Trolly Daily News, July 1st, 2017 – Indigenous Canadians Protest Colonization on Canada Day #ShitpostSaturday.

Happy Canada to all my Canadian subs. Our country is officially 150 years old today. There are massive celebrations planned in all kinds of places all around Canada. I’d say I’m proud to be Canadian but a certain leader, cough Trudeau cough, stains our reputation big time. But, I can still be happy to Canadian, and I can still fight for what is right in the world. But there is something happening today, amidst all the celebration. There are some Indigenous Canadians who are protesting the years of ‘colonisation’ we have put them through.

Yeah, you heard me, intersectional feminism and postmodernism are trying to ruin a day of celebration. Activists move teepee near Canada 150 stage.Yes, they are trying to completely disrupt our celebration, because some Marxist leftist professor somewhere told them we oppress them. Yes, our dealings with the Indigenous people of Canada have had some hiccups. We didn’t 100% honour some of our treaties, and there was the scandal where the Canadian government and the Catholic Church used residential schools to try to wipe native culture off the map, and native women are targeted and murdered by non-native people, but we have been making up for that.

We have also given their communities amazing privileges in the law. The first being, we don’t tax them on anything. I mean anything. We don’t charge them sales tax or income tax. In every libertarian’s wet dream, our Indigenous peoples never have to pay one cent of tax. We don’t ‘steal’ from them. This can lead to all kinds of economic growth for those communities if they capitalise on it.

When I was younger, and my brother or I were interested in getting a new computer system, a 20-minute drive to the reservation, and we were at a computer store. We bought our computers there, because if $10 in gas meant saving $300-$500 dollars on taxes, why the hell not. And where was that money going to, it was going to that community!

And that is not the only privilege they have over us. Legally, they can go fishing whenever they want, as long as they are spearfishing. While we have to buy a licence and wait for the fishing season, Natives can go fishing whenever they want at any time they want absolutely free of charge.

This privilege also includes they can go hunting without a licence as well. Again, they get to enjoy a libertarian wet dream. The government has so little influence on indigenous people, many of us wished we had enough ‘native blood’ to qualify for all the things they get to do.

We’re even spending $1.35 billion to modernise their power grid, to improve their quality of life for 10,000 members of remote native communities. We are doing all kinds of things to help their communities succeed. If we haven’t ‘checked our white privilege’ by now, with all of these amazing gifts, I don’t know what more we can do. But still, they are still protesting us. because we ‘colonised’ them by coming over here.

We’ve given them so much, there are so many affirmative action initiatives that we have given them, and I’ve listed the major ones above. And yet is never enough. This is why I hate intersectionality, post-modernism, and cultural Marxism. These three things have mutated so many western countries into completely divided countries. And our leaders are either complicit or they just bow down without a fight.

Thank you for such amazing quote Trudeau. You are the most massive cuck the world has ever seen. No matter who it is, be it visiting Muslims with completely gender segregated mosques and saying diversity is our strength, or saying if we kill our enemies they win or saying something as ridiculous as Indigenous people are just celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by protesting our presence on ‘their land’.

I am ashamed you are my leader, Trudeau. You are not a man, bowing down to every whim of every minority to say, I am a good person see. Prime Minster Selfie of the virtue signalling. Thanks for giving them a chance to ruin the celebration, Trudeau.

I don’t get why Indigenous people are so peeved at Non-native Canadians. They have huge privileges in our country, things all those non-native people wish they could get. But the black hole of intersectional feminism is so fucked up, they can never see anything good in their lives, and play victims while having great benefits.

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