Trolly News Update – September 18th, 2017 – Church renames itself because Cornwallis offends the Mi’kmaq

Social Justice is a vast, all consuming, shitfest. The adherents to that new religion are always on a ‘holy crusade’ to rid our cities of anything that offends their precious sensibilities. Anything triggering them must be destroyed at all costs. Some people may say, hey that only happens in the US, where Antifa and BLM are destroying statues of confederate soldiers. Shit like that wouldn’t happen in Canada, because Canada is pure, with the most feminist leader in the world, Justin Trudeau, who even ensures women and minorities will be protected in trade agreements. But that just isn’t the case, Canada is a land filled with white supremacy and genocide, even if the full historical records do not match up. Recently, a church in Halifax has decided to rename itself, because naming itself the Cornwallis Baptist Church is offensive to the Mi’kmaq people.

For the full blog, click here.


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