymore. In a way, she shows she wishes Sargon as dead for exposing her. I may have disagreed with Sargon a few times, and even laughed at how easily religion triggers him, but I respect Sargon, and I hope he continues to have success in his endeavours on YouTube. Even though I dislike Sarkeesian, for being a liar who uses victim status to steal money from people, I don’t wish she’d disappear. I hope she’ll either wake up and end her crusade, because Western Culture is pretty awesome, and being white isn’t a crime, and most men are decent people.

Video of Anita calling Sargon human garbage

But when Sargon asked a question, she blocked him. Her contempt is so palpable that you’d literally have to be autistic to the level of Rainman not to feel it. She wouldn’t even allow him to ask her a question. She didn’t want to have a conversation, so filled with her hatred of him and the fact he has a platform. She couldn’t care less when people disagree with her and they don’t have a platform. Who cares, they are annoying peasants, and she is Queen Anita. But when someone has the platform of a great game, like Tim Soret with The Last Night, or Sargon of Akkad with his huge YouTube following, it is open season! She hates those individuals, and will do anything to end their ability to influence the minds of others!

And Sargon shows how classy he is when she said that to his face.

She tolerates the Neck Beards because the lowly Reddit users don’t have the ability to influence 100s of thousands with videos, not like Sargon. She wants to no platform him, and pull a Shives, I will even block you in the real world mother fucker. You are not allowed to disgrace this place with your ‘sinfulness’! Fuck off, Sargon! She has lost the war if that is her intention. Tyrants, like Hitler, rouse the anger of every single free person on planet Earth! The more you do this, the more people will despise your fucking rhetoric! You have no right to no platform anybody like that, you dictatorial asshole!

You are this Anita! You are a fanatic and you do not deserve any adoration from any of your supporters! If you will not allow a differing voice, you are no better than Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, or Napoleon! You will have every single libertarian pick up the arms of the meme war to fight you with every single shred of their ability! You will lose this war Anita because there are millions of people who hate what kind of person you are!

But the brainwashed masses continue to support her none-the-less!

Like Anita, these fanatics, these poor brainwashed individuals, all do the exact same things as her. Attack the character of Sargon, calling him garbage. And Sarkeesian is the victim, like those poor Muslims after terrorist attacks, Sargon isn’t a victim! And they didn’t even realise that Sargon was trolling them and having some fun to see if they take the bait! They sure did take the bait!

This is the problem with fanaticism! Sargon is the enemy in the eyes of Antia, Tim, Chrisousity, T1J, The Escape Autist, and Anthony. They hate Sargon to the same level Westboro Baptist Church hates fags! They cheer, celebrate, and rejoice over Queen Anita denying Sargon the ability to talk and calling him human garbage. They hate him just as much as she hates him because Sargon disrupts their world view and is super successful at it!

This is why they will lose the culture war. I don’t hate them, or any person for that matter. When Laci Green started to mend bridges with rational people like us, the support for her channel has dramatically changed.

And those 7000+ downvotes are coming from the angry social justice fanatics who hate her now and hate the fact rational and reasonable people support her now. A few days ago, the downvotes were a fraction of that! Fanatics only know how to do one thing, shut down the dialogue and force their world view on others! I feel sorry for them. They believe they are doing the right thing, but they are so lost, like Anakin Skywalker! They have turned to the Darkside, and they no longer believe in freedom at all. It is a pestilence in their eyes!

How dare Laci Green or Kaley Cuoco ever question the hegemony! How dare Sargon be allowed to speak! How dare Tim Soret be rewarded for his work on The Last Night, they are all garbage in the eyes of feminists now.

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Thanks for reading, and have a great day guys!


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