Trolly News Update – Oct. 10th, 2017 – Fragile Politicians ‘invoking white supremacy and Trumpism’ in Canada.

If you were wondering, are Canadian elections anything like the ones in America, they are. Kathleen Wynne, who has the worst approval rating an Ontario Premier has ever seen, is calling the opposition party leader, Patrick Brown, Donald Trump. Yes, the worst any Premier Ontario has ever seen. Her strategy, spend more money to make people happy. Let’s reduce hydro costs by making the next generation foot the bill, offer more money to people on Social assistance and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. She’s trying to buy everybody’s votes, and it is still not working. So, what is she going to do, to ensure she would win?

In the last election, Kathleen wasn’t voted in because people thought she would do a good job, but the Conservative leader seemed way too ‘American’. Tim Hudak’s, If I cuold get rid of 200,000 government employees, I could create 2mil jobs was a meme in itself. It cost him the election, and she won a clear majority because Ontarians didn’t respond to that. Kathleen knows this and is going on the same attack of Patrick Brown, saying he is just like Trump.

From Ontario Liberals accuse PC Leader Patrick Brown of ‘Trump style’ politics

Ontario politicians are in preparation mode for next June’s election and Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government is laying the groundwork for a narrative to tell voters: Don’t let Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown bring “Trump style” politics north of the border.

Her party is accusing Brown of telling lies about Wynne and launching “personal attacks” with a “disgraceful” television ad that Liberals say is inspired by a Republican playbook.

First, let me tell you who the CBC, who published this story, is all about. It is an entirely government-funded news organisation. That means it is just a propaganda machine that spits out stories they are told to spit out. Conservatives know this because the CBC has been doing hit pieces on the conservative parties for years now. They follow the leftist line, attacking anything a conservative does. Well, conservatives have been saying the CBC should have its federal funds taken away from it. Not that it would matter. Most leftists in the corporate world would come in to help it maintain itself.

So, it is easy to see; the CBC is invoking the ‘great threat to democracy’, Donald Trump. So, in 9 months, we can see that great narrative will start emerging, and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to produce blog after blog detailing how corrupt, stupid, and desperate Kathleen Wynne is right now. I hope my blogs vex her because she is the most despised Ontario Premier for a reason. Her ‘don’t let Trump-like politics enter Ontario’ message will fail, as I expose how fragile leftists and their ideas are.

And it all starts with a TV ad that I love, and I laugh every single time I watch it.

She’s done way too much to this Province. During her reign, she said a Carbon Tax on electricity needs to be enacted, making Canada’s highest electricity bill even higher.

In her words.

“We need to now make that real in whatever form it takes,” said Wynne at Queen’s Park.

“The mechanisms are going to be released in the spring. We are going to move very quickly.”

The premier did not specify the kind of carbon-pricing tax plan Ontario would adopt, either a cap-and-trade method or carbon pricing, however, she said whatever policy is implemented will not place undue burdens on Ontario’s still beleaguered and recovering economy.

“We have climate change … we are facing a global situation and it’s only responsible that Ontario do its part,” Ms. Wynne said.

“I don’t think we can just throw up our hands and say ‘Well, we’re only 13.5 million people, and we don’t have to do our part.’ That’s not responsible. We need to be leaders.”

Yes, she thinks when Ontario residents, who already pay an average of 25.5 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity, we need to fight climate change by adding more taxes on our electricity bills. I don’t care if it is only 13 dollars a month for the ‘average household’, Ontario’s crippling electricity bills are harming our economy. These rising prices are due to no small part of failed nuclear power plant investments, and a focus on renewable energies, which are just not as good at producing power.

Kathleen, to save on electricity, I only take cold showers. Do you get it? We are using less power now than we did in 1990, according to Electricity use per household study your government did. So, if we are using less electricity now than in 1990, why do we need to tax Ontario more with a Carbon Tax? That is nuts. And if the people of Ontario are using less electricity than in the 1990s, how much more should we sacrifice to ‘fight’ climate change.

Think about this. People are using electricity about 25% less now than they did in 1990. It’s almost as if, the prices on electrical use have been in direct proportion as people use less, like Ontario Hydro is price fixing, to pay their board members extra bonuses. As people of Ontario use lower amounts of electricity, the more Ontario Hydro raise the prices on us, in some pricing war against the Ontario citizens.

And trust me, I can guarantee that. We don’t reduce the electricity we use because we are ‘little environmentalists’. Some may, but when you see an Electricity bill of about $1200-1500/year for an apartment you share with your fiancé, you find ways, like taking cold showers. Sure, I like them, but I also do it to save as much money on electricity as I possibly can. I also don’t use the dishwasher, because that costs extra money due to heating as well. You find every way you can lower the bill, and because Ontario Hydro starts losing money, up the rates go. I’m half convinced of it. Ontario Hydro would rather pay their CEO $1mil in bonuses than help reduce the cost burden of the average Ontario consumer.

But it isn’t just in Ontario; these ‘progressive voices’ are crying foul right now. In Calgary Alberta, Naheed Nenshi is crying that we need to think about diversity. The ‘racist nazi white supremacists’ are organising, and they are going to elect a ‘white dude’ as the mayor of Calgary Albert. Yeah, you got it, electing a white person after you had a ‘person of diversity’ (I like that, I’m using that for here on out, POD) is racist. The rhetoric of the municipal election in Calgary is very reminiscent of the last American election, don’t you think?

I’ve got a question to ask ‘progressives’, when is it okay to elect a white man after you choose some person of diversity? After ten years, 20 years, 30 years? I need to know so I can be politically correct, LOL!

From Nenshi warns about ‘racists, haters’ trying to influence Calgary election online

Concerned about an increasing presence of racism and hateful language in the civic election’s social media discourse, mayoral candidate Naheed Nenshi is asking voters to support diversity instead.

In a Facebook video posted by Mashhood Qazi, a community activist and president of the Sindhi Association of North America’s southern Alberta chapter, Nenshi talked about what he said is expected to be a “very, very tight election.”

Oh, it is a very tight election. Is that so Mr. Nenshi? Shall we find out how close this tight election is?

Smith has 48 percent backing in the poll, Nenshi sits at 31 percent support and Coun. Andre Chabot in a distant third place with six percent support.

Yup, a 17 point difference is not a tight race, and you are lying to the public. You’re saying; racists are after me. Who are the racists Mr Nenshi? People, who disagree with your policies? People who don’t like some of the things you have done as Mayor?

Conservatives have figured this out. Once, if you used the idea of racism, we’d be oh no, I’m not racist, and we would side with you. Now every single one of us questions these allegations and we don’t get moved that much with that rhetoric. According to the highest ranking officers in the Canadian armed forces, soldiers counter-protesting an Indigenous protest of Edward Cornwallis is ‘unethical’. We are wise to how political correctness silences voices, and we support people who challenge these dishonest tactics. We’re not going to back down anymore, and we are drawing the line.

If you are going to call people racist because they don’t like some of the things you have done than we are not going to elect you. Get that into your heads, leftists. As a conservative, stop using buzzwords and expect it to manipulate us emotionally, it is insulting to our intelligence, so stop doing this.

Nenshi added he had concerns around hateful language in social media representing “forces in the community” that are supporting his opponents and wanting to “take the city backwards.”

“They don’t want a city that is so inclusive of everyone and it is absolutely incumbent on us to hold on to the city we are proud of to make sure that we vote,” said Nenshi at an event Friday.

“We know they are using a lot of technology to get people who don’t believe in diversity to get people who might be racists or haters out to vote.”

So, to prove how ‘inclusive’ I am, I have to vote for you. Are you kidding me? If I have to go that far to prove I am ‘ideologically pure’, you have already lost. We are not going to get bullied that much. You know the leftist world is imploding when they use the ‘you must vote for a person of diversity, or you are sexist, racist, homophobic’. It exposes how fragile their ideology is, and how they lost the will of the public. I can’t believe they were trying so hard to guilt trip people into voting for them, and it is not going to work anymore.

Leftist politicians are so fragile now because everything must be ‘diversity’, and if you vote for a white man, you are every buzz word they can throw at you. So many conservatives and others have just turned a deaf ear on this, because what is racist, sexist and homophobic changes on a daily basis. We don’t care anymore, and we are tired of the bullying we have endured for the past 30 years from the ‘progressives’ who continuously move the goal posts.

According to these two politicians, if you expose a politician’s corruption, you’re Donald Trump, and if you don’t keep on voting for a ‘Person of Diversity’ as your mayor, you’re a white supremacist Nazi monster. We’re not taking you seriously anymore, and it will take a while for you to realise, the more radical your messages get, the less we will listen to you.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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