Trolly Daily News June 28th, 2017, Trudeau Blames Opposition on Government Failures

With an 184 of a possible 334 seats in Parliment, Justin Trudeau has a majority and can push any kind of Orwellian legislation down Canada’s throat.  Be it C-16, forcing Canadians to respect ‘gender identity’ and use the pronouns of tall pansexual flirty wood sprites. Or C-6, which has so many holes in investigating immigration fraud, Isis combatants with the right forged documents will find it easy to immigrate into Canada.  He can even green light the sale of high-tech military firms to China. With so many harmful decisions pushed down our throats by Trudeau’s federal government, you’d think election reform and balancing the budget would be easy. It isn’t, the opposition parties are preventing him from doing those things. That’s right, they are preventing him.


From PM Trudeau blames opposition for electoral reform failure, budget deficit

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ended his second parliamentary sitting with a few parting shots at the Conservatives and NDP, blaming the opposition for stalling bills in the Senate, the federal deficit and his broken promise to reform the electoral system.

So, you are saying the Senate, whose task is to be a check and balance to the federal government, is preventing you from achieving what you want to do. When 5.6 millions of people voted Conservative last election, to expect the conservatives not unite to reflect the wishes of those voters in the Senate, to take a closer look on things to ensure the bills passed reflect every single Canadian. Oh, boo hoo Trudeau. To expect a dictatorship of the majority in the House of Commons to go unchallenged in the Senate is completely wrong. I am glad you have to fight tooth and nail like Trump has to in the States. It means the best compromises are made on behalf of all Canadians.

I’m even thinking of challenging C-16 by suing the federal government! I wonder how I would go about that, if anybody has any advice, just comment below. That is one fucked up law, and I believe it is unconstitutional as it infringes on my right to free speech.

“If you tally up the promises we made [in our election platform], it was about $10 billion worth of new spending. In our first year, our first budget as we put forward, we committed to about $10 billion in new spending,” Trudeau said in Ottawa.

“We just went from a floor where the budget was balanced, because supposedly the Conservatives had balanced the budget, to what was the reality of our budget of being at about $18 billion in deficit the end of that first year. So we’ve been consistent in our plan and our approach,” he said.

So, he is blaming the Conservatives for a bigger than expected budget deficit. Well, Mr Prime Minister, this is your second budget, and you do, and if you have a deficit, that is on you. The second year budget is even worse. With a three-second Google search, I found out what the second budget deficit was.

The Canadian federal budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 was presented to the Canadian House of Commons by Finance Minister Bill Morneau on 22 March 2017. The deficit is projected to be $28.5 billion, including a $3 billion adjustment for risk, projected to decrease to $18.8 billion in five years.

I don’t have high hopes next year’s budget will balance itself either.

Trudeau kicked off the press conference with an opening statement in which he thanked journalists for their work. He has repeatedly emphasized his “positive” approach to governing.


If people want to know why most people distrust the mainstream media, it is paragraphs like that. At least CTV has the word positive in quotes, mocking the shit out of him. No politician should be thanking the press. Every politician should feel like they walked through fire when they meet the press.

Asked whether he regretted kicking Liberal senators out of his caucus and appointing only independent senators, Trudeau said the Senate is taking steps toward the independence envisioned by Canada’s founders 150 years ago.

But he singled out the Senate’s Conservative caucus as a problem.

So, he is basically, in his positive approach to governing, that Conservatives are a problem. You campaigned on the fact you would unite Canada. But if you disrespect conservative voices like this, it shows you have no desire to unite Canada, and you are just pointing the finger and saying, it is their fault.

My voice should not be silenced, just because you won a majority government Trudeau. It is shit like this that I want to make sure you are made a drama teacher again. Actually, I don’t want that, you’d still be wasting tax payer’s money with that job. I wonder if you were homeless, like other men who represent 73% of homeless people, if you’d become an MRA.

Conservative Sen. Larry Smith disputed Trudeau’s remarks. The opposition plays a critical role in holding government accountable and protecting Canadian democracy, he said in a statement.

“The Prime Minister’s nomination process is no different than previous governments’. He simply added an online application and made public who would review candidates. All prime ministers make final recommendations to the Governor General,” Smith said.

Finally, someone is telling us the truth. Go, Larry Smith. I love when people speak truth to power, and Larry is calling out the Prime Minister of his bullshit. Trudeau says is the man behind the curtain, telling people to look at the nice pretty website where people can apply, and the public could see who is up for nomination. If people think a progressive like Trudeau, a feminist extraordinaire, who wants to sell Canada to China isn’t going to choose the ones that best suit his interests from the selections, people are kidding themselves.

“This approach demonstrates less partisanship, more [independence] of thought. The fact that we are stymied a bit by a block of partisan Conservatives who vote against the government every chance they get, simply means there is more work to do to create a more independent and thoughtfully reflective Senate. But we are on the right track on having removed the knee-jerk partisanship from what is now the majority of the Senate,” Trudeau said.

So, if conservatives across Canada are weary of bills you place up, we shouldn’t have a voice of opposition that at least slows down your bullshit Trudeau. I bet you hated how much time it took for C-16 to pass because Conservative partisans in the Senate ensured people like Gad Saad and Jordan B. Peterson spoke at length against it. Why do you hate democracy so much, Trudeau? I bet you wished you could get rid of all of that, and be able to force your view of the world on each and every one of us.

So, I am glad there are senators giving your government knee-jerk reactions. I knee-jerk every single time I see shit like C-6, and sales of high-tech Canadian military firms. You are harming Canada, and the voting public, in 2019, will be the biggest conservative knee-jerk to all the bullshit you have passed in the past 4 years Trudeau. You are a joke.

“I think there were ways to improve our electoral system in this country,” Trudeau said, noting he preferred a ranked ballot so that any MP elected would have the support of at least 50 per cent of voters in a riding. Currently, the number of candidates running for major parties can mean an MP wins with less than 40 per cent support.

Okay, if that was his idea of political reform. . . That would kill democracy in Canada. It would absolutely force things to be a 2 party system, and things would get so divided between Liberals and Conservatives, things would disintegrate like they have in the states. But I think Trudeau knows the left is split into 3 parties, and the Conservatives have a unified voice and vision. So he just wanted to counter all the people whom would vote NDP and Green, and consolidate power in the left.

This is messed up. If conservatives can unite under one banner, but the left can’t, it is up to the left to start to work together. But the voice of progressivism will always tear itself apart eventually because there is no end goal.

Look at the two feminists are almost tooth and nail against each other, and the man is just a token player in the debate. This is the national discourse of progressivism in Canada. White male voices are tolerated only if they work with feminism.

Well, it is great to see Trudeau is on the ropes. I’m sorry he’s not going to be in the news in the next few months. He sure is a lolcow.

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