Trolly Breaking News, VidCon sides with Sarkeesian

I really wanted my last blog on VidCon to be today, I really did. Looking at the disgusting behaviour of how Social Justice bigoteers silence people and keep their echo chambers intact. The whole insult them, mass swarms attacking them, block and shift blame. I really wanted to tackle something more substantive tomorrow, like Trudeau is blaming the opposition parties for all of his MAJORITY GOVERNMENT failed promises. But no, VidCon has to side with Sarkeesian, and I am breaking this to you guys right now. And the Orwellian shit they are pulling is fucking retarded as well.

From VidCon Debrief – Who’s Harassing Whom? section

It is openly known that women on the internet are subject to far greater amounts (and intensity) of harassment and abuse than men. This is a pattern and it’s pervasive. Running this event, we have to be aware when a creator has potentially dangerous harassers or stalkers, and our list for our female creators is a whole lot longer than the list for male creators.

There’s the first fucking lie.

Except for stalking and sexual harassment, every other category it is almost 50/50 between the genders. So, the amounts are not that much greater, and the intensity isn’t that much greater, except in two areas. So this is completely debunked, and we all know it!

Sarkeesian only wants to tighten the grip on the narrative. Maybe the reason why she gets so many ‘shit heads’ who debunk her videos, is her ideas suck. I’ve given Laci Green positive feedback on her new Gender’s video, and even Franchesca Ramsey has chimed in and said Sargon didn’t do anything wrong.

So Franny was okay with Sargon being there. Most people are okay with Sargon being there. Only morons who hate Sargon are railing against him and praise Sarkeesian, and now VidCon is siding with Sarkeesian.

Our founder, Hank Green, talked with our panelist and said two things:

  1. He told her that her comment had violated our policy, but that he understood that there was a broader context (which to be clear, we were blissfully ignorant of until this weekend, and remain inexpert in.)
  2. He apologized to her for not having been more aware of and active in understanding the situation before the event, which resulted in her being subjected to a hostile environment that she had not signed up for.

We agreed that she would go forward and continue on as a panelist on a later panel.

So Hank apologises to her when she was the aggressor. This kinda reminds me of something I watched on Judge Judy today, the girl started to cry the crocodile tears. Of course, Judy didn’t have anything of it. He apologises because he allowed Sargon and other members of the Shitlord Community to take up the first 3 rows of chairs. Crocodile tears may be the end of western culture, democracy, and free speech if we continue to allow this to happen.

This is a difficult situation to build policy to alleviate, but we ask that all of the people involved consider the power of our actions and statements both online and in the real world. But one specific note, if people attend VidCon to collect footage to later use in videos that criticize not just ideas, but focus the outrage of their followers on individuals, they will not be welcome back.

This is the most Orwellian of the statements in defence of Sarkeesian. He is saying the moment someone says, that person that is recording footage of me and using it in a blog or video is directing harassment against me, and then that person who is using their first amendment rights gets kicked out. Think of how people like Sarkeesian will use this new found power. This is how discourse dies. Sarkeesian doesn’t want a conversation, she only wants people to bow to her!

But one thing came to me when I saw this blog. Some idiot told me, if you don’t like the rules, don’t go. We have the ability to vote with our wallets. Minds is a great place for freedom of speech, and to connect with everybody. I say we create our own ShitCon, because VidCon doesn’t like garbage humans, or I could build a website to host ShitCon and call it, The place where Garbage Humans go instead of VidCon.

Tell me what you guys think, because we have 12 months to plan something like that all out, to create our own panels as live streams, discussing a variety of different topics, and have it as the free alternative to VidCon, for all kinds of content creators, because let’s face it, some content creators are great at video, some are great at meming, and some are great a blogging. That would be more intellectually diverse than something for just video creators.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day guys.


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