Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – 10/7/2017 – Male Feminism Exposed

The joke of the decade in the 2000s was adamant anti-gay preachers and politicians were probably gay themselves. It was fun to watch people finally admit what people discussed on the Internet. While the hypocrisy of the anti-gay politicians and preachers has died down, the new joke of this decade is the hypocrisy of ardent male feminists who end up being exposed committing so many different crimes against women. There is a war on women, but most of it seems to be ‘Democrat and Feminist Men’ are involved in these acts, which is so funny because liberals say that it is the conservatives who are anti-women.

From Prominent Far Left Male Feminist Faces Multiple Rape Allegations, Potential Jail Time

A former writer for Vice’s feminist sub-site Broadly, Michael Hafford, is now facing accusations by multiple women for rape and extreme instances of assault. According to his Twitter bio, Hafford has also written for Rolling Stone.

Every single Anti-SJW has said it; every male feminist is ‘trying to score’. Though with all the talk about Stephen Paddock over the past week, I’m not surprised that psychopaths are infiltrating the feminist movement because they want to get involved in everything that they can to destroy things from within. Feminism doesn’t have a ‘structure’, so it’s easy for a psychopath to enter into those ranks, writing about ‘girl power’ and ‘fighting the patriarchy’, and then brutally rape and attack women who think he’s on their side. Ideologies do not make someone good and moral, being respectful of people is what makes you moral. When people automatically think, he or she is is a certain thing they are a good person is so robotic and so dangerous.

The hypocrisy doesn’t stop at different individuals either, because entire corporations could be virtue signalling about how good they are, but are paying women executives less than their male executives. It’s so devious, but that is what State Street Corp. has done, and that is why women are suing them for lost wages.

From Bank Behind Fearless Girl Statue Settles Gender Pay Dispute

State Street Corp., the $2.6 trillion asset manager that installed the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street, agreed to settle U.S. allegations that it discriminated against hundreds of female executives by paying them less than male colleagues.

The custody bank will pay $5 million to more than 300 women, following a U.S. Department of Labor audit that uncovered the alleged discrepancies, according to a settlement agreement disclosed Wednesday.

This is a remarkable thing, isn’t it? State Street Corp. says it respects women and diversity, but their commitment to the issues is lacking, when an audit from the Department of Labour finds out, they have not been paying women as much as men. And guess when this review came out, March 31st, 2017. Yes, Trump’s Department of Labor is exposing the hypocrisy of a corporation that says Trump is Anti-Woman. Instead of virtue signalling, saying you are better than the pussy grabbing Trump, you should take the money you spent on that monument and actually pay women equally!

They agreed to pay the $5mil, but they said they had done nothing wrong. Yeah right. I wonder how many Democrats know it was Trump’s Department of Labour who found this out and is working on behalf of 300 women, to get them back the lost wages that this company stole from them.

The Labor Department alleged that women in senior leadership positions at Boston-based State Street received lower base salaries, bonus pay and total compensation since at least December 2010. The company said it has cooperated fully with the agency and that it disagreed with the findings of the audit, which was done in 2012.

What’s even more ridiculous, they are voting against equal pay practice and policies with their member firms. How’s that for ‘equality’!

“State Street is committed to equal pay practices and evaluates on an ongoing basis our internal processes to be sure our compensation, hiring and promotions programs are nondiscriminatory,” the company told Bloomberg BNA.

State Street typically calls on other companies to add more women to their boards, especially those that have none. This year, the bank said it has voted against the re-election of the chair or most senior member of a board’s nominating and governance committee at 400 firms with men-only boards. State Street also recently launched its SPDR Gender Diversity exchange-traded fund, which focuses on firms that have greater gender diversity in senior leadership.

Still, more often than not, State Street has voted against gender pay shareholder proposals, according to Fund Votes.

Now the public is exposing these virtue signallers for what they are, guilty men who feel bad for what they have done for women. That is my hypothesis at least, these men feel guilty for what they have done to women in the past and go over the top to ‘make amends’. They are pretty much everywhere, and now a new Hollywood Director is being outed as misogynist pig, who has been sexually harassing women for decades.

From Harvey Weinstein apologizes, intends to sue NY Times following sexual harassment story

The New York Times has published a story detailing numerous accusations of sexual harassment against powerful movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

Another powerful Democrat, ‘defender of women and minorities’, doing all kinds of things to women ‘because reasons’. Now, he gives the fundamental picture, the times have changed so much, and I was just rolling with things. When society is our compass point as to what is good and moral, things always change. I’d rather have a single reference as to how to treat people, instead of allowing society to dictate how I should treat people. Exploiting people, and then saying, that is the way it was is like is rather dumb. If you were involved in unethical behaviour, you knew. You just justified it by saying – that’s the way things are.

But what is ridiculous, is he’s suing the New York Times from essentially printing the truth about him. Instead of taking his licks, as I would have, acknowledging that I have done wrong things in my life, he is suing them for printing the truth.

And it doesn’t stop, this week, women are accusing yet another Anti-GamerGate man of sexually abusing them.

From ‘Honest Trailers’ Creator Andy Signore Accused of Sexual Abuse

Emma Bower wrote in a Twitter post that she chose to speak up now, in the wake of an investigation from The New York Times accusing producer and studio executive Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse with actresses and employees. Weinstein issued an apology after the story broke and said he was taking a leave of absence.

Bower said when she worked as an intern for Signore, he made inappropriate comments about masturbating to photos of her and then asked her to come over so he could do that in person. She said he tried to play it off as a joke.

Who the fuck does that?

Hey, girl, I just masturbated to your pictures online, wanna come over?

And yes, he was an Anti-GamerGater.

The amount of virtue signalling men and organisations who are being outed this week has been a blast. It just shows that people who feel guilty for past and hidden transgressions are more apt to go over their top to try to prove they are good people despite this. Or with Michael Hafford, he’s a dangerous predator hiding in plain sight.

The left tries to imagine that it is the right who does those things, but so far this week, There has only been one massive right-winged hypocrite.

From Anti-abortion congressman caught in sex scandal won’t seek re-election

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Republican Congressman Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania announced Wednesday that he would not run for a ninth term, amid tawdry revelations of an extramarital affair in which the anti-abortion lawmaker urged his mistress to get an abortion when he thought she was pregnant.

Hey, I’m not saying the right can’t be hypocrites, but at least Tim Murphy has the dignity to say, I fucked up majorly. I’m going to take my lumps, apologise, and accept the consequences of my ations, unlike Harvey Weinstein.

But, according to Michelle Obama, it is white men who make American politics seem untrustworthy.

From Michelle Obama: People ‘Don’t Trust Politics’ Because Republican Party Is ‘All Men, All White’

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said that many people “don’t trust politics” because the Republican Party is “all men, all white.”

Speaking about diversity at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women on Tuesday, Obama said it’s important to bring in different people to get a broad range of perspectives on every issue.

She said the color and gender dichotomy in Congress was particularly noticeable when she attended State of the Union addresses.

Wow, the only thing Michelle Obama can see is the colour of someone’s skin. I never thought a former First Lady could be a racist or a sexist.

Let’s look at this, shall we? Is there a diversity in the Republican party?

Well, I just debunked you, Michelle. Especially Condoleezza Rice. Michelle, You keep on opening your mouth, and you are going to ensure that Trump will win in 2020, because you are showing how racist and sexist you are by making this all about demographics, and not about economy and stability.

Well, that’s my shitpost for Saturday.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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