Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – 9/30/2017

The crazies have been out in force this week, that is for sure. From athletes who stand during the American National Anthem are racist, to Dr Seuss is racist, video games are racist, and white emojis are racist as well. The last one makes me laugh if it is racist for white people to use black emoji’s because that is digital blackface, but it’s racist to use white emojis, what the fuck can white people do?

Don’t believe me; this emoji thing is getting complicated if you are white and you care.

From We tend to empathize with our online avatars. So let’s get rid of white emojis

Originally, I thought the emoji variations would be a pullout menu from the current emoji keyboard – in other words, that they would default to white, but offer other colors by request. We have enough trouble with real-life folks treating “white person” as the default form of human; making white be the literal default setting for human icons sound disastrous. But Robinson Meyer at The Atlantic set me straight: emoji people will echo the bright yellow of their more cartoonish cousins. The emoji keyboard currently contains two kinds of face icon – the ones that look like drawings of people, which are now Caucasian pink, and the ones that look like the button on the cover of Watchmen.

Have you thought, hey there might be differences in the programming for iPhones in different areas? As a former Apple employee, I know Apple regionalises iPads and iPhones sold in the various countries, so the Emoji Keyboard in India, for instance, the default emoji will be brown skin, and the default emojis in China will be yellow, etc., etc., etc. You’re just a racist who thinks all iPhones and all iPads will have the same ‘white-centric’ emoji keyboard because Apple and the west are ‘racist’. The emoji defaults to white in the west because the west has the highest percentage of white people in the world, so the default should be white for ease of use. But going with your title, we come to a quandary.

If one person thinks that white people using coloured emoji’ is perpetuating racism through digital blackface, and another says, white emoji’s by default is racist because they are ‘celebrating white supremacy’, what kind of emoji’s can a white person use if they take either of you seriously? It’s like sneaking up behind a person and slapping them in the behind.

It looks like, if you are white, the default for you is racist white supremacist Nazi who is out to destroy minorities. Even kind, loving authors who wanted to give kids interesting books to read when they are children, like Dr Seuss.

From Librarian who rejected Melania Trump’s Dr Seuss books dressed as ‘Cat in the Hat’

The Massachusetts elementary school librarian who rejected Dr Seuss books donated by First Lady Melania Trump because the publication’s artwork contained “racist mockery,” was previously photographed dressed as the Cat in the Hat and holding a “Green Eggs and Ham” themed breakfast.

Liz Phipps Soeiro was busted Friday by Twitter users after she snubbed the First Lady’s donation to the Cambridgeport Elementary School. Soeiro wrote in a letter to Trump that the school could not accept the books, which included: “The Cat in the Hat,” “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” and “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A woman who claims that Dr Seuss is a racist monster, denigrating his works, celebrates his works by cosplaying the Cat in the hat.

The sensitivity of these social justice warriors is ridiculous, Dr Seuss is not racist, and the only people who will find racism is individuals who learn that everything is sexist, everything is racist, and everything is homophobic, and you literally need to point it all out. Barbara4u2c had the perfect response to this yesterday, so I’m gonna just link the video.

But it gets better; standing is racist now. Welcome to 2017! (Thanks to Chris Ray Gun)

At is if you are standing while the national anthem is playing.

From White Athletes Still Standing For The Anthem Are Standing For White Supremacy

It’s a question of privilege.

Yup, the buzz word of the decade. It’s 2017, and everybody needs to check their privilege. Okay, let’s look at my privilege. I live under the poverty line, looking for work, working my ass off on blogs every single day, with the privilege of having a beautiful woman in my life who is in love with me. What privilege do I have for the mere fact that I am white, and I am a man?

The absence of white athletes kneeling for the anthem Sunday was a particularly illustrative moment in white privilege.

See, for white athletes, the anthem and American flag do represent freedom, liberty and whatever other amorphous American values one might ascribe these symbols. So, from their view, kneeling would be disrespectful to the privileges a white supremacist nation affords them.

What? Seriously, what do you mean? Is America a White supremacist nation? RU kidding me?

America is not a white supremacist country, and I don’t know why you think that. When you say something as hyperbolic as America, as a country, practices white supremacy, you are saying it is like Nazi Germany. Do you understand why we all shake our heads at you? In Nazi Germany, there wouldn’t even be black athletes enjoying multi-million dollar salaries. But America is a white supremacist nation, giving people of every skin colour and every gender every opportunity to create the life they want.

It is becoming so hard to take people who have filled with ‘white guilt’ seriously anymore, because standing for the national anthem becomes a racist act, nor can you tell the difference between real racism and a bunch of guys having some fun.

That reminds me, My Premier, Kathleen Wynne hates a ‘racist’ video game so much, she tweeted about it.

Kathleen Wynne (@Kathleen_Wynne)

2017-09-28, 7:39 PM

This type of racism has no place in Ontario. I know this does not reflect the values of the people of Markham.…

What a lovely tweet. I wonder if Kathleen realised I live in Ontario, writing about this kind of stuff and working on a webcomic that will ultimately satirise what leftists think of #GamerGate in the ultimate webcomic novel, what she would feel about me. LOL!

From Racist ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ Video Game Slammed By New York Congresswoman

Players get points for using dogs and cats as food sources.

LOL! OMG, I want to play this game. Please, Google and Apple, put this game on your store, I’d play it for a laugh.

A trailer for a supposed new video game that plays on racist stereotypes about Chinese restaurants is riling up a New York congresswoman, who says it’s in bad taste.

The game, called “Dirty Chinese Restaurant,” centers around a man named “Wong Fu,” who just inherited a restaurant from his brother.

Players score points through saving food costs by dumpster diving and chasing after dogs and cats with a cleaver. Characters in the game also evade taxes and pesky immigration officials.

I wonder if there is any sense of humour left in world of political correctness. When people get offended by something so overtly satirical, it is hilarious in itself. The perpetual offended squad is why it is so funny using that kind of humour. When you make something forbidden, people find it more funny and more interesting, you take non-issues and make them into things they are not. These guys are total racists, no wonder why they call their game company Big-O-Tree games.

The developer behind the supposed game, Markham, Ontario-based Big-O-Tree Games (most likely a play on the word “bigotry”) announced the game a year ago with a tasteless trailer, which can be seen below.

I give you a gold star. You figured it out, Big-O-Tree is a pun on bigotry. Word play and offensive jokes are the weapons of choice for internet dissidents who are fighting the system of the authoritarian left.

So, how racist do you feel, for actually enjoying this blog today? The world of the leftist will always be about white supremacy, and ‘fighting it’, even if the ‘white supremacy’ is just a joke.

Thanks for reading this Shitpost Saturday, and have a fantastic day guys!

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​Trolly News Update – September 29th, 2017 – Hillary Clinton saying Democracy is Under Attack!

This morning has been good to me. The LOLCOW gods have shined their magical rays of sunshine onto my blues and given me the most delicious thing I have ever seen. Hillary Clinton spoke to a bunch of Canadians about her book ‘What Happened’, which talks about what she thinks stole the presidency from her, and that means democracy is under attack because people choose to vote for Trump instead of voting for her. Yeah, the Hillary Clinton who takes hundreds of millions in donations from dictatorships, and allowed 5 Americans to die in Benghazi, because of inaction, who had a private email server, reading confidential emails from the government on her private phone. Yeah, that corrupt Hillary Clinton is now saying – I didn’t win the election, so democracy is under attack.

From Hillary Clinton warns Canadians ‘democracy is under attack’

Hillary Clinton warned Canadians that “democracy is under attack” not just in the United States, but in Canada and around the world, and she told a Toronto audience Thursday night that she will do everything she can to fight against the forces trying to undermine it.

“Democracy is under attack everywhere. It’s not only my country,” Clinton told a packed hall of an estimated 5,500 at the Enercare Centre. She pledged to use her voice and platform to encourage people to get involved and help tackle the things that are challenging democracy in the U.S. and globally.

Hillary Clinton’s is the sorest loser I have ever seen. It would put a millennial to shame. She’s so sore that people didn’t choose her that she is going so far to say that she didn’t lose, everybody is out to get her and democracy, and that worldview extends to Canada now as well. I guess she’s been seeing my posts about Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne, and said to herself, OMG, the Russians are in Canada too, undermining those good people. All because people choose to vote for Trump instead of her, and that allowed him to win the election.

I can’t believe how delusional she is. In her reality, I would be afraid to come out of my room, if forces everywhere were out to get me and ‘democracy’, which would only be safe had people voted to elect her as president. Maybe if you had not taken that you would be elected for granted, you might have won. You were so arrogant, you admitted you didn’t have a concession speech. There is confidence, like what I have when I see more people read my blogs every day, an excellent slow growth, and then there is arrogance where you don’t believe you can lose.

She outlined key lessons she says she wants Americans and Canadians to learn from the election. These lessons will help determine whether Americans can “heal our democracy and protect it in the future,” said Clinton.

She wrote the book with these lessons in mind because she wants future generations to know what happened, the former secretary of state said. “But I also want a concerned world to recognize that democracy is under assault,” she said.

She wants to ‘heal our democracy’ and how does she prepared to do that? Is she going to focus on the needs of the people, and not just ‘minorities’? When members of BLM went around to kill cops in so many different places, did she speak out against it, or did she remain silent on those she once called super predators? Did she go out and heal the nation when she called half of Trumps supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’? Did she heal the wounds of men who suffer in silence when they are beaten and raped by their women partners? When the entire political world is set up to fight only for the rights of minorities and special interests, who consider a group of people ‘protected’ and they pander to it, the people they exclude will feel completely disenfranchised.

Not that I am a liberal, but Mark Lilla explains what happened. The Democrats lost the election, and will probably keep on losing elections because the average hard working person in the United States feels excluded. If you are a white man, you can only really be a ‘democratic ally’, because the democrat party is a party for women and minorities only. It’s so messed up right now, people are blaming married white women for Trump. That’s right; the only ‘good women’ are unmarried women who are ‘not burdened’ by men being around them.
Watch Julie Bindle tell every ‘feminist’, marriage is a patriarchal institution designed to enslave women, and you can’t be a feminist and be married.

I think regular middle-class people who work hard and feel left behind in social progress, are tired of this kind of attack on our very existence. As a white man, I laugh when I think about there are actual people who think my mere presence oppresses them. When a white man comes into any room, his ‘privilege’ destroys all people’s agency which is an outright lie. If Donald Trump tapped into the disenfranchised, then Hillary tapped into the ‘special interest groups’, and expected to win because ‘women usually vote in solidarity’. Thankfully, people are critically thinking more now; it would seem, women think, why should I vote for Hillary, other than she is a woman. Especially since her supporters throw up memes like – If you want Trump to lose, stop sleeping with his followers. How sexist and insulting this is to men, to treat us like pieces of meat.

With memes like that, the perfect storm against Hillary was created not only by Hillary but her supporters as well. I couldn’t stand them. Her followers were so arrogant when they shared jokes like that (and yes they were funny) that Hillary Clinton was going to lose because nobody liked her or her followers. Sure, she had her ‘confirmed base’, and she was confident she would even have the white women vote, but with that much arrogance from her and her followers, it is easy to see why people rejected her, especially when we started to see everything from WikiLeaks. Which is why she is attacking them now because they are ‘Russian Puppets’.

She also took sharp aim at Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange, describing him as a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and accusing the website of making stories up.

“Assange is somebody who I think is very much in the orbit, maybe even the control, of the Kremlin, doing its bidding,” said Clinton.

If you just look at this paragraph, you’d think how the Russians almost own everything. But if Russia did provide Julian Assange with that information, which they didn’t, they only provided information that proved how corrupt Hillary was. If she were more honest and less corrupt, maybe she would be the president.

To me, Hillary lost because she was arrogant, and she ‘trusted’ things so much, she didn’t pursue and woo The American public. With that much arrogance and such little work, she lost the election because she walked around like an entitled brat who expected everything to be handed to her on a silver platter with the silver spoon in her mouth. With that much over confidence, she lost, and Trump won because he kept on working hard towards his goal. Our rewards in life will greatly depend on the quality and the amount of contribution we make. Trump put his all into becoming president, and Hillary put almost nothing and expected victory.

If the Democrats don’t realise they have alienated people than they have lost the 2018 elections and will lose the 2020 election. Find a vision, as Trump did, and pursue it with all your heart to connect with all Americans. And that goes to the Liberal Party of Canada. If you want my vote, start treating all Canadians, including the 1 percent who pay almost 90 percent of the taxes, like valued citizens, not just the ‘special interest’ groups. Until the parties on the left shift to the centre, I am not going to support them, because they will continue to deny me a voice to make changes in Canada.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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​Trolly News Update – September 28th, 2017 – Trudeau’s government is less transparent than Harper’s government

Justin Trudeau promised a lot of things for Canada, in his attempt to become the Prime Minister of Canada. He promised to ‘Make a more fair tax system’ by taxing the wealthy 1 percent more, pledged to protect women’s rights, vowed to legalise weed, he promised electoral reform, and he promised a more transparent government. On almost all of these things, Trudeau has blundered big time. In a recent review, transparency in government seems to be another broken promise, because the freedom of information system is harder to access in Trudeau’s liberal government compared to the Harper’s Government.

From Canada’s access-to-information system has worsened under Trudeau government: report

Canada’s access-to-information system has only gotten worse under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, and a new Liberal bill intended to fix the problems has “worrisome” elements, a new report has found.

A freedom-of-information audit from News Media Canada, a national association representing the Canadian news media industry, gives the federal government a failing grade for timely disclosure of information. It also said its performance in this year’s audit “was even worse than in the latter years of the former Stephen Harper government.”

Hey, Trudeau, I guess you were lying to us one more time. First, you said if we fix the ‘wage gap’ it will lead to less poverty in Canada. How’s that working for you? Then you said taxing the 1 Percent would help pay for the extra spending. How’s it feel to find out businesses are moving from Canada? How’re all the scandals of major trips you have taken as Prime Minister? Is all the money you have made by green-lighting the sales of High-tech Canadian military firms to China worth it? And how are the budgets balancing themselves Mr Prime Minister?

So, how does it feel that Stephen Harper’s government was far more transparent than your government Trudeau? It must sting to find out your government is even less accountable. Your brand new government is doing ‘even worse than in the latter years of the former Stephen Harper government.’ I didn’t like Harper myself, and I’m more happy with Andrew Scheer, but this must sting – that you are even less honest than Stephen Harper.

If you want to learn the ‘promise’ Justin made that is in the Bill C-58 to the House of Commons, You should learn about it, so here’s the official liberal video on this bill.

So, he promises this bill will solve all the ‘transparency’ issues in Canada. While at the same time, his government has acted in bad faith from the get-go, and its only getting worse. I expect, if experts are saying this is going to be bad for transparent government in Canada, Canadians can expect even less transparency when it comes to an open government. I hope people like Jordan B. Peterson and Gad Sadd decide to take this on, because I want a better Canada, with more government accountability, not with less. Their work in the Senate hearings on C-16 was fantastic.

“The results are not encouraging and show a system that seems as broken as ever,” said a report on the audit by journalist and professor Fred Vallance-Jones and Emily Kitagawa, a freelance journalist and social worker.

Nathan Cullen, the NDP democratic reform critic, called the findings “shameful.”

“It’s got to be a bad day for Liberals when Stephen Harper was more open to the Canadian public than they are,” he said.

Do you feel the burn! People thought Harper was completely shut off from the press, and everybody thought he was a liar. The fact an NDP critic is saying that your government is shameful for allowing this to happen to Canada is fucking hilarious. You campaigned on being open and honest, and yet you’ve done nothing but lie and deceive, and virtue signal about how good of a person you are for being ‘inclusive’ to everybody.

I take it when a social worker is saying ‘the results are not encouraging’, you’re shaking in our boots. I wished I had never voted for you, but I was all up in the ‘hate Harper’ movement, and I voted for the liberals because I wanted to see a change. Guess what happened, the country has only gone down the toilet since you got in office Trudeau. You were a rattlesnake in the grass, ready to bite and poison my Canada. How dare you do these things. I bet the refusals of public documents have everything to do with the Trudeau Foundation and sales of companies and land to China, amongst other things that would make you look completely guilty. You corrupt scumbag!

The report came the same day the federal information watchdog said she is “generally very disappointed” with the Liberal bill that would revise the Access to Information Act, which is intended to let Canadians see federal files.

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault said on Tuesday she will outline her concerns about the planned changes in a special report to Parliament this week.

The act, which took effect in 1983, allows people who pay $5 to request everything from correspondence and studies to expense reports and meeting minutes.

Agencies must answer requests within 30 days or provide a good reason for taking more time.

First, Why do people need to spend $5 on federal papers, which should be public documents? For studies the government has done, the public has already paid for this because our taxes paid for those studies. In fact, all studies should be placed upon a government website for people to download, why are we even paying for people getting these reports, if those reports are essential for Canada’s social progress. For expense reports, again, if a government official is using tax payer’s money to do anything, we are already paying him for his job, and those records should be open for us to read, why would we need to pay for expense reports. And meeting minutes should also be free of charge, and we just need to ask for the information. The fact there is a $5 fee means that the government is not being open completely.

In comparison, the Freedom of Information Act in the US allows up to 100 pages and 2 hours of searching of records free of charge. If the search is going to be more pages and more searching, then the agency will tell you that you are going to need to pay for further record searching.

It also expressed concern because the Liberal bill would allow access requests to be rejected if they are “vexatious” or for so many records that they would “unreasonably interfere” with the government’s work.

“One of the most worrisome of the new provisions is one allowing requests to be rejected simply because of their size or scope,” the report said.

What does ‘vexatious’ mean to the government? When Trudeau introduces a vaguely and broad term like ‘vexatious’ in a transparency law, you have to wonder what the government will hide. Will Trudeau protect records of green-lighting of every high-tech firm to China? What about information on other scandals that are sure to surface, like the vacations Trudeau gets to take with billionaires? This new introduction to that word could mean anything that pisses the government off.

And then, if someone wanted to do a massive study of a topic for years, and asks for the government records on that subject for 20 years, they could be denied. How is the Canadian public going to do the large overarching kinds of journalism by looking at trends for the past 20 years or so, for instance?

Prime Minister Trudeau, I don’t like your new bill. These sneaky word droppings are unacceptable for a functioning democracy. The free-flowing of information is an absolute requirement for any first world nation, and it looks like you want to prevent that from happening. We have a right to expose any wrong practices or bad policies in our country, and you need to allow us to pour through all those records to create a better system. In the multitude of counsellors, there is great safety.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a most excellent day.

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​Trolly News Update – September 27th, 2017 – Liberal Pussies protest Conservative chair for the Status of Women committee

Ever see that meme of William F. Buckley, a well-known conservative from the United States in the 1950s and 60s, quoting him, ‘Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views’. I love that meme, because it is so true, and it is getting entirely more and more evident, leftists don’t want to hear about any other view, but it’s very narrow view that it allows. When I found out, Justin Trudeau says, for you to be a member of the Liberal Party, you must accept a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. While I always debate within myself, I would say a woman has the right to do things I disagree with; I do disagree with abortion. Fortunately, I have a partner who has the same conviction. But the idea that Trudeau says, ‘for there to be the freedom of choice, the members of my party can’t have any choice’ always struck me odd. Canada is a liberal democracy, and if you believe you can force your ideals onto every person in the party is rather telling of his character. So, when the Rachael Harder, a pro-life voting MP was put forward as the chair for the Status of Women committee, both the Liberals and the New Democratic representatives threw a hissy fit and left.

From Liberals, NDP walk out after Tories nominate pro-life MP to head status of women committee

Andrew Scheer accused Liberals of a ‘lack of respect’ for parliament while Justin Trudeau said Liberal MPs made their own decision, but he supports them

It’s so hilarious how fragile the liberal mentality is, that feminism is so weak that everybody needs to enter a purity test the likes that world has never seen. To nominate a pro-life advocate is paramount to the most horrible thing you can ever do to women because a woman’s ability to get a legal abortion must be absolute. If you don’t like abortions, you are a misogynist asshole that needs to be punished by feminism. If feminism is that fragile, it needs to die. Egalitarian and libertarian ideas are more than enough to ensure people have equal opportunities and liberties.
It also shows how much the Liberals don’t like freedom of speech. If a group of individuals stomp out of a room just because their chair has expressed different ideas, it shows how much the liberal party of Canada has in common with the black block and Sunsara Taylor. How dare those misogynist conservative right-wingers put forth someone who listens to her conscience and is pro-life. They’re anti-woman and being anti-woman is the evilest thing you can be in the world.

It puts a smile on my face because Andrew Scheer is trying to find his way. He’s stumbled for a couple of steps, claiming he is a feminist to Chatelaine Magazine. But this based move is fucking awesome.

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is accusing Liberals of a “lack of respect” for parliament after a kerfuffle in the status of women committee Tuesday morning.

Liberals and New Democrats oppose the Tories’ nomination of an apparently pro-life MP for committee chair, a role traditionally held by a member of the official opposition. After Rachael Harder was put forward for the role, Liberals vacated their seats in protest and forced the committee meeting to adjourn.

Yup, a leftist says they are open to any view, and when you express that opinion, they are shocked and offended. LOL! When the leftists do not even listen to what the other side says, it is fucking hilarious. It’s almost like what happened with Ben Shapiro in Berkeley recently. People get offended that someone with views they don’t like is showing up, which results in people getting offended and preventing any dialogue in bad faith.

This is the world of the leftist. I wonder what level of emotional maturity the Liberal Party of Canada has right now.

How to handle the issue is a test for Scheer, who is trying to keep the big blue tent a safe space for social conservatives and pro-choice Conservatives alike. Unlike the Liberals, who mandate pro-choice votes, the Tories allow MPs to vote however they like on issues of conscience, including abortion-related issues.

Here’s the crux of the matter. As I stated, Trudeau forces people to vote Pro-Choice. There is no choice in voting for pro-choice, lol. Trudeau’s mandate is not the views of a liberal democracy, but one of an authoritarian leftist Marxist attitude. As a result, they have weaponised ‘women’s rights’. If you are not for us, you are against us.

This is why the conservatives are going to win the next election. Andrew, if you read this blog, make sure to tell Trudeau that the Conservative Party of Canada has real pro-choice because they are allowed to choose if they support abortion or not and that he doesn’t support pro-choice, he mandates and forces pro-choice on every single person in his party. No choice for Pro-choice!

“It’s certainly unprecedented that the prime minister would interfere and block the nomination of a democratically elected member of parliament to serve as chair of a committee,” Scheer said outside the Commons Tuesday afternoon. “I think it shows a lack of respect for the parliamentary process. It’s very unfortunate.”

Go, Andrew. You have painted the authoritarian Liberal Party of Canada into a corner. If they were truly pro-choice, they would allow someone who is pro-life to lead the committee. But they are cowards and children who have run away from the ‘bad anti-women people’. I have a huge amount of respect for someone who is this based. Keep doing things like this, and the conservatives around Canada will ensure the Liberals will never win another election, ruining Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a press conference that the committee is independent and Liberal MPs made their own decision, but he supports them. “Quite frankly, one would hope that the Committee for the Status of Women would have a spokesperson who would be able to stand up and unequivocally defend women’s rights. That’s the point of the Status of Women’s Committee.”

OMG, conservatives have different views about things that the leftists, so much so, that leftists get triggered and act like children when Conservatives nominate someone they don’t like. I love how leftist say ‘male fragility’, but melt like wax when something they don’t like happens. It’s almost like all these politicians can’t stand when someone says no to them, and they freak out.

“What they’re protesting, which I wholeheartedly support, is the choice to appoint someone to chair that committee that is so far away from the values that the rest of the committee members hold,” status of women minister Maryam Monsef said outside the chamber.

It sounds like you don’t like democracy, freedom of choice and free speech Maryam Monsef. It is so fucking hilarious to see this happening, and it shows that the liberal government isn’t interested in people’s right to free speech. I’d laugh if there were people who would suggest that Rachael Harder’s nomination is ‘hate speech against women’.

The authoritarian left in Canada has shown its teeth through the events of this nomination and rejection of Rachael Harder. They are not interested in any different view. They condemn anybody who doesn’t fit the ‘purity test’, and Andrew Scheer has shown this by his bold move to nominate her for this role. Mandating how an entire party needs to vote is authoritarian, and it needs to stop Trudeau. Prime Minister Trudeau, if you don’t allow people to vote with their conscience, then you don’t believe in pro-choice.

“Andrew Scheer would like us to believe that his style of leadership is an inclusive one, a positive one where gender equality matters, and yet he continues to send signals like this that go against the face of what the women’s movement has been saying for decades.”

The Liberal protest came after New Democrat critic Sheila Malcolmson raised concerns over Harder’s nomination Monday.

Well, maybe the ‘woman’s supremacist movements’ need to die. Almost anybody knows that feminism is an almost authoritarian regime that denies people their rights. ‘Women movement’ leaders say they hate the nuclear family, they hate and want to #Killallmen, or at the very least send them into super fun concentration camps. What Andrew Scheer did is say, no more. Why does this offend you so much?

Malcolmson said Tuesday that Liberals had originally been telling her “there’s nothing we can do,” but after their surprise move she was “very glad to see that they felt the pressure from women’s organizations across the country.”

Malcolmson said she doesn’t think having pro-life views is “problematic” for Harder as a parliamentarian, but a committee focused on women’s issues should ensure its chair and spokesperson is someone who supports reproductive rights.

Why is ‘reproductive rights’ always one-sided. Men have no reproductive rights other than abstinence, choosing the right partner and condoms. Women have so much more rights over reproductive health than men do. They can even sue men they raped for child support. The idea that a person who is pro-life is so offensive as to lead a committee on ‘women’s issues’, not that they have a problem that needs that actually requires a parlimentary committee to figure out, is hilarious. You guys need to put on you’re grown up pants now, and act like the members of parliament we elected you for, or we will fire you all from your jobs in 2019.

Harder had replied “yes,” in 2014, to the group’s questions about whether she believed life begins at conception and about introducing laws to protect fetuses. She told the Post in a statement last month, though, “it is the official policy of the Conservative party that a future Conservative government will not reopen the abortion debate.”

In the world of the authoritarian left, that isn’t enough. Like ‘good dictators’, they see conspiracies everywhere, and they refuse to work with people that have differing opinions than they hold. When there is such a rift in the politics of a nation, things are going to get worse for Canada soon. The Liberals and the NDP say anybody leading any committee must pass a purity test to serve. They want to create echo chambers in parliament because they don’t want to deal with those issues.

Echo Chambers in parliament are not good for the Canadian public because if your government wants ‘echo chambers’ for controversial things, that means Canada only has one voice that will determine its future, instead of many. That is authoritarianism at its most deceptive. We have the right to vote for people who force their will down our throats.

Lisa Raitt, the Conservatives’ deputy leader, said outside the House she’d hoped a discussion could have gone ahead in the meeting room Tuesday morning so the committee could begin its work.

Raitt added she believes Harder’s personal beliefs wouldn’t pre-empt her from being able to act as an impartial chair. “When the government says Rachael Harder can’t be the chair of this committee, what they’re saying is they don’t trust her to put her personal beliefs aside. They don’t give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Lisa, I admire your optimism, but the authoritarian left doesn’t play ball. They are in control of everything, and this shows how much they actually hate freedom. Trudeau’s choices in his first, and hopefully only term, as Prime Minister shows his contempt to choice in Canada, with C-16, M-103, and many other things – he doesn’t care about anything but his agenda. That agenda is fully post-modernism, cultural Marxist bullshit. He wants to attack big business, Men (by only looking at women’s issues), White European Canadians (because immigrants are more Canadian than Canadians and we ‘destroyed the natives in a genocide’), and so many different other attacks on what makes Canada great. He isn’t interested in the real diversity of thoughts and ideas, and neither is his liberal government.

Well, I’ll stop here. Thanks for reading guys, and have an awesome day.

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Welcome to Trolly’s Shitposting

So, there is something new under the sun.

I’ve been following the anti-establishment crowd for the past 15 months or so now, starting with watching YouTube videos, and soon I was blogging on It was a wonderful start, but any free service is only as good as the regular traffic. I knew if I wanted to make some anti-social justice waves, I needed to go big or go home.

So, here I am with my own domain through WordPress, the most used blogging website on the Internet.

Starting next week, as I am reorganizing my online life right now and having a break of the ‘festivities’ of insane social justice demands, I will blog at least 7 times a week, 5 news blogs – one for Monday to Friday, where I give my take on the news of the day by commenting on a news article. A sixth blog will be a complete shitpost blog, where the most stupid news I come across gets dismantled, and one blog as a week in review.

I will also put up any political cartoons and memes I create, if I find some delicious enough to do something quick to comment on.

Finally, I’m working on a web comic that I call #GamerGate Trolls : Origins, which is going to be a total shitposting webcomic where ‘Trolly’ goes through the Internet to save free speech and western culture.

Trolly News Update – September 22nd, 2017 – Trudeau is wrong for Canadian Business

Trudeau has declared a ‘class war’ on big business. If you’re the 1 percent, and your business is in Canada, expect him to go after tax rules that helped you out before. He’s going to make sure you pay your fair share of taxes because the 1 percent must account for their success. His proposed changes to the tax code have big businesses in Canada contemplating moving their company out of Canada because it is punishing them. The exact opposite of what is happening in the United States today. At the same time, he’s allowing China to buy up Canadian High-tech firms like nothing, so in the world of Trudeau. Trudeau is ensuring that anybody who is successful in business in Canada needs to take their money out of Canada.

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