​Trolly News Update – Oct. 12th, 2017 – Why are Conservatives bowing to Cultural Marxism?

Despite the public backlash against Feminism and social justice in general, Conservative leaders have been playing a dangerous game, which may isolate themselves from their base. You see, in the past 20 years, feminism and social justice have replaced the Christian ideals as the moral compass of our society. In every single way, we hear politicians who say they want to be considered a feminist, and that they are taking all talk about ‘social conservative issues’ off the table. They believe that if they change and accept all the demands of these Marxists feminists all of a sudden women will change their minds and start voting conservative because we don’t ‘oppose’ them anymore. Conservatives bowing to the ‘feminist’ hegemony is the new norm in our culture because our governments are slowly turning into Marxist strongholds. We live in a society where saying women should buy their birth control is paramount of ‘a war on women’ because they say so. This morning, cuckservative Patrick Brown is bowing to this hegemony, preferring to partake in the delicacies of ‘the table of feminism’, trying to ‘inclusive to everybody’, because he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

From Social conservative issues ‘off limits, period’ at Ontario PC convention: Patrick Brown

‘I think I opened the party up to tens of thousands more who simply want a reasonable…modern, inclusive PC party. So I’m not worried about a few leaving’

When people say the politics of this generation has shifted to the left, they are correct, and conservatives who have ‘social’ conservative views are going to see people like Patrick Brown bow down to these extremely leftist forces. Sure, many conservatives no longer want to debate gay rights, and the fact society as a whole has become less homophobic allows straight guys to have better relationships with guys than with women. Giving men a new found freedom on finding their meaning without having to be in a relationship with a woman. Men need people who will fight against this hegemony where everything is done to appease women.

“Any policy that attempts to limit a woman’s right to choose or the ability of same-sex couples to marry are off limits, period,” Brown said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

“I’m not going to say it’s even up for consideration when I personally could not defend that or support it.”

What’s next on your agenda to be more ‘inclusive’ Patrick? Is it legislating manspreading, like so many different places all around the world? We need you to start fighting against those force, not being ‘inclusive’ to this idiocy. When girls are being married to men as much as three times their age, this is how we fight for women’s rights. Saying a woman’s ‘right to kill a baby – sorry fetus’ is the same as a 12-year girls right to be a child and not a wife is not on the same level. If you continue to go to the left, I am going to start marketing a T-shirt, Patrick Brown is a Liberal in Conservative clothing.

If you continue to capitulate with these forces, and acknowledging their moral superiority, you are going to lose. Feminism and social justice were never meant to do anything but drive everything apart, and you’re experiencing that right now. Whether it is siding with ‘feminists’ who constantly shift goal posts, feminism is meant to put men and women at war with each other. There was never the phrase ‘the battle of the sexes’ until around 40 years ago, and now everything is the ‘battle of the sexes’. The discussion now is how sexist is ‘manspreading’, ‘manterrupting’, and ‘mansplaining’. Think about that? Feminism may be one of the big reasons why heterosexual men enjoy ‘bromances’ more than romances now because men aren’t going to attack each other with fake rape allegations and point out all the stupid things feminists point out, like the above three things.

The move says less about Brown himself and more about his sense of Ontario’s political climate and what will get him elected, said Ryerson University political science professor Myer Siemiatycki.

“This is Mr. Brown responding to, I think, where the lay of the land is and public opinion is predominantly settling in Ontario that he can’t win an election in Ontario by positioning himself as the candidate of social conservatism,” Siemiatycki said.

Patrick thinks that the only way conservatives can go forward in Ontario is if he ‘goes liberal’. Conservatism means to do our best to maintain our culture. Some ‘social progress’ is not social progress at all. While I acknowledge it is legal for a woman to go out and make a choice if she wants a baby or not, I will always be pro-life. I think abortion is abhorrent, unless it is medically necessary or the pregnancy was a result of a rape, which is about 1.5 percent of abortions. I also hate that most abortions are on the Tax Payer’s bill. Why is tax payer’s money used to pay for most abortions, when most taxpayers are not responsible for that pregnancy? But that would interfere to a woman’s ‘abortion on demand without remorse’.

She should just move to Canada. She’d get all the free abortions she wanted. Women like that would especially make guys seek bromances instead of romances.

Patrick, you’re at crossroads in Canada’s and even the World’s history. We have a choice between what our moral compass will be. Will it be the moral compass of cultural Marxism by admitting they have already ‘won’ the war, or will it be the moral compass that conservatives have always espoused too, that of liberty and freedom of opportunity? If you want to choose the moral compass of cultural Marxism, you can go ahead, and I will take the right of you, and I will keep on fighting the Marxist forces that are trying to turn Canada and Ontario in the next Soviet Union.

It’s your choice, Mr Brown. If you continue to bow down to the new ‘social norms’ of cultural Marxism, I will go to the right, and be the conservative you ought to be.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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