​Trolly’s Week in Review – 10/8/2017 – A review on Islamic Terror

This week has been busy in the world of Islamic Terror, there have been at least four instances dealing with Islamic Terror in the news, and it shows, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Islamic faith is not compatible with the west. It needs massive reforms because these attacks or almost attacks happen way too frequently. Hell, in London, a driver losing control of his car was initially thought of as a terrorist, leaving 11 wounded. When you live in our new ‘western culture’ terrorism is the new norm in it. It’s frustrating to see that happening, where people filter these kinds of events through an Islamic Terror lense. And we all think that for good reasons, its because Islamic Terror has become one of the biggest struggles our culture is facing right now, because organizations like Marvel Comics, being lead by ‘thought leaders’ like Anita Sarkeesian and Linda Sarsour, barrage us with the #NotAll, which is parroted by ‘progressives’ everywhere.

This week was particularly egregious. First was a man who was inspired by ISIS using yet another Truck of Peace to attack people.

From Somali man charged in Canada attack was ordered deported from U.S.

(Reuters) – The Somali immigrant charged with attempted murder in connection with a weekend vehicle and knife attack in Edmonton, Alberta, was detained in the United States pending deportation before claiming refugee status in Canada, U.S. officials said on Tuesday.

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30, is accused of running down a police officer with his car on Saturday night and then stabbing him repeatedly. Police said he fled before driving a U-Haul truck into four pedestrians during an attempt to evade capture.

I wonder, is Canada winning because Islam is going around and killing us, like Good Ol’ Justin Trudeau says?

The kind heart of Canada to accept refugees from everywhere is coming back to hurt us. Abdulahi was going to be deported to Somalia in 2011, due to accusations of terrorism, but he quickly asked Canada if he could immigrate here as a refugee, and we said yes. You’d think Canada would have said no, because American Intelligence authorities did the legwork, and found him unsuitable for living in the west.

Did our ‘inclusivity’ win him over, unlike the ‘mean’ United States? The answer is self-evident. We’ve been culturally enriched by the religion of peace again.

If we don’t realise that our kindness and ‘inclusivity’ mean nothing to these monsters, then we will experience chaos, murder, and terror. They only want to attack and kill us because their religion tells them we are infidels and they can do whatever they want with us. According to news stories, Islamic men have raped as many as 1 million young girls in the UK through grooming gangs. Yes, 1 million girls. And they think ensuring catcalling is illegal in the U.K. will solve that.

From ‘White girls are filthy’: Wives of Asian men jailed for raping vulnerable British girls reveal why they blame the victims

Top Muslim writer persuaded the families of jailed rapists to share their stories

But behind their veils, the wives say they blamed the girls and their parents too

One woman described victims as ‘filthy’ and said they dressed without respect

Is this what we want to bring into Canada? Do we want a culture who thinks attractive women shouldn’t wear things that compliment their figures?

When Islamic women attack western women, saying they deserved their rapes, even if they are only wearing a T-shirt and Jeans, this shows how fundamentally different our cultures are. When I hear the old ‘what was she wearing’ bit, I go – nobody asks that. But maybe they do? Perhaps in cultures that do not respect women, as the west does, these questions are asked still.

The Islamic Culture is in the Stone Age in so many different ways. In the Islamic world, if a ‘good Islamic girl’ goes western, she must be honour killed.

When they do this to their people, did we have to wonder if the women of Islam would say these cruel things? Islam is a powder keg that just needs one spark to go ballistic on everything and anything. Do you think this kind of religion, which honour kills their people because they assimilate into our culture too much, will ever fit into the Western culture of peace, tolerance, and sharing? We need to preserve our fantastic culture that celebrates so many blessings. When I think of western civilisation, I think of the great connector. We connect all kinds of cultures on a global level, and we share all of that with everybody. It’s why we get along with Japan so much, who does the same thing. Real diversity is not skin colours and sexualities, but ideas.

But these women demand that other women be like them, and ‘honour’ Allah by ‘covering themselves up’. They demand this, and blame the victims for being ‘evil and filthy’. Why are not leftist women saying, you’re slut shaming? Why do ‘progressives’ like Anita Sarkeesian remain quiet when Islamic women condemn western women and ‘slut shame’ them, instead of crying out against the sexism and racism that is obvious in the Islamic religion.

In the eyes of any Muslim, Western Women have no value. And that is why an Islamic man murdered Two Western women in France last Sunday. Yes, instead of raping them in a grooming gang, he just upped and killed them.

A man with a knife stabbed two women to death Sunday at the main train station in the southern French city of Marseille as he reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar!” – an attack the Islamic State group claimed was the work of one its “soldiers.”

French soldiers shot the man to death after the attacks and authorities were working to determine if he had links to Islamic extremism.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, who went to Marseille to meet with local authorities and troops on the scene, said police have video that shows the man attacking a woman and running away, then coming back and attacking a second woman.

The video shows the man running toward soldiers who were rushing to Marseille’s Saint Charles train station. The soldiers fatally shot him and both women died of their injuries, Collomb said.

Yes, Allah Akbar. The Islamic Faith is dangerous. Two women had to die in France because diversity is our strength. Of all the cultures in the world, almost any religion, other than Islamic religion, fits in with our culture and ours with theirs. Islam is almost universally shunned, even in the Far East. Nobody wants them in their countries because Islam eventually forces any state it is in to convert to Islam or die.

And when the country converts to Islam, women’s and minority rights get trampled on, and this is the future that progressives want to ‘enjoy’. We have done so much in the past 60 years to help women to become anything they want. It’s time to acknowledge that Islam is only interested in murdering people and destroying western culture to force us all into converting into Islam. They go so far as to plan a series of attacks to bring terror to New York City.

From Canadian man pleads guilty to terrorism in plot targeting NYC landmarks: unsealed records

A 19-year-old Mississauga, Ont., man is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to terrorism offences in a 2016 plot to detonate bombs in New York City.

The charges against Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy were made public Friday when the U.S. Attorney’s Office (Southern District of New York) revealed the details of the plan that allegedly included detonating bombs in Times Square and in the New York subway system, as well as shootings at various concert venues.

I am so thankful that the authorities are following due process for Abdulrahman, unlike Omar Khadr. Justin Trudeau has no excuse to pay a $10.5 million settlement to Mr Bahnasawy, so we get to avoid that. But you can see, just some kid in Ontario decided to plan to kill people and destroy landmarks in New Your City because ‘God is Great’.

It is when I realise how poisonous religion can be. It twists the mind of people from following the Creator on a personal level, to learn about him, the universe and ourselves. Religion always gets in the way of that, and this 19-year-old proves how far ideology can take us from a simple idea, love your neighbour as you love yourself. Nobody following that idea would ever murder people for not following the will of ‘their god’.

Death and Mayhem are what you get when you have a poisoned ideology in the midst of your countries. You get murder and terror because, in the eyes of these vicious followers of a heinous religion, we are less than nothing to them. Every Islamist sees us as infidels that they need to force us to convert, or they will murder us. Every Islamic country used to be something else, and Islam went out and destroyed every single nation through their ideology. Islam wants to do nothing but conquer the world; they are real imperialists who don’t care about any culture. They want every country to assimilate into their culture.

It is time for people of the west to realize this and start fighting the Islamization of our culture. They are not even friendly to themselves. There is always fighting amongst their countries for a reason. It’s time to leave them alone to sort out all the fucked up shit, and then deal with a unified Islam in 20-40 years. If we keep on inviting them in, we are going to be casualties of their bullshit civil wars.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great week.

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