Trolly News Update – September 14th, 2017 – Trump backslides on Immigration

When I tell people, I don’t expect the solution to come from the government on anything, because government leaders are humans, politicians can change their minds or even lie about their promises, I mean it. If you want to solve ‘climate change’ make changes in your life to reduce the energy you use. If you want to see gender equality, treat everybody with respect and give them the freedom to do whatever they want. You don’t need to put that into trade agreements. If you want to see the world with less racism, be colour blind, because everybody has the agency to become the person they want to be. If you want to ensure illegal immigrants don’t come into your country, rent a boat. We can take action ourselves. We can, as private citizens, to go out and be the change we want to see in the world. We shouldn’t expect a politician to be the solution, and that is something many people who voted Trump did. As time goes on, Trump is siding with Democrats more and more.

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