​Trolly News Update – September 29th, 2017 – Hillary Clinton saying Democracy is Under Attack!

This morning has been good to me. The LOLCOW gods have shined their magical rays of sunshine onto my blues and given me the most delicious thing I have ever seen. Hillary Clinton spoke to a bunch of Canadians about her book ‘What Happened’, which talks about what she thinks stole the presidency from her, and that means democracy is under attack because people choose to vote for Trump instead of voting for her. Yeah, the Hillary Clinton who takes hundreds of millions in donations from dictatorships, and allowed 5 Americans to die in Benghazi, because of inaction, who had a private email server, reading confidential emails from the government on her private phone. Yeah, that corrupt Hillary Clinton is now saying – I didn’t win the election, so democracy is under attack.

From Hillary Clinton warns Canadians ‘democracy is under attack’

Hillary Clinton warned Canadians that “democracy is under attack” not just in the United States, but in Canada and around the world, and she told a Toronto audience Thursday night that she will do everything she can to fight against the forces trying to undermine it.

“Democracy is under attack everywhere. It’s not only my country,” Clinton told a packed hall of an estimated 5,500 at the Enercare Centre. She pledged to use her voice and platform to encourage people to get involved and help tackle the things that are challenging democracy in the U.S. and globally.

Hillary Clinton’s is the sorest loser I have ever seen. It would put a millennial to shame. She’s so sore that people didn’t choose her that she is going so far to say that she didn’t lose, everybody is out to get her and democracy, and that worldview extends to Canada now as well. I guess she’s been seeing my posts about Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne, and said to herself, OMG, the Russians are in Canada too, undermining those good people. All because people choose to vote for Trump instead of her, and that allowed him to win the election.

I can’t believe how delusional she is. In her reality, I would be afraid to come out of my room, if forces everywhere were out to get me and ‘democracy’, which would only be safe had people voted to elect her as president. Maybe if you had not taken that you would be elected for granted, you might have won. You were so arrogant, you admitted you didn’t have a concession speech. There is confidence, like what I have when I see more people read my blogs every day, an excellent slow growth, and then there is arrogance where you don’t believe you can lose.

She outlined key lessons she says she wants Americans and Canadians to learn from the election. These lessons will help determine whether Americans can “heal our democracy and protect it in the future,” said Clinton.

She wrote the book with these lessons in mind because she wants future generations to know what happened, the former secretary of state said. “But I also want a concerned world to recognize that democracy is under assault,” she said.

She wants to ‘heal our democracy’ and how does she prepared to do that? Is she going to focus on the needs of the people, and not just ‘minorities’? When members of BLM went around to kill cops in so many different places, did she speak out against it, or did she remain silent on those she once called super predators? Did she go out and heal the nation when she called half of Trumps supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’? Did she heal the wounds of men who suffer in silence when they are beaten and raped by their women partners? When the entire political world is set up to fight only for the rights of minorities and special interests, who consider a group of people ‘protected’ and they pander to it, the people they exclude will feel completely disenfranchised.

Not that I am a liberal, but Mark Lilla explains what happened. The Democrats lost the election, and will probably keep on losing elections because the average hard working person in the United States feels excluded. If you are a white man, you can only really be a ‘democratic ally’, because the democrat party is a party for women and minorities only. It’s so messed up right now, people are blaming married white women for Trump. That’s right; the only ‘good women’ are unmarried women who are ‘not burdened’ by men being around them.
Watch Julie Bindle tell every ‘feminist’, marriage is a patriarchal institution designed to enslave women, and you can’t be a feminist and be married.

I think regular middle-class people who work hard and feel left behind in social progress, are tired of this kind of attack on our very existence. As a white man, I laugh when I think about there are actual people who think my mere presence oppresses them. When a white man comes into any room, his ‘privilege’ destroys all people’s agency which is an outright lie. If Donald Trump tapped into the disenfranchised, then Hillary tapped into the ‘special interest groups’, and expected to win because ‘women usually vote in solidarity’. Thankfully, people are critically thinking more now; it would seem, women think, why should I vote for Hillary, other than she is a woman. Especially since her supporters throw up memes like – If you want Trump to lose, stop sleeping with his followers. How sexist and insulting this is to men, to treat us like pieces of meat.

With memes like that, the perfect storm against Hillary was created not only by Hillary but her supporters as well. I couldn’t stand them. Her followers were so arrogant when they shared jokes like that (and yes they were funny) that Hillary Clinton was going to lose because nobody liked her or her followers. Sure, she had her ‘confirmed base’, and she was confident she would even have the white women vote, but with that much arrogance from her and her followers, it is easy to see why people rejected her, especially when we started to see everything from WikiLeaks. Which is why she is attacking them now because they are ‘Russian Puppets’.

She also took sharp aim at Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange, describing him as a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and accusing the website of making stories up.

“Assange is somebody who I think is very much in the orbit, maybe even the control, of the Kremlin, doing its bidding,” said Clinton.

If you just look at this paragraph, you’d think how the Russians almost own everything. But if Russia did provide Julian Assange with that information, which they didn’t, they only provided information that proved how corrupt Hillary was. If she were more honest and less corrupt, maybe she would be the president.

To me, Hillary lost because she was arrogant, and she ‘trusted’ things so much, she didn’t pursue and woo The American public. With that much arrogance and such little work, she lost the election because she walked around like an entitled brat who expected everything to be handed to her on a silver platter with the silver spoon in her mouth. With that much over confidence, she lost, and Trump won because he kept on working hard towards his goal. Our rewards in life will greatly depend on the quality and the amount of contribution we make. Trump put his all into becoming president, and Hillary put almost nothing and expected victory.

If the Democrats don’t realise they have alienated people than they have lost the 2018 elections and will lose the 2020 election. Find a vision, as Trump did, and pursue it with all your heart to connect with all Americans. And that goes to the Liberal Party of Canada. If you want my vote, start treating all Canadians, including the 1 percent who pay almost 90 percent of the taxes, like valued citizens, not just the ‘special interest’ groups. Until the parties on the left shift to the centre, I am not going to support them, because they will continue to deny me a voice to make changes in Canada.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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