Trolly Daily News June 29th, 2017 – VidCon gives again #FakeNews #Minds

In the Journalism biz, there should be an element where you don’t beat a dead horse anymore. I swore, when VidCon decided to side with Anita Sarkeesian, and not with Sargon of Akkad, after Anita attacked Sargon, calling him a shit head and a garbage human on her Women Online panel, I would be done with it. It’s time to go on more important stuff than Sargon and Anita. I know this might wound your ego Sargon, but the world doesn’t revolve around either you or Anita. But more shit happened again. And it is #FakeNews too, of all things.

You’d think that Sargon is in deep trouble with that fucking headline. When I saw it, I was on a 20-minute rant about how unfair that was. And then I did what every good journalist should do, and checked the article.

I think I was the person who broke this real news. That’s the problem with fake news. If Mic created a headline, Patreon Investigation Clears Sargon of any Wrong Doing, there wouldn’t have been half the outrage or the interest. So, they lied in the in the headline to gain the maximum amount of outrage based on the facts of the story. They could have been more close to the truth with their headline. Patreon Investigates Sargon, Disgusting Content Doesn’t Break their TOS. It may have fit their narrative a bit, and been more truthful.

This is the first real shots in this culture war. Despite VidCon being a place where many Antis and SJWs started to mend bridges, as they meet with each other. Anita, in her nightmare world, is still on the rampage. Sargon disagrees with her, and she has to squash him. And the best way to do that, squash his income.

This is why is our refuge in this war. When you have people like Anita trying to attack our lifeline, the income we get from our readers and viewers, because our revenue sources are slowly drying up, it is a place that stands for free speech. We can monetize our content and gain the same monthly subscription as Patreon. And as long as we do not incite harassment, we can talk about just about anything we want.

This place is a god spend, and I am glad it is as successful as it is. Thank you, Bill Ottman. We have a safe harbour because of you.

But there have already been casualties. I smiled when I first saw the monument to those fought in the great meme war. But the attack on the income sources of people is happening. I wonder when Minds becomes enough of a safe harbour for Internet dissidents when they will come after this place.

I think that is why Bill Ottman is right to keep this as small as possible. The smaller it is, the less oversight it will get, and the safer we are when it comes to the microscope of leftist interference and attack. I do hope it does get more popular, but I don’t want it so popular that things get interfered with. Maybe breaking the top 1000.

If you oppose the current draconian forces of the left, you need to be on Minds. If you blog, you can monetize it. If you create videos or art, you can use their monetization process to have paid subscriptions for your content, like Patreon. You can have a voice, and nobody will censor you, investigate you for bullshit reasons, and you can be free to say whatever you want.

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