Trolly News Update – September 21st, 2017 – Trump’s speech at the UN pt. 2

As promised, I’m finishing this response blog today on the Trump will destroy the UN speech. It’s really interesting how triggered the leftist globalist media and governments are right now. The whole globalism movement is about to implode on itself, and it’s nice to see it, whether it was Trump who caused it or not. I’ve never liked Globalism, because it actually destroys the cultures of the world. Years back, I covered a ethnic festival in my home town, you know – on the benefits of multi-culturalism – and there was a Polish dance troupe, and they were one of the few remaining Polish dance troops in the world. We can only realize why there wasn’t such patriotism. Maybe that is one of the reasons Poland is becoming a bastion for Europe and for sustaining its own culture now, the people were fed up with having so many cultures taking their culture away. Trump is the next step.

For full blog, click here.


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