Trolly Daily News June 24th, 2017 – I am a Garbage Human #ShitpostSaturday

Anita Sarkeesian and Social Justice fanatics are right, I am a Garbage Human and I am proud of it. I took on a more nuanced idea about Nazi Germany, and why they entered WWII. I am even planning on writing a book on the subject in a year or two.  I make fun of men who feel guilty about barbequing because it is a gender role.  I make fun of cultural appropriation, so I am racist. I am a garbage human because I don’t agree with Anita on almost anything. And I am most definitely a garbage human because I say  Anita is in the wrong when she said @Sargon_of_Akkad was a garbage human. I am my own person, I am a troll going my own way. I have my own thoughts, ideas, and convictions. Sargon didn’t do anything wrong. I am a Garbage Human, and I am proud of it.

So, I invite people to join me, like so many people added they were deplorable when Clinton said we were a basket of deplorables, to say they are human garbage right now.

All my social media accounts, I have declared I am human garbage. Language is only powerful if we allow it to be. If we wear this label proudly, like the deplorables did, we can rise above what Anita called Sargon. Even Sargon has named himself Garbage Human, the day after she called him that. Anita is in the wrong, so let’s take her power away from her. She doesn’t deserve to be respected. She has only ever cherry picked things on a constant basis. because she is a con artist and a liar, using victim status to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars to be the absolute moral authority on what is good and evil.

Using her dictatorial powers her feminist followers have given her, she gets to decide who is a garbage human and who is not. She has made herself the absolute authority, and it is up to libertarians to rise up against her and say, fuck you bitch. You are not allowed to decide this. Nobody is a garbage human, we are only people who have a different point of view, and we should share and discuss those points of views.

But she isn’t interested in sharing. She disables her comments and her voting. Instead of hiring someone with the over $450,000 she has crowd funded to delete obnoxious negative one-liners, she banked that money. She could have had nuanced conversations. But she erected a tall stone wall around her sensitive feelings. And on Thursday night, those sensitive feelings finally bubbled forth, when she saw Sargon in the crowd. Had she engaged in people for the past 5 years, instead of disabling comments and voting, she may have had the emotional strength to deal with some detractors. And maybe there would have been fewer detractors too because if we felt like we were engaged, we’d be less hostile.

I remind people, once Laci engaged with us, this was the result when it comes to her vids.

It’s probably the feminist hegemony that downvoted her videos so much.

Had Sarkeesian engaged and debated us, I think she could have had that kind of support. We could have engaged with her ‘choice feminist’ ideals, and she could have become less of an extremist.

And the hilarious thing, the reason why her videos are buried behind all the debunking videos of ‘human garbage’ people is the YouTube algorithms look at comments, shares, and likes. . . She is shooting herself off at the feet, to protect her precious feelings.

Yes, Anita is an extremist. Anybody who says everything is sexist, and everything is racist, and everything is homophobic, and you literally need to point it all out, fits the current definition of the word extremist.

Those are very extreme political views, and of course, there is no evidence that western culture is like that anymore. Women are allowed to do whatever they want in the law now, people of all kinds of nationalities, skin colours and creeds can become almost anything they want, including the president of the United States. Members of the LGBT community are allowed to get married and are protected by the law in all western countries. Those days are past now. If she doesn’t believe that, it just shows she has taken extreme political views even against reality.

But virtue signallers will probably say I am wrong, even though the dictionary definition doesn’t say that extreme action has to happen. The most racist man in the world may never wear a KKK outfit, a Nazi uniform, or go on shooting sprees to kill people of colour. If he writes a blog that the x race is superior to all others, and inspires zealots to pull a ‘final solution’, he is still a racist. Sarkeesian doesn’t have to attack anybody physically, she only needs to inspire Antifa and other allies that we are all Nazi and sexism loving white supremacists, and Antifa and her allies can do the rest.

These extremists are so dangerous because they believe everything is sexist, racist, and homophobic. The white member of Antifa attacks a ‘Coon’ and an ‘Uncle Tom’ because that brave young man wanted to engage in them. They didn’t want to hear what this person of colour say because they probably think he is a Garbage Human as well.

Intelligent feminists, or egalitarian-minded individuals like myself, will see through Anita’s lies. When I found out about #GamerGate, I wanted to defend Anita, and I thought #GamerGate was a bunch of angry trolls, and I was going to make a funny tower defence game with Trolly as a villain. Then I started to watch her videos, and everything she said, I don’t think she would have even liked it. After all, the melee trooper unit was going to be men. . . so men were rescuing women. . . and we know how much Anita even hates that.

She is an extremist that pushes moderates like myself away. With the denial of engaging her through commenting on her videos and blogs, she has pushed many former supporters away. With her absolute stiffneckedness to move from any of her stances, and her constant straw manning of her arguments, I couldn’t continue to support her work, and I am glad I never spent $1 on her fundraising campaigns.

So, yes, I am proud to wear the title of Garbage Human. Anita is an extremist that nobody should listen to. She spreads extreme political ideologies that are not evident in reality, and as a result, she is in the complete wrong. Sargon is not human garbage, she is because of her rhetoric, and that of the feminist professors she takes council with, caused this bullshit.

If you like my blog, feel free to give me a thumbs up. And let’s stand in solidarity, we are all garbage humans in the eyes of Anita and other fanatics. Let’s be proud of the name, and wear it like a badge of honour. I am a Garbage Human, and I am proud of it.

Don’t forget to remind this on your profile and share it all over social media.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day!


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