Trolly’s Deep Thoughts – is the best blogging website ever. @ottman

One of biggest issues right now is nobody knows what it is for, other than Free Speech. And with other free speech platforms like and Discord, which are so easy to pick up and start having conversations, I can see why this website is not growing in the way it could. It’s because the public’s imagination hasn’t been sparked.

When I saw the balance part of ad sharing in actual dollars, I got excited last night. In my mind, this platform could change the culture war in huge always. Of all the blogging platforms out on the Internet,, Blogger, Tumblr, and Word Press, blows them away.

When I think about minds, as a blogger, this place should have a huge influx of bloggers here. What blogger wouldn’t want a free speech platform to write on?

When all kinds of places would silence free speech, this website doesn’t.

And Ad sharing means bloggers get paid for their blogs. As long as they activate Ad Sharing, they will make money. The more readers you get, the more money you get to make.

Only Blogger offers ad sharing, but that is through Google Ad Sense, and you’re at the mercy of Google’s Ad Sense. With what we saw on YouTube, where the Adpocalypse totally decimated the ad revenue of all users because advertisers pulled out, how sure is everybody about what would happen on

And even if they didn’t pull Ad Sense because your blog is not family friendly, what are the chances people will notice your blog.

Now, this isn’t isn’t stats from, because I won’t use it because of This is my WordPress blog. I’ve found it hard to network with people there easily, and much easier for me. With groups like  Anti-SJW “Community”Writing Corner and News, my blogs can reach thousands of people through these groups, earning me subs, upvotes, reminds, and comments – expanding my visibility.

And with the points system, you can boost your blogs to be seen by all the users of Minds.

To me, being on Minds as a blogger is a no brainer.

But the public at large doesn’t see this. To them, advertising Minds is either spam.

Or they just don’t see how to use Minds.

I can’t think of a better place to really blog. I want to invite as many bloggers on as possible. I think this place could be the best blogging website in the world if it was marketed as the best blogging website on the planet.

Like I said, Minds has free speech, where everybody can explore whatever topics they want, earn money doing that, being able to connect with groups to gain exposure, and boosting to reach all users.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.


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