Trolly’s week in review – Sept 16th, 2017.

Man this week was really interesting, and it is reaffirms my belief, politicians can’t change the world, so we need to have less faith in them. On, I think I’m preaching to the choir, we’re a bunch of intellectuals who probably already realize that. And for the unwashed masses, well lets just say I don’t think they will ever realize that innate kernel of truth, don’t trust a politician to accomplish anything for you, do it yourself. If you want a strong country, you need to do things for yourself. You can change your country for the better.

First, the leftist media couldn’t complain about Trump’s handling of both Hurricane Harvey and Irma. He ensured FEMA was on scene to ensure everything was handled properly. When Irma wanted to suck, Trump really did grab her by the pussy!

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