Welcome to Trolly’s Shitposting

So, there is something new under the sun.

I’ve been following the anti-establishment crowd for the past 15 months or so now, starting with watching YouTube videos, and soon I was blogging on Minds.com. It was a wonderful start, but any free service is only as good as the regular traffic. I knew if I wanted to make some anti-social justice waves, I needed to go big or go home.

So, here I am with my own domain through WordPress, the most used blogging website on the Internet.

Starting next week, as I am reorganizing my online life right now and having a break of the ‘festivities’ of insane social justice demands, I will blog at least 7 times a week, 5 news blogs – one for Monday to Friday, where I give my take on the news of the day by commenting on a news article. A sixth blog will be a complete shitpost blog, where the most stupid news I come across gets dismantled, and one blog as a week in review.

I will also put up any political cartoons and memes I create, if I find some delicious enough to do something quick to comment on.

Finally, I’m working on a web comic that I call #GamerGate Trolls : Origins, which is going to be a total shitposting webcomic where ‘Trolly’ goes through the Internet to save free speech and western culture.


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