Trolly News Update – Oct. 9th, 2017 – On Canadian Thanksgiving, I’m Thankful of Trudeau

Today is Canada’s Thanksgiving, and after the shitty weekend I had, I am going to celebrate. My mom was sick on Thursday, and my plumbing in the Kitchen went on Saturday, and we had to figure things out fast. Of course, my mom needed me to come to her place after that we resolved that disaster. I have not had a good weekend. So today, I am going to enjoy my Turkey with all the fixings, and being genuinely thankful for everything in my life. That includes the dolt Canada has as a Prime Minister right now. I am grateful for Trudeau taking $16billion investment for a pipeline that would connect Alberta with the East Coast, which would solidify the country, and ultimately undermined it. Another Trudeau broken promise. I’m losing count of all the broken promises he made. So, I’m going to show all the ways I am thankful for this moron being in office today.

1. I am thankful that Justin Trudeau killed a $16billion investment for the Canadian energy sector because it shows he is not interested in representing and focusing on Canada first policies. He’s more interested in taking oil from murderous regimes in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, than using the oil in Canada.

From Brad Wall pits West against Ottawa as Energy East project killed

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall blamed the project’s failure on the National Energy Board’s August decision to ask for the impact of upstream and downstream emissions from potential increased consumption of oil.

“Today is not a good day for Canada. It is not a good day for the federation. It is a very bad day for the West,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Something needs to change. For the West to continue on like this in our federal system is the equivalent of having Stockholm syndrome.”

“[Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s] actions and his government’s actions may well will have some westerners wondering if this country really values western Canada, the resources we have, and the things we do to contribute to the national economy and to quality of life for all.”

One of the main reasons why I was foolish enough to vote for Trudeau in the last election was I believed he was going to represent all of Canada. He was going to help bring everybody’s ideas and concerns from around the country and make the best decisions for all of them. But it looks like he’s doing what liberals tend to do every single time, they ignore the West. Trudeau playing games to prevent this pipeline is remarkably stupid because the West always plays hardball. And Canadians who keep on top of the news will still side against this kind of dirty tactics.

Trudeau’s Prime Ministry is an absolute horror of pitting people of different regions and different types of demographics against each other. This Pipeline is a huge mess, and Trudeau is not going to like what is about to happen because we’re rising to ensure he gets the message in the next two years.

And it gets better. The cancelling of this pipeline is not just going to affect jobs in the West, its also going to harm employment in the Atlantic provinces as well.

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant’s response was a few notches down on the anger scale. In a statement he said the company’s decision not to move forward is “not good news” for those who wanted to see the pipeline built, including his government. The project would have would have carried 1.1 million barrels of crude oil a day from Alberta to Saint John.

Gallant said over the past few years he has spoken to “almost every member of the federal cabinet about the merits of the project” and had sent a letter to the prime minister after hearing that TransCanada was suspending its application.

“We believe it is clear that TransCanada is not proceeding with its application for the Energy East pipeline because recent changes to world market conditions and the price of oil have negatively impacted the viability of the project,” said Gallant.

Can you imagine the wealth that would have brought the Maritime provinces? They are already struggling after the fishery sector started to lose jobs, as they had to cut back on mass fishing due to depleted stocks of fish in the Bering straight. The pipeline was going to bring jobs back to the region, and people would stay for gainful employment. Now, not so much.

Well, that’s the 1st thing I am thankful of Trudeau, the second is his work on Indigenous Issues.

2. His focus on Indigenous issues is divisive, and it has been in constant flux since he has tried to create ‘reconcilliation’.

From MMIWG inquiry losing 2 more staffers

The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls is losing two more staffers.

Susan Vella, the commission’s lead lawyer, has left “effective immediately,” according to a note from chief commissioner Marion Buller on the commission’s website on Saturday.

This Inquiry is completely whacked. This inquiry is so sexist because Indigenous men are three times more likely to be murdered than aboriginal women. As a men’s rights advocate, the gynocentrism of this is inexcusable. Trudeau is showing he doesn’t care about men at all when he focuses on women and not men. This blatant anti-man sexism is also evident in his decision to give 95% of all foreign aid to women and girls issues.

More importantly, just a few days ago, the Liberal government agreed to a $800mil settlement, because the Canadian Child welfare services took children from at-risk households and sent the children to white families, and that is ‘cultural genocide’. When people who live in aboriginal communities experience three times the violent crime as the rest of Canada, the child protective services are going to make those kinds of decisions.

The relationship between Indigenous people and the rest of Canada is suffering through Trudeau’s reign. A little more than a month ago, 4 Canadian soldiers who protested an Indigenous protest of Edward Cornwallis were put on probation for ‘appearing to be unethical’. Yeah, that’s right.

And this Edward Cornwallis thing is blown way out of proportion as well. The Mi’kmaq tribes had been scalping his men, being paid for them by the French, way before Cornwallis ever started the bounty on scalps.

I don’t like the Canada that Trudeau is creating because he is actively trying to divide people up aggravating them. Whether it is the West and the Maritimes vs the rest of the Canada, or women vs men, or indigenous people vs white Canada, he is making it hard for Canadians to get along. I’ve said it, every good cultural Marxist work this way, and I think Trudeau is one hell of a traitor to Canada and Western Culture.

3. He’s selling High-Tech Canadian Military firms to China

In my investigations, I have found at least two high tech companies that Trudeau has green-lighted the sale to China. One is a company that works on laser weapon guidance that could help China close the 20-year gap between itself and the West in a matter of a few years. Way to Go Trudeau.

4. He is very soft on Islamic Terror.

His $10.5 million settlement with Omar Khadr is a national embarrassment. Many of his ‘immigration’ loopholes are allowing dangerous ISIS warriors to come to Canada. We don’t fund the immigration fraud sector enough to vet everybody properly. Canada is in for a rough ride for the next little while. Hopefully, when Andrew Scheer is elected, we can see some preservation of Canada.

5. His economic ideas are so bad, it will scare away investment, as he increases taxes on small businesses and the wealthy 1 percent.

Taxing the rich never made any sense to me, because the more reward people get after their work, the harder someone works. Both Bernie Sanders and Trudeau want to impose om the wealthy 1 percent more. They already pay more in taxes than the bottom 90 percent in the United States, and probably here in Canada as well. But they need to pay more taxes, according to these assholes.

The reason why Capitalism works much better than socialism, despite the proponents say, is Capitalism is a reward based ideology. When you think of Pavlov, proving that animals work harder and faster for food than they work to avoid punishment, it only makes sense capitalism works better than socialism because people will work harder for their rewards – which will allow people to innovate and invest much more.

If you start taxing small businesses, farmers, doctors, and the wealthy 1 percent more, there is less motivation to take the risk of starting your own small business. These tax hikes in Canada will only hurt Canada.

6. C-58 allows the government to deny information requests that are ‘vexatious’.

Yeah, his new ‘transparency’ laws allow the Canadian government and any of its agencies to deny any request that they deem ‘vexatious’ immediately. How are journalists and the public going to be able to hold the Trudeau government accountable if they denied knowledge this easily?

Well, that’s my Thanksgiving Blog for this year.

Trudeau is cancer for Canada. I hope every Canadian here will stand against him and make a better Canada in 2019.

Thanks for reading and have a great day, especially every one of my Canadian readers.

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