Trolly Deep Thoughts – I Do Not Have a Gender

Ever since 1955, when sexologist John Money coined the term gender, this world has been turned upside down. He decided, for some arbitrary reason that your sexual organs didn’t determine your ‘gender’. Since then, the slippery slope of people hearing this bullshit idea have come up with some really shitty ideas about ‘gender’. You see, up until 1955, you were either a man or a woman, the noun you used for someone who is either biologically male or biologically female. It was a nice and simple idea – after all you can only be biologically male or female. Keep it Simple, it confuses people a whole lot less.

Ever since this introduction, these ideas have slowly come to the forefront. What used to be a word that was seldom used, is now 90% of conversations of feminists and anti-feminists. So, I have decided I will never use the word ever again when describing myself, I have no gender. I am biologically male, and my noun is man, and my pronouns are he/him/his.

Evidence-based ideas are the only ones that are really worth following. I can measure whether someone has a penis or a vagina. All social sciences are people’s opinions, of people’s opinions of other people’s opinions. How do you quantify that? How is one a Demi-boy? How is one a Demi-girl? How is one agender? How is one non-binary gender?

These are just ideas and opinions floating in someone’s head. It’s certainly interesting when you think of them as that, you can believe you are anything you want to believe. But that is all they are, they are not a gender expression, and just an aspect of something that can be infinite and is also unmeasurable, your consciousness, your personality, your spirit and soul – if you choose to believe in those things. Go celebrate who you are. You don’t have to be a Tall Pansexual Flirty Wood sprite, but if you are that’s cool.

Having a personality is cool, everybody has one, but in my eyes, the whole gender thing is completely tied to personality.

I refuse to accept the idea of gender because progressives are pushing things into the human rights code in my country that may be abused in the future. Sure, there is no way someone could be sued if they ‘misgender’ a person, but if an employer doesn’t hire the person below, it could be abused to say the employer didn’t hire them because of their ‘gender expression’.

So, I will refuse to accept the idea of Gender as it has been explained to me from here on out. If you think there are ‘genders’ and there are ‘gender roles’, I will laugh my ass off. I am a biological male, and my noun is man, and my pronouns are he/him/his.

So, tell me your thoughts on the whole ‘gender’ thing by commenting below? Is it a bogus idea that needs to be wiped, or do you really think that gender is separate from personality, which is also separate from your biological sex?

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Have a great day, and thanks for reading.


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