Trolly’s Week of Cancer 6/25/17

I think I’ve covered Anita enough, with my blogs on both  Friday, and  Saturday. We don’t need more preaching to this choir, she’s completely nuts, and using a platform to discuss online harassment to harass Sargon is bullshit. I wonder if this kind of stuff is a distraction sometimes. There was some more cancerous stuff that happened this week.

From  Black-only graduations are a step backwards

The first ever black-only university graduation in Canada happened this year. The University of Toronto got permission from the government to hold a black-only graduation ceremony. Because nothing says you’re not racist by separating two groups of people due to their skin colour.

Let’s separate blacks and whites, because whites will undermine their success some way through our white supremacy beams. Time to get out the tin foil hats guys.

The LCBO strike deadline is midnight Sunday.

I would suggest having a few more drinks while reading this cancer, but if you live in Ontario, you might not have the opportunity to do that on Monday. The workers of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario are planning on a strike on Monday if they don’t start getting more hours.

The reason, over 80 percent of those workers are only part-time employees. As a libertarian, I am 100 percent behind these workers. Every person has the right to fight for their rights, especially people struggling to pay their bills.

And we have two pieces of awesomeness from the Weirdness of Hollywood.

Trump family members speak out against Johnny Depp’s assassination joke

Another failed comedy attempt from Hollywood. This time Johnny Depp channelled the spirit of fellow actor John Wilkes Booth, asking when was the last time an actor murdered a president. What is it with Hollywood and these crazy mother fuckers.  I hope he doesn’t pull another Griffin, blaming Trump for any backlash after he apologises. I don’t know why Hollywood is killing itself like this.

They must put heroin in the water. These Hollywood people have no self-awareness, and my only conclusion they must all be on drugs. How else would they believe jokes of murdering a president of a country are funny or believe they are an ageless, genderless spirit.

‘I’m a genderless spirit!’ Miley Cyrus reveals that she doesn’t even like to brand herself as a human being as she strives to live a life free of labels

In what I can only say, you do you, Miley, this kind of shit can only happen in Hollywood. As the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, she probably lived a sheltered life, filled with Tumblr blogs, before she became a famous person as Hannah Montana, and then went completely nuts.

I will never tell my kids about Tumblr, it is better they never find out about it. It’s like drugs, and it fucks up young minds.

Well, that’s all the cancer I can stand. I need to get to the beer store before they go on strike.

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Thanks for reading, and have a great week guys. Cya next Sunday.


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