Trolly Daily News June 26th, 2017 – Quality vs. Equality

During Vidcon, we saw so many bridges mended. Online feuds that we affectionately called Vidcon an alternative timeline. Laci and Sargon, Andy Warski and Francesca Ramsey and all kinds of other truces announced and pursued, it is time to have some reflection. While I was watching Sunday Morning on CBS because my Fiancé and I like watching that morning show because of all the cool things they do on it, inviting singers, and telling some interesting stories about all kinds of awesome things. This Sunday, Cyndi Lauper said something that got me really thinking. When she talked to her husband about equality, he suggested, the patriarchal scumbag he is, to drop the e, and focus on quality. And I agree with that.

One of the most important, but least talked about virtues is thankfulness. Being thankful for what you have destroys bitterness. When I see the fanaticism we see in feminism and social justice, where Antifa professors put people into hospital attacking them with bike locks, or women stripping nude and screaming at the top of their lungs, it is evident they are unthankful. In their mind, they are fighting a hugely oppressive force that is out to destroy them, and they must destroy it before the system destroys them.



And I believe this is the fundamental reason there is a war between social justice bigoteers and most other people. Most other people may have a normal amount of discontent to the status quo, i.e. We want a better life for themselves and our loved ones, but we are generally thankful for what we have. Bigoteers, on the other hand, are never thankful. They are never satisfied, and only the complete undermining of our culture will ever do. They will destroy the quality of life we all enjoy for equality.

So, really, this culture war is between the satisfied, with the completely dissatisfied. And when you are completely dissatisfied, people become black holes, consuming every bit of light and goodness in the world, making the world a very harsh place.

Like I said before, once upon a time I supported Anita Sarkeesian. Then I watched her videos, and I could see how much dissatisfaction she had with everything. I knew there was nothing that would make her happy, and I stopped supporting her channel by watching her videos and agreeing with her. All of a sudden, I saw why people were trying to fight back against feminism because her feminism is shit.

In our culture, we have the greatest quality of life anybody has ever seen. Because of science and technology, most children born will get to see the ripe old age of 70s+ due to vaccines, and medications to help people when they are sick. We can be entertained with a mere click of a button, so we never have to be bored. There are blogs and videos galore for the world to explore. There are supermarkets filled with food for everybody to buy, and the poor can get food and water through generous people through food banks. Every single person in western culture has complete protection under the law, and they can become whatever they want, and have romantic relationships with anybody they choose to be with and even have gender re-assignment surgery if they suffer from gender dysphoria.

And with all these things social justice bigoteers say it is never enough. Our culture is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, fatphobic and any other phobia they can come up with!

They are enemies of quality.

So, from here on out, I will ask every social justice bigoteer what is interfering with the quality of their life on a personal level? I wonder if I will get the above answer from most of them, denying the reality we live in the greatest civilisation this world has ever seen. Sure, there are some things that could improve a bit, but nothing is dependent on being a white male.

I hope this blog can speak something to their heart because living in that self-defeating mentality is hurting them and society. It’s time for the thankful to be strong and stand for our culture, and stand with democracy!

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