Trolly #Shitpost Saturday – July 8th, 2017 – How Leftists see Donald Trump

While the rest of the world is focused on CNN, for blackmailing HanAssholeSolo. Coercing an apology after they emailed him and attempted to call him directly, which wouldn’t intimidate someone at all and CNN says they dindunuffin, groups like 98% and Occupy Democrats are still living in their fucking fantasy worlds where Trump is evil incarnate, and they must destroy them. At least the 98% is starting to have enough self-awareness to start posting, we need a 3rd party. But looking at their bent, they want that 3rd party even more ‘progressive’ than the Democrats. But’s another story.

Post 1 they are talking about –

The great Angela Merkle is rolling her eyes at Vladimir Putin. He’s probably making a joke about how he will not have another German Shepard the next time they meet, and she’s rolling his eyes at him, but no, in the Occupy Democrats minds, they are saying he’s saying he didn’t hack anything. I’m not saying the Russians didn’t hack the DNC servers during the elections, but there is no real proof. And it’s funny, CNN who is the main proponent of that narrative can find HanAssholeSolo in 24 hours, but they haven’t found any proof of Russian Interference.

They want Trump to be so corrupt, they will believe almost anything about him.  Instead of having real reasons, like having a former Google Insider in his cabinet, and choosing Mike Pompeo as his CIA director, who wants whistleblowers like Edward Snowden to be executed, or giving $400 Billion dollars of contracts to Saudi Arabia, who is known to fund terrorist groups, they latch onto Russian Involvement.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like Trump. He’s a Bull In a China Shop, and he is destroying all the idiot liberals with Wrestling Tweets and a bombastic-larger-than-life personality. I think he is the president of the United States the world needs right now. He isn’t perfect, but he is perfect for this day and age.

I wonder when they will wake up and start using these kinds of memes to say Trump isn’t who we need in the Whitehouse. Rand Paul wouldn’t have done any of that kind of shit. Rand Paul is already becoming the leader that America needs, with his work on the new American Healthcare system he’s trying to develop with the help of other Republicans. If he had been president, things would have gone much different. He’s my choice for 2024. I want to see what a Paul does in the Whitehorse.

Post 2-

Trump and Putin meeting, and Trump letting Putin off the hook

Supposedly, Trump is letting Russia off the hook for the hacking scandal leftists are so fond of holding onto. I’m not going to go through how that is bullshit, but just a leftist fantasy. They see Russian conspiracies so much, they actually thought Donald Trump paid prostitutes to pee all over him and over Obama’s bed. That whole #Goldenshowergate was just ridiculous.

When you have leftist comedians saying Trump’s mouth is only good as a cock holster for Vladimir Putin, you know they have completely lost it.

If leftists don’t look at what I would recommend for them to start winning this war of ideas than I am not going to sit down and teach them. If they want to live in their intersectional feminist circle jerk nightmare world, where all you need to be is a rich white man and you’re automatically evil, and they don’t even look for real things to discuss, I will not stop them. I’m conservative, and I’m proud of it. I don’t like Trump, but to hell with cultural Marxist idiots who lie to themselves and the world.

Post 3- The Presidential portraits meme.

I simply laughed at this meme. Oh yes, mighty leftists, I agree with you. Let’s take a takedown of each of these presidents. George Washington was the first president and not aligned to any party. Thomas Jefferson started the Republican Party, and Abraham Lincoln was a Republican president, and he freed the slaves from the Democrat party which the south created.

Then you have a bunch of Democrat presidents, and then said they are not proud of Trump. Oh boo hoo. You’ve convinced me oh mighty leftists. I shall agree with your group think and say Trump is bad.

Why is he bad? Why shouldn’t the US be proud of the man they needed as president in a time where political correctness is stifling free speech and debate. I hate that much more than I dislike some of the things he has done. He’s done some good things, and he’s done some bad things, but every president has done that. Do I have to remind you guys, Obama nearly doubled the debt while he was President?

Post 4 – Lauren Southern posts Vox headline comparing Trump’s speech with Alt-Right Narratives.

Vox decides to take Trump’s speech, where he encouraged the Poles to keep being a bastion of peace in the western world and say he was ‘literally Hitler and alt-right’. I’m sure, many of you will know that while I found Hitler’s methods monstrous, destroying free speech, murdering Jews in concentration camps, and committing the world to WWII, he was doing it for the right reasons, he was trying to stop communism. (Part 1) (Part 2)

So I am not as offended by ignorant insults as I use to be. But Vox will continue to spout their fucked up ideology. He’s using the same kinds of speech Hitler and the Alt-Right uses. I love how fucked up this shit is. Vox is on record that what CNN did to HanAssholeSolo is okay. So, their moral high ground in saying ‘literally Hitler’ is non-existent. If they are okay with Doxxing, intimidation and blackmail than I don’t care what they think about Trump.

And let’s not forget this post.

The leftist media claims the First Lady of Poland didn’t shake Trump’s hand. Well according to her Husband, she did, and CNN is lying. Go figure, a news outlet who blackmails someone is lying about a simple handshake.

And did you hear about the crowds going to see Trump in Poland?

Wow, what a difference media coverage is. In a country like Poland, who thinks Trump is a good president, peace crowds of tens of thousands. In Germany, where Merkle approved media attacks, Trump, you get riot in the streets.

It’s so bad, Lauren Southern witness people being savagely attacked. When will the media understand how much power they have, and how it endangers people. Be it intimidating someone to apologise through blackmail, or inciting 10s of thousands to riot attacking innocent people. This is why I hate the current media coverage of Trump. They actually endanger people.

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