Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – 14/10/2017 – Everything is Racist

Wow, I hope you survived Friday the 13th yesterday. I was only chased by two demonic birds trying to peck my eyes out, LOL. Fortunately, Freedy Kruger didn’t invade my dreams to try to kill me. He knows better than taking me on, I guess. Okay, I’ll be serious. This week’s Shitpost Saturday is going to be awesome because there are some messed up things I found this week, where social justice went utterly wild to ‘accomplish’ its will. I wonder what the hell they have planned for Nov. 4th. It’s funny that Trump, over a joke to Billy Bush, is the ‘worst’ president in the world while someone like Prime Minister JT is the best. This world has turned upside down and its time to stand our ground and bring sanity to the world. So, let’s go into the news stories that show how upside down our culture is.

From Moose Jaw, Sask., teacher mistakenly hands out assignment with racist terms

Words ‘squaw’ and ‘papoose’ found in Grade 3 activity booklet

That’s inexcusable. I hope the school board fires that teacher for making the unforgivable sin of offending indigenous people. You can’t use the word ‘squaw’ and ‘papoose’. I know that ‘squaw’ is attached to the female gender in the native culture, but I was what the heck was papoose? I needed to search for that definition. Well, it turns that ‘papoose’ means children. Oh no, someone put the word for children in a word search.

I can’t believe this is an actual ‘issue’ and news story. How can a simple word search be considered ‘racist’? Oh yeah – the media tells us that Indigenous women are being murdered left, right, and centre, despite the fact three times more Indigenous men are dying at the hands of violent criminals. We have to save the Indigenous women.

The relationship between Indigenous people and ‘White’ Canada has been getting so strained because of this cultural Marxism push, it is unbelievable. Every little thing done in the past needs massive cash settlements. When Canada saved over 20,000 young children from abusive situations at home and placed them in white families, cultural Marxists say that is ‘cultural genocide’. No good deed goes unpunished. Sure, some things Canada has done was bad, like Residential Schools, but these ‘Scoop Children’ stuff is just grasping at straws, but Prime Minister JT was more than willing to spend $800mil on this, which just so happens to be about 5% of our deficit this year!

And that news story wasn’t the only ridiculous story about ‘reconciliation’ that I read this week, the next one is real cancer.

From Toronto District School Board to remove ‘chief’ from job titles out of respect for Indigenous communities

What does ‘White’ Canada need to do for the Indigenous community to ‘forgive’ them? I couldn’t believe this news story when I first heard it. We are so ridiculous that we have to remove the word ‘chief’ from school board titles. I wonder if this is going to extend all over Canada. I wonder if we are going to remove the title Chief Executive Officer or Chief Administration Officers. Get rid of the term CEO and CAO right now. It’s offensive to Indigenous people.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) will stop using the word “chief” in job titles, citing respect for Indigenous communities.

The TDSB said the decision was inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) final report, though the change is also part of a larger initiative to rename titles within the board.

While the TRC report did not explicitly call for the removal of titles such as chief from non-Indigenous applications, it did call for improvements to education, language and culture.

As a result, 12 TDSB staff formerly designated as chiefs will now be called managers. For example, the board’s chief of social work will now be the manager of social work.

So, let me get this straight, a report that never mentioned that we need to stop using the word chief inspired the Toronto Board of Education to cuck themselves and removed the word chief from the different job titles. They will do all of this for an ethereal ‘reconciliation’. I know it might be disrespectful to call someone ‘chief’ if they are indigenous for no other reason other than they are native, but using the word chief to describe a job title isn’t one of those things, and it goes way too far to appease social justice. It almost makes a mockery of the attempt to develop stronger bonds with our native neighbours.

All of these racial tensions in the world isn’t just between the ‘Europeans and Natives’; it’s also the fact that white people enslaved black people, in the eyes of social justice. So it’s not a surprise that an artist had to redo a comic because it ‘showed a black activist’ in a bad light.

From Satirical Frank Magazine to alter cartoon amid criticism over ‘racist’ depiction of black activist

HALIFAX — A cartoon in a satirical magazine that depicts a black poet and activist with a jutting chin and sloping forehead is being modified after critics who call it racist launched campaigns to remove the magazine from stores.

Andrew Douglas, the managing editor of the Atlantic region version of Frank magazine, apologised to readers on Tuesday, saying he’s fearful that the depiction of El Jones among a group of protesters in the cartoon could attract racists to the publication.

Wow, I guess we can’t be funny anymore. If you make a ‘racist’ drawing, you’re an evil white supremacist. It’s kind of like the Dirty Chinese Restaurant fiasco the past couple of weeks. Oh, just to let you know, Big-O-Tree games cucked out to the pressure and will not publish the game. What a bunch of wusses. They get a Big Ol’ Trolly Disapproves award.

Sarah Dunsworth, an actor on the “Trailer Park Boys” series, said on Twitter the “racist harassment … is disgusting and shameful,” and is among those calling for a boycott.

Jones said in an interview that she views the cartoon as a throwback to racist images in magazines in the 1800s that depicted African men and women as having features closer to primates than Caucasians.

Oh yeah, a Boycott. I find it funny that in the Harvey Weinstein controversy, women and men would boycott Twitter instead of boycotting Hollywood.

‘Racist harassment’, boycott the publication now.

Sarah’s Twitter Profile.

Jokes are jokes Mrs Cunt Bum Whore. You should have figured that out in a show about white trash jokes. But it seems like you’re only okay with ‘white’ jokes instead of making fun of everybody evenly.

We can’t make fun of ‘protected’ minorities in our countries, and Islam is the ultimate minority, so we have to do whatever we can to protect their fragile sensitivities. No scantily clad women, because that will make them rapist demons out to rape almost a Million girls, while their wives call the filthy girls whores. This week, a woman who sold Mugs celebrating Templars has been banned from selling at a community market. Yeah, you heard me, she’s has been banned from selling anything at the market.

From Market trader, 56, is BANNED from town centre after selling Knights Templar coffee mugs that are ‘offensive’ to Muslims

Tina Gayle has been banned from having a stall in Loughborough Market

Someone complained the Knights Templar mugs were offensive to Muslims

She was told to remove the mugs but refused and was then banned by council

Miss Gayle had previously been warned by council for selling Nazi memorabilia

Well, if you wanted to know if the world wants dissidents to make a living, well the answer is a big fat no. In the spirit of Steve Shives, let’s ensure the authorities block anybody with a dissenting opinion from all public discourse. I am sure, if he saw this story, he would want to personally prevent her from any public discussion because she shouldn’t have a right to dispense her thoughts and opinions. After all, Nazi’s should be afraid to leave their houses, because we should all punch Nazis.

I can’t believe how sensitive we have to be right now. We must ensure we never offend anybody because that is the most severe sin we can ever do. We must silence anybody who wants to make a joke, and we must bow down to our ‘moral superiors’ for offending them in the past with all of our might.

This is how Cultural Marxism works. The people who have bought into our cultural myth, that European culture is the evilest thing the world has ever seen because of ‘imperialism and colonialism’ caused so much ‘pain and suffering’ to different cultures we happened to come across. That is how they create the us vs them mentality which will help them create a socialist revolution. It’s never going to work, because people love their freedom, and being rewarded for their hard work – communism and socialism will never work. They should stop, but I know they will continue with their stupidity.

Well, that’s my Shitpost for this week, have an awesome week guys.

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