​Trolly News Update – October 5th, 2017 – Liberals feminism hypocrisy leads to Anti-Choice mesaures

On September 26th, 2017, the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party left the Status of Women Committee in protest when the Conservative Party of Canada nominated a Pro-Life MP as its chairperson. They said they wanted to have a chairperson who had ‘similar’ views as most of the members of the committee. While they said it was ‘fine’ to have Pro-Life views in parliament, it was certainly a ‘no-no’ for a committee which focused on ‘women’s issues’. It’s like Liberals don’t want to hear any view other than their own, at all levels of government. The Liberal government has rejected Rachael Harder and put in pro-choice Conservative MP, Karen Vecchio. The Provincial Liberals are mirroring that same anti-Pro-Life attitude by introducing new legislation today. The Ontario Liberal government lead by Kathleen Wynne, who is enacting a law which will make it illegal for anybody to be within 50 meters of an abortion clinic to protest the ‘services’ provided in those secretive halls. It seems that liberals don’t like people who don’t want abortions.

Good, drive those who may have sided with the Liberal Parties in the past. Most pro-lifers who may have voted Liberal in the past because the liberal government never pushed things too far, are now being left in the cold. Moderate Pro-lifers can vote for a party that is also moderate pro-choice, its one of the things reasonable people can do rather well. When the Liberal Parties of Canada enforce a ‘pro-choice vote’ mandate and prevent people from protesting abortion clinics through the law, these are not the acts of moderate people, but radical people who want to silence dissent. If you don’t like abortions, even those moderate pro-lifers, your thoughts are not welcomed, and we need to prevent our ears from hearing your ideas.

From John Ivison: Ousting of anti-abortion committee chair an act of blatant Liberal hypocrisy

No sooner had Liberal MPs walked out of committee last week to protest Harder’s nomination than the party’s fund-raising machine was cranking out calls for cash

Well, well, well – the well oiled Liberal machine. If you don’t understand what they are doing, let me lay it down. They are faking an attack. Those awful conservatives who are pro-life, they are hurting us, give us your money because they ‘savagely attacked us’. Man, this sounds like a Sarkeesian episode, going to the UN and asking them to help against people who say ‘she’s a liar and sucks’. Thicken your skin buttercup.

Nothing sums up this government’s unique fusion of cant and artifice as neatly as the ousting of Conservative MP Rachael Harder as chair of the status of women committee, voted out by the Liberals Tuesday on the grounds of her anti-abortion views.

In their first throne speech, the Liberals pledged to respect diversity and differences of opinion in Parliament.

“In this Parliament, all members will be honoured, respected and heard wherever they sit. For here, in these chambers, the voices of all Canadians matter,” said the speech, delivered by the Governor General, which outlined the government’s priorities.

Nothing says pathetic like, ‘the voices of all Canadians matter’, except those pro-lifers. They can vote with their conscience if they want too, but we only want an ideologically pure echo chamber for all parliamentary committees, because that makes things much easier to ‘decide what is best for Canadians’. This is what upsets me. This is a democracy, and people with all kinds of views should be able to sit down and come up with a diversity of thoughts and answers on how to help everybody out. The fact the Liberal party of Canada would not accept this and then force someone who doesn’t want the role is an authoritarian move. It is very illiberal.

On Tuesday, the Liberals, aided and abetted by the New Democrats, imposed the committee chair’s role on a pro-choice Conservative MP, Karen Vecchio, who didn’t even want the job. She was nominated, but she asked to withdrawn from that nomination. Her withdrawal would have required the consent of the Liberal- and NDP-dominated committee. She didn’t get it. (The status of women committee chair is always a member of the official opposition, according to House standing orders).

She didn’t want the job, and she tried to withdraw. Did the Liberal and NDP respect her choice? Of course not. They wanted her as the ‘ace in the whole’ to ensure a pro-choice MP would lead the group. Talk about enforcing your will on everybody involved. I’d protest this because this matters much more than ‘women’s rights’, it the fundamental aspect of democracy. The Liberals and NDP want to force their ideas onto all of Canada, and there is not one person who can stand up to them. If I were Karen, I would walk out and leave the role empty. Let’s have the liberal babies cry and whine in parliament, and conservatives from all around Canada celebrate that we will not have the Liberal and NDP government forcing their views on us.

This also goes with the Ontario Liberals, with my fearless leader who thinks video games that use satirical ideas are racist, is setting up a harassment free zone around every abortion clinic in Ontario. Despite the fact, I have never heard of any violence happening in Ontario around abortion clinics; we must ensure that every abortion clinic has a 50m ‘harassment-free zone’, and can apply for a 150m ‘harassment-free zone’.

From Ontario to create ‘safe access zones’ around abortion clinics with new legislation

The provincial government is moving to make obtaining abortion and other reproductive health services safer for Ontario women by introducing legislation that creates safe access zones around abortion clinics and other health facilities.

Is that what could be considered harassment? Someone with a simple sign, protesting abortion? Someone who takes videos or pictures to share online? People could believe almost anything is ‘harassment’ in this day and age. People with any anti-abortion or pro-life paraphernalia and signs will probably ‘offend’ someone because it ‘harasses the women’ from getting abortions.

Nobody thinks there is a problem, except ‘pro-choicers’ in this debate. And what the Wynne government is trying to do is unconstitutional. It impinges on people’s freedom of speech, to let people know they don’t like abortion.

Jackie Jeffs, executive director of Alliance for Life Ontario, said Wednesday she is “very disappointed” in the legislation, arguing that it attempts to address a problem that does not exist. She cited a report, entitled “Abortion health services in Canada,” which was published in Canadian Family Physician, the journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

The paper noted that abortion facilities across Canada reported “very little harassment.”

“So what is happening here, then? Why do we suddenly have legislation that I believe is outside the Ontario government’s jurisdiction, for one thing? Two, I believe it’s unconstitutional for what it’s trying to do,” Jeffs told Radio-Canada Wednesday afternoon.

As I said, I haven’t heard of any significant news stories where abortion clinic protests have ended in violence. Right-winged people are not like Antifa, throwing down trash cans and burning cars when things don’t go our way. We quietly and peacefully protest. So, why is Kathleen Wynne enacting this law? Well, we know, let’s virtue signal how ‘women-friendly’ we are.

The safe zones not only protect women accessing abortion services, said Sarah Hobbs Blyth, executive director of Planned Parenthood, noting that the agency provides a range of health services.

“These zones protect our clients’ right to access the services that they need without harassment. The intimidation tactics used by anti-choice protesters harm those accessing mental health, primary care, and abortion services alike,” Hobbs Blyth said in a statement.

“We commend the province for introducing legislation that will safeguard reproductive choice and other healthcare services.”

Of course, Planned Parenthood would say this. When pro-life protestors have never caused any violence and damage against any abortion clinics or the people going to them, this law is going over the top and shows how much the liberal government wants to set up a ‘us vs them’ mentality to keep Canada divided, instead of embracing the diversity of ideas. They only want one kind of choice, and their choice is – no woman seeking an abortion should be ‘assaulted’ with signs that say that abortion is terrible. She shouldn’t have to hear about how she is murdering a baby, oops I mean aborting a fetus.

The abortion talk has taken a turn for the worse in the past few years. Advocates claim that a baby is just a parasite growing in a woman, invoking a dark image of a woman who is being attacked by something she doesn’t want. I have never understood that, and it seems way over the top. Some people, like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, only consider someone a person when they take their first breath on their own, and abortion should be legal at any time during the pregnancy. They think it is a matter of liberty, but liberty shouldn’t be one-sided – leaving people who disagree with them out in the cold disenfranchised. This is why I believe the liberal governments in both Ontario and Canada will find that many people will start rejecting their authoritarian attitudes, preventing anything they do not like.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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