Trolly News Update – Trump power slams CNN, Canadian Media goes nuts.

I wish I could have found the clips, but there was some outrageous shit happening yesterday on the CBC. Pundits were saying Trump was inciting violence on the media and everything, I would really want to shit post this big time, but not even the journalist saying this actually believes it.

One of the best ways to see if someone believes what they are saying or not, IOW you can tell if they are lying or not, is how much they blink. This woman, in the first 7 seconds of this video blinks at least 10 times. And there is no part of the video where she is speaking and isn’t blinking dozens of times. She is very nervous and possibly lying to everybody on camera.

That’s right, she’s is lying her little pants off!

She wants to create the narrative where Trump is inciting violence. Despite the fact, Bernie Bros have caused a shit load of violence lately.  Jeremy Christian, the man who killed two people on a train, supported Bernie Sanders and hated Trump and Clinton.  And James Hodgkinson, the man who shot at Steve Scalise, was also a Bernie Bro.

She thinks Trump supporters are the dangerous ones, and she thinks we’re all going to tackle journalists we disagree with. It isn’t like Trump supporters are intelligent enough to record videos and put them on YouTube, or write a blog like this, or create some memes. Trump Supporters are dummies who will tackle reporters they disagree with.

These people are the really stupid ones. First, they insult people’s intelligence. I think Trump Supporters do have the intelligence to understand the nuance of this tweet.

Trump’s Wrestling Tweet

Second, the mainstream media doesn’t even understand a fucking shit post. How moronic can you be, if you can’t understand someone is joking around. If you take a joke so seriously, that shows your stupidity. I wonder if that is why the woman blinked so much. Did she think, OMG, I’m treating a joke as if it was serious news, FML!

The ridiculous thing, that clip played at least a dozen times in 2 hours yesterday. Yes, a dozen times. What the fuck, was yesterday a slow news day. Okay, let’s play the Trump clip 12 times in a 2-hour block on CBC news. These people have completely lost it.

I tried to find the clip yesterday, of course, but I finally found it today for my blog.

I love the vote ratio. It seems like a bunch of ‘red-pilled’ Canadians is downvoting this video on haste. I’m proud to see such a conservative wave happening in Canada. I don’t agree with everything Trump does, but he is certainly entertaining, and he is emboldening conservatives all around the world.

And there are comments on this video that have more upvotes than the CBC has on the video. We’re waking up. The CBC is just a government mouthpiece and a piece of shit.

This is yet another reason the mainstream media is dying, and it is up to the citizens to inform each other, rather than government owned news institutions, like the CBC. That one guy is right, you’re next CBC, and I know the right person for the job, Andrew Scheer!

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