Trolly News Update – July 6th, 2017 – #CNNblackmail day 2

Yesterday, CNN declared war on the common person when it threatened to reveal the identity of HanAssholeSolo, after forcing him to apologise. We all accused them of blackmail, which is illegal, and doxing, which is illegal. We’ve seen how the corrupt media does things because of #GamerGate. First, someone does something so wrong the meme warriors of the Internet on mass go on the offensive. Memes, blogs, and videos get published. Accusations are made, and we fire our arrows at the corrupt media. Then the corrupt media fires back, like a rabid animal.

They didn’t disappoint. First, CNN is defending itself, even though they are lying their heads off.

Steven Perlberg is a Media and Politics reporter for BuzzFeed, a media company we all know and love, producing some of the most regressive bull shit this world has ever seen. Questions for white people, Questions for men, and a bunch of shit on their YouTube Channel. Their political bent is so evident, you literally need to be Helen Keller not to see it.

Of course,  they would completely agree with CNN, they have the same political bent as them. CNN dindunuffin, they are actually innocent of any wrongdoing. They didn’t force an apology, they didn’t scare the living crap out of a person who created an innocent joke. They didn’t force an apology out of him. And they’re even protecting his identity. . .

They were so cocky, they were telling the truth because they had no idea we would react the way we did. This is a level of disconnect with reality is amazing. How can you, on day one, say he apologised after you called, and the next day, after the blowback of #CNNblackmail completely discount that.

They had to go into damage control and deny they forced anything. That was the next phase of these kinds of Internet Battles. The party in the wrong will deny they did anything wrong, they will lie. There are huge amounts of proof they are lying about trying to protect HanAssholeSolo.

Donie O’Sullivan is a producer at CNN. The language he is using here, the story that HanAssholeSolo was going to be their example to the peasants at the bottom is so fucking evident, it is ridiculous. He was going after a ‘bully’. He was racist and sexist. He tracked down this guy annoying him. He was only looking to protect HanAssholeSolo because he is just a private citizen by tracking him down and making an example of him. You can’t lie anymore CNN. The Internet has billions of fact checkers, and we find everything.

But even after a producer of CNN has been exposed for his malice, his intent, his motive to blackmail some random dude on the Internet, CNN has the audacity to say they were not trying to punish someone.

CNN, if you think we actually believe this shit, you are mistaken. And so, the defence articles are being written as we speak.

Not only is the writer at Vox saying CNN didn’t do anything wrong, he is now attacking people who say they did. Right is wrong, and wrong is right I guess. It’s funny because of a few hours earlier, Vox decided to publish this.

Which makes me wonder. Are we finally starting to win the culture war? If one person on Vox says that we have legitimate concerns, and another a few hours later says we don’t and we are vile trolls, what the hell is going on in Vox?

I would like that to be answered. But we are at the point where they are pointing fingers and blaming us when they should be ashamed of themselves.  This is why I have created a group to track all the bullshit articles from the media in a new Minds group. We need to keep on informing our communities how this battle is going. And I think we are winning. Go us.

The most surprising piece of bullshit I found out about last night was the Newsweek hit piece on us, which decided to fire a warning shot against Julian Assange.

So, we are in for one massive Meme war. They are calling us sexist, racist, and anti-Semitic. They are saying we are the violent ones, coming after a corrupt media. They are digging in and doubling down. They are circling the waggons, and they know they are out manned, out memes, and they have no chance to win this war of ideas.

Onward and Forward to victory my fellow Kekistanis!

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