Trolly News Update – Oct. 16th, 2017 – Canadian Family Freed from the Taliban

The Islamic world cannot be trusted. While in the first world many social justice warriors hide behind the #NotAll hashtag when terrorist attacks happen. They are right, not all Muslims agree with terrorist attacks, only about 7 percent. But what is 7 percent of millions? Most ‘progressives’ do not even think about that because that is 10s or even 100s of thousands of people who are okay with murder. When you think about that, the small minority doesn’t look all that small, because that 7 percent is a vast number of people when you are dealing with millions of people. But that’s in the first world where we only see the tip of the iceberg. In the Islamic world, it is far different. Nobody says #notall there. It is all. All think it is okay to stone a woman to death for the crime of being raped. All think it is okay to chop someone’s hand for stealing. Hell, Saudi Arabia just lifted a ban on women driving. And all think it is okay to kidnap a western family, rape the wife, kill children because we are nothing in their eyes. The Middle East is not a land of tolerance and love, no matter how much progressives say that it is, and it is only hostile to the west because of, you guessed it, European Imperialism. There is just one Imperialist order now, that is Islam.

From Joshua Boyle’s father says freed family adjusting to life at home

Freed Canadian hostage Joshua Boyle and his father say the family is improving after years spent in captivity in Afghanistan.

The traumatised family arrived in Toronto on Friday, five years after Boyle and his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, were abducted by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network.

The couple and their three young children, born in captivity, have been staying with Boyle’s parents in Smiths Falls, Ont., about an hour’s drive from Ottawa.

When people say Islam is compatible with the west, I laugh. It is not ‘just another religion’. As I have stated before, it is an imperialist order that is meant to force the world to ‘submit’ to Allah. It doesn’t appreciate anybody’s rights. It is a supremacy movement that wants to destroy everything the world has worked hard to create. It is a wonder why so many Marxist professors are allying themselves with these Jihadists. Marxism and Islam work in the same ways. Islam was the ultimate ‘minority’ throughout its history until they overthrew the every native government it has come into contact with and replaced it with an Islamic government. That’s how Marxism works. They use minorities to destabilise entire nations, until the point they create the solutions to ‘create equality for everybody’, in which they force the voices of those minorities to disappear.

Can you imagine, being kidnapped since 2012, and you and your wife have had four children while in captivity (if you are wondering why I say 4, one was murdered by the Taliban)?

Boyle has said that the couple’s captors killed one of their children, a baby girl, but the Taliban network claims Coleman suffered a miscarriage.

Oh, it was just a miscarriage. Gotcha. You don’t want people blaming the death of a baby on you, just kidnapping a family for five years. That’s so much better.

Honestly, if the Taliban, the organisation that worked with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan says anything, I will summarily reject that, unless they have compelling proof of their claims. I don’t believe an organisation who has the mentality of kidnapping a family for five years. If they say they didn’t murder a daughter or raped the wife and mother Caitlin, I will not believe them. Islam, in itself, has a violence issue, even between adherents.The Taliban is worse because these are some of the most radicalised members of that faith. I wouldn’t trust any Taliban person; they are violent and amoral. It’s a miracle that family made it out alive. Thank God the Pakistani government raided the enclave and freed this family.

I can only imagine the horrors this family endured. They lived in cramped cells, all together as a family. There was no privacy. What they had to face with the murder and rape is enough to show us that Islam is not a religion of peace.

Patrick Boyle said his son’s family of five is sleeping together in the household’s smallest bedroom.

“They said (the room) was more than twice the size of the best circumstances they were ever in,” Patrick Boyle said Sunday.

If you ever wonder what savages do to their prisoners, you don’t need to know anymore. An entire family in one cell, probably begging for food and water on a continual basis. If it was a ‘miscarriage’ as the Taliban says, living in a small cell with an entire family, begging for food and water, wondering if you are going to live through this ordeal, no wonder why she had a ‘miscarriage’. A pregnant woman had to go through these kinds of environmental problems, and they expect the pregnancies to be healthy. These were not civilized men who believe in humane treatment of prisoners. The fact they were keeping the couple for ‘ransom’ shows how inhumane they were. Hell, they didn’t even allow the families to teach their kinds manners.

The boys are learning basic North American customs, like table manners. At one point, the boys hopped onto the kitchen table to eat a cake with their hands because that’s how they had been used to eating while in captivity, Patrick Boyle told CTV News.

The Islamic world and the first world are polar opposites, and we are inviting millions into our countries. No wonder Islamic men terrorise the Internet when they use Facebook Live to broadcast a gang rape from Sweden, or gang raping thousands of young girls in the UKand their wives completely victim blamed the girls for being ‘filthy’. We can’t expect Islam to fit into the west.

The Islamic faith encourages family members to kill a person becoming too ‘western’ though honour killings. It’s time to acknowledge we are at war with this ideology. It is not interested in peacefully co-existing with us. They only want to undermine our culture and replace it with Islamic culture completely. It is great to see some countries standing against this, like Poland and Romania. We can’t allow Islam to dominate the world because it will ultimately destabilise our nations. The more Islamic people we bring into our societies, the more these atrocities happen.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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