Trolly News Update – July 4th, 2017 – Omar Khadr offered compensation package Worth $10.5 million

My government is almost the worst government that has ever existed in the world. Sure Stalin’s Russian and Nazi Germany were the worst governments ever formed, but Trudeau’s Canada shows levels of shit that I would say rival those monstrous governments. I am ashamed to be a Canadian. If Trudeau doesn’t say stupid things like,  if you kill your enemies, they win, or Natives spreading posters saying we tried to commit genocide against them during the Canada150 celebrations were just celebrating differently than us, or going to a gender segregated mosque and then say diversity is our strength.  And I will never forget him praising Fidel Castro. Trudeau and the Canadian government, in general, embarrass me. Last night, I found out something extremely disturbing, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A person who murdered someone while fighting in Afghanistan is going to be paid $10.5 million dollars.

Meet Omar Khadr, In 2002 he was fighting for Al Qaeda and in a firefight, he took the life a Christopher Speer, a Medic in the US Army. He was captured by Allied forces, and he was sent to Guantanamo Bay. Why we didn’t take him out in the first place is an embarrassment, but we captured him instead. He went through the terrorist legal system until 2012.  The Harper government wouldn’t offer an apology and wanted him in jail as well. And it should have stayed that way. You shouldn’t expect freedom if you murder someone.

This murderer was removed from Gitmo in 2012 and brought back to Canada. Just before the 2015 election, Khadr was released. While I am against Gitmo, to begin with, he should have faced charges in the US, and should have rotted in prison for the rest of his life, the fact our society panders to Muslims got a murderer freed. Yay progressivism, you are such a great force, you free murderers.

But if that wasn’t insulting enough, the Canadian government is going to do something outrageous. In the name of political correctness, their new god, they are going to apologise and give Khadr $10.5 million!

Ottawa to offer Omar Khadr apology, compensation package

The Trudeau government is poised to offer an apology and a $10-million compensation package to former child soldier Omar Khadr for abuses he suffered while detained in the U.S. military prison for captured and suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Like I said, he shouldn’t have had his rights and freedoms violated. The idea that we are going beyond freeing him, which I opposed, is outrageous. He shouldn’t get an apology from the Canadian government or a compensation package. My tax payers money is going to this man, apologising that he was treated too harshly for killing a man. What is wrong with Canada?

How many people would be up in arms if we gave people like Charles Manson, or Jeffery Dahmer an apology for incarcerating them and then giving them $10.5 million dollars in compensation? This is exactly what we are doing. All in the name of political correctness, and because Khadr went to Gitmo. Freeing him should have been the extent of Canadian ‘generosity’. Not $10.5 million, not a formal apology. This is going way too far.

But we know Jihadi Justin will continue to bend over backwards to prove diversity is our strength. We are sorry for holding you in detention for killing someone Mr Khadr. How can we help?

I wonder how much of this $10.5 million will be used by this man on himself, and how much will be sent back to Al Qaeda or Isis? I wonder how many people are going to be killed with this money? This is the cost of political correctness. You don’t apologise to someone who murdered people. That doesn’t make any sense at all. It only motivates young people of the Islamic faith to actually involve themselves in these acts of terrorism, because they know the Canadian government may just apologise to them and give them money.

How many Saffie Rose Roussos and Christine Archibald’s are going to die now Trudeau, in the name of political correctness.


Thanks for this amazing precedent Trudeau. You do Canada proud!

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