​Trolly News Update – September 28th, 2017 – Trudeau’s government is less transparent than Harper’s government

Justin Trudeau promised a lot of things for Canada, in his attempt to become the Prime Minister of Canada. He promised to ‘Make a more fair tax system’ by taxing the wealthy 1 percent more, pledged to protect women’s rights, vowed to legalise weed, he promised electoral reform, and he promised a more transparent government. On almost all of these things, Trudeau has blundered big time. In a recent review, transparency in government seems to be another broken promise, because the freedom of information system is harder to access in Trudeau’s liberal government compared to the Harper’s Government.

From Canada’s access-to-information system has worsened under Trudeau government: report

Canada’s access-to-information system has only gotten worse under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, and a new Liberal bill intended to fix the problems has “worrisome” elements, a new report has found.

A freedom-of-information audit from News Media Canada, a national association representing the Canadian news media industry, gives the federal government a failing grade for timely disclosure of information. It also said its performance in this year’s audit “was even worse than in the latter years of the former Stephen Harper government.”

Hey, Trudeau, I guess you were lying to us one more time. First, you said if we fix the ‘wage gap’ it will lead to less poverty in Canada. How’s that working for you? Then you said taxing the 1 Percent would help pay for the extra spending. How’s it feel to find out businesses are moving from Canada? How’re all the scandals of major trips you have taken as Prime Minister? Is all the money you have made by green-lighting the sales of High-tech Canadian military firms to China worth it? And how are the budgets balancing themselves Mr Prime Minister?

So, how does it feel that Stephen Harper’s government was far more transparent than your government Trudeau? It must sting to find out your government is even less accountable. Your brand new government is doing ‘even worse than in the latter years of the former Stephen Harper government.’ I didn’t like Harper myself, and I’m more happy with Andrew Scheer, but this must sting – that you are even less honest than Stephen Harper.

If you want to learn the ‘promise’ Justin made that is in the Bill C-58 to the House of Commons, You should learn about it, so here’s the official liberal video on this bill.

So, he promises this bill will solve all the ‘transparency’ issues in Canada. While at the same time, his government has acted in bad faith from the get-go, and its only getting worse. I expect, if experts are saying this is going to be bad for transparent government in Canada, Canadians can expect even less transparency when it comes to an open government. I hope people like Jordan B. Peterson and Gad Sadd decide to take this on, because I want a better Canada, with more government accountability, not with less. Their work in the Senate hearings on C-16 was fantastic.

“The results are not encouraging and show a system that seems as broken as ever,” said a report on the audit by journalist and professor Fred Vallance-Jones and Emily Kitagawa, a freelance journalist and social worker.

Nathan Cullen, the NDP democratic reform critic, called the findings “shameful.”

“It’s got to be a bad day for Liberals when Stephen Harper was more open to the Canadian public than they are,” he said.

Do you feel the burn! People thought Harper was completely shut off from the press, and everybody thought he was a liar. The fact an NDP critic is saying that your government is shameful for allowing this to happen to Canada is fucking hilarious. You campaigned on being open and honest, and yet you’ve done nothing but lie and deceive, and virtue signal about how good of a person you are for being ‘inclusive’ to everybody.

I take it when a social worker is saying ‘the results are not encouraging’, you’re shaking in our boots. I wished I had never voted for you, but I was all up in the ‘hate Harper’ movement, and I voted for the liberals because I wanted to see a change. Guess what happened, the country has only gone down the toilet since you got in office Trudeau. You were a rattlesnake in the grass, ready to bite and poison my Canada. How dare you do these things. I bet the refusals of public documents have everything to do with the Trudeau Foundation and sales of companies and land to China, amongst other things that would make you look completely guilty. You corrupt scumbag!

The report came the same day the federal information watchdog said she is “generally very disappointed” with the Liberal bill that would revise the Access to Information Act, which is intended to let Canadians see federal files.

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault said on Tuesday she will outline her concerns about the planned changes in a special report to Parliament this week.

The act, which took effect in 1983, allows people who pay $5 to request everything from correspondence and studies to expense reports and meeting minutes.

Agencies must answer requests within 30 days or provide a good reason for taking more time.

First, Why do people need to spend $5 on federal papers, which should be public documents? For studies the government has done, the public has already paid for this because our taxes paid for those studies. In fact, all studies should be placed upon a government website for people to download, why are we even paying for people getting these reports, if those reports are essential for Canada’s social progress. For expense reports, again, if a government official is using tax payer’s money to do anything, we are already paying him for his job, and those records should be open for us to read, why would we need to pay for expense reports. And meeting minutes should also be free of charge, and we just need to ask for the information. The fact there is a $5 fee means that the government is not being open completely.

In comparison, the Freedom of Information Act in the US allows up to 100 pages and 2 hours of searching of records free of charge. If the search is going to be more pages and more searching, then the agency will tell you that you are going to need to pay for further record searching.

It also expressed concern because the Liberal bill would allow access requests to be rejected if they are “vexatious” or for so many records that they would “unreasonably interfere” with the government’s work.

“One of the most worrisome of the new provisions is one allowing requests to be rejected simply because of their size or scope,” the report said.

What does ‘vexatious’ mean to the government? When Trudeau introduces a vaguely and broad term like ‘vexatious’ in a transparency law, you have to wonder what the government will hide. Will Trudeau protect records of green-lighting of every high-tech firm to China? What about information on other scandals that are sure to surface, like the vacations Trudeau gets to take with billionaires? This new introduction to that word could mean anything that pisses the government off.

And then, if someone wanted to do a massive study of a topic for years, and asks for the government records on that subject for 20 years, they could be denied. How is the Canadian public going to do the large overarching kinds of journalism by looking at trends for the past 20 years or so, for instance?

Prime Minister Trudeau, I don’t like your new bill. These sneaky word droppings are unacceptable for a functioning democracy. The free-flowing of information is an absolute requirement for any first world nation, and it looks like you want to prevent that from happening. We have a right to expose any wrong practices or bad policies in our country, and you need to allow us to pour through all those records to create a better system. In the multitude of counsellors, there is great safety.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a most excellent day.

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