Trolly Daily News, July 3rd, 2017 An Open Letter to Tim Blake

Every morning, I go on Twitter, to see what news everybody talks about. Sometimes, it gives me ideas for blogs, or blogs to be done for the future. Today, I had a bit of a late start on my blog, nothing in the news was sufficiently exciting for me to write about today, but I saw one convo that I wanted to get involved in. Tim is angry about ‘his side’ is doing again. I’ve always respected his honour. You are a good man.

I get why he is doing this. He has friends. The last time this happened, people used clips to attack his friends, and he doesn’t want that situation again. So his fear of what may come is overriding doing what he feels he must, and so he will keep it in.

About 3 months ago, I kinda felt trapped.  It started with playing a video game that everybody said was going to be complete crap. I didn’t agree with them, but I was afraid to say that because I didn’t want to be swarmed by the ‘hordes’.  Then I said, fuck this, I’m my own person, and I’m going to be more reasonable and less hive mind driven.

I know where your mind is right now Tim, and it is a paralysing force. You’re racked with so much indecision, all because you don’t want any repercussion. I don’t know what this is about. Maybe he doesn’t like how his side is treating Laci Green, knowing how they would react. Maybe he feels trapped. I know the feeling well, I’ve been a ‘member’ of all kinds of things in my life. You feel like if you stop doing something, it will have an impact on the group you’re in. Everybody likes consistency, so just do what they want you to do. This, of course, completely curtails your freedom of speech and your freedom of choice.

You see people as enemies, and those tweets, anybody can see it – we are enemies, and so you completely destroy your freedom of speech, because you do not want to give your enemies weapons against your ‘friends and allies’. You are so afraid of us, you run and hide from being a good man.

Tim, if you are that afraid of what is going to happen if you are a good man, these are not the friends you need to hang out with. Do not give them mindless devotion. Do not become a fanatic. You can say whatever you want. This is why I send this Tweet to you.

Get past your fear, and do it, Tim. I’ve always appreciated your sense of honour. You’ve stood up against Kristi and the gang before. You’ve seen the vile they produce, from Steve Shives wanting every single account for every single anti-feminist to be deleted off YouTube. You’ve seen the vile attacks on Laci Green by Kevin Logan and Mike Rowlands. You’ve called out Sargon for taking something one step too far. You’ve called out Bearing. Why are you so afraid now?

You can do this Tim.

I was free to side with ThunderF00t, even if most other people said ThunderF00t was wrong. I was free to say Sargon shouldn’t have made jokes about Russian Deadpool. I was free to criticise Sargon about Laci Green, demanding an apology. All because my good name is more to me than always pleasing people. You can’t have a good name if you are always people pleasing.

Right now, your fear of what will happen is overshadowing your good name. You can’t allow that to happen. If they are doing and saying things you don’t like, Go Your Own Way. It doesn’t mean you don’t stay friends with people, it just means you reserve the right to speak for yourself. I know it is an intimidating first step, but it is worth it.

Since I took that step myself, I feel like I am a true friend, and I truly appreciate people much more than. I don’t worry about what anybody on any side thinks of me, and I’ve started to take real risks with my blogs. I’m my own person, and my viewing will go to whoever I want to view, and my interactions will be with whoever I want. I hope you can see that being your own man is more important than being on one side or the other.

The decision is yours, Tim. I hope you have a good day, and you are happy with any decision you choose.

You friend,



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