Trolly Breaking News – Stephen Paddock is a Leftist Terrorist

I work hard, and I am always researching things. When something fucked up happens, like a man opening fire and killing over 50 people in Las Vegas, I want to understand everything. I want every single detail I can get my hands, to bring the truth to the public. Stephen Paddock was at an anti-trump demonstrator. Yes, the left has finally lost it’s ‘purity’. In this culture war, conservatives have taken the life of one person. The left has killed 58 people, according to Fox News.

There was a rumour being passed around on YouTube, asking if a man at a Reno, Nevada anti-trump rally was Stephen, but there was no conclusive proof. And then I read from Pamela, that Stephen Paddock was a Lockeed Martin, which has contracts with NASA.

The man in the video, of course, wore a NASA t-shirt.

I wanted to fact check before I went public for this. According to Newsweek, Stephen Paddock was an employee of Lockeed Martin.

According to public records, Paddock has had multiple pilot licenses dating back to 2004, has acted as a manager of an apartment complex and was also an auditor for defense and aerospace company Lockheed Martin.

The media still says they do not know the motive Stephen Paddock had, but it is reasonable, with the rhetoric of the left for the past year, that he was filled with ‘white guilt’ over ‘white supremacy’ and he probably shot at innocent people because the majority of people attending the concert would be white, it was country music after all.

If this is proven to be the case, this will shake the left to its foundations. From a political party that fought for the common person, no matter what their gender or skin colour was, to one that attacks white people for their ‘privilege’. People, wake up, the left has become a cancer, preaching ideas that condemn people for just being a conservative.

When I told my future sister-in-law that the shooter is probably an anti-trump protestor, she was taken a bit back and said, well that is different than what I would have thought. The left has changed, and it has become dangerous. Whether it is attacking people during a protest, or an all out terrorist attack, the left’s message of hope to all people is an all but distant echo.

I hope they can get their act together, because both sides are needed for true progress to be made.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day guys.

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