Trolly News Update – Oct. 17th, 2017 – Trudeau ‘Insider Friends’ deserve break shows Liberal Hypocrisy.

I remember I was watching Dalton Mcducebag, sorry Dalton McGinnity the former Premier of Ontario, on TV saying that the HST was going to be ‘Harsh Medicine’ for the economy. My first instinct was when has raising taxes ever been good for the economy? The more money you take from the average person, the worse the economy gets because that person has less money to buy things. It has a negative effect on the economy. That was the ‘liberal’ attack 10 years ago. Today, there is even more problems, as Trudeau is changing the tax code yet again. He wants to create a ‘fairer’ tax code, which is making a bunch of small business owners and larger businesses panic like never before. Some of the ‘wealthy 1 percent’ want to take their money out of Canada because of the changes. So they are back-pedalling to show their ‘support’ of small businesses by promising to lower the small business tax to 9 percent. But during the same press conference Bill Morneau’s ‘self-interest’ has been exposed, showing in the Trudeau government pay to play politics is the norm, LOL.

From Trudeau comes to Morneau’s defence over lack of blind trust for assets

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his Finance Minister over the ex-businessman’s decision not to place his substantial wealth in a blind trust while serving in public office, saying Bill Morneau merely did as instructed by the Ethics Commissioner.

Open corruption is how the Trudeau government moves man. If you are a powerful friend, the rules don’t apply to you. Reading the above story was the first time I heard of this. From day 1, this leftist media has been hounding on Donald Trump for perceived ‘conflicts of interest’. Today is the first day that I heard that Bill Morneau was a businessman with substantial wealth, who might be benefitting substantially if his Bill C-27 passes, which changes how pension plans work in Canada. A bill he wrote no less. You can’t make this stuff up. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Yeah, if Trudeau thinks there are no consequences for playing favourites and allowing his friends to benefit from being in parliament financially, he has another thing coming. Canada has another example of Prime Minister JT’s corruption. Whether it is to green light the sale of high-tech Canadian tech firms to Chinese businesses after the Trudeau Foundation receives donations from Chinese Billionaires, or spending the winter vacation at a private island shows that Prime Minister JT is only in politics for the fame and the fortune.

Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Morneau appeared at a joint news conference in Stouffville, Ont., on Monday to announce details of a tax cut for small businesses, but a significant number of the questions from reporters focused instead on the Finance Minister’s financial arrangements.

The Prime Minister intercepted most of these queries, announcing, “I’ll take them.”

“You have to ask a question of me first – because you get a chance to talk to the Prime Minister,” Mr. Trudeau told one reporter, who said he had a direct question for Mr. Morneau. The Prime Minister later indicated Mr. Morneau could answer.

OMG, you get a chance to talk to me first. I wish I had been there. How entitled is Prime Minister JT? Hey, dude, I know you have a question for my friend, but I’m going to let you bask in my presence first. I’m going to answer that question. LOL!

I don’t even know how Trudeau, who is supposed to be a public servant, can be this egotistical. Hey, dude, I’m the Prime Minister, why do you even want to talk to that Bill guy. He’s doing nothing wrong, so I’ll answer that question because I know it is your life’s dream to talk to Prime Minister JT. There is something that thoroughly smells with Trudeau. When I heard about the sales of the high-tech firms to Chinese companies, my first thought was, wow we have the most moronic corrupt scumbag my country has ever seen. I couldn’t believe how open his corruption was.

By not allowing the press to ask Bill Morneau questions, it shows how much Prime Minister JT doesn’t respect the journalism. When the leader of a country doesn’t allow the reporters to do their jobs, it shows that he has no interest in being open and accountable. I wasn’t surprised when Bill C-58 enables government agencies to deny an Information request because it is ‘vexatious’. Prime Minister Trudeau has turned this country upside down. He said all the right things to get elected, and then fucked our country over royally. Whether it is C-16, where everybody has reservations of making ‘Gender Expression’ protected by the Human Rights act in Canada, or the Infamous Trudeau Eulogies because of his emotions expressed for Fidel Castro, or the many other examples of Trudeau’s incompetence in mismanaging Canada, I can’t stand him as the leader of my country. He is an embarrassment. It’s time for him to step down from being the Prime Minister because there are so many Canadians who are ready to vote him out of office.

The Prime Minister placed responsibility for the lack of a blind trust on the shoulders of Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson. “We have in Canada a Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner who is mandated to ensure everyone follows the rules … I can tell you the Minister of Finance worked extensively with [the Commissioner] when he came into this job and followed all her recommendations.”

OMG, what a deflection. Hey, we have an Ethics Commissioner, and she says he is following the rules, or he would be in jail right. That statement is almost comical if this stuff like this wasn’t ruining my country. I guess you’re showing all of your talents at improv Trudeau, being the most excellent Drama Teacher you use to be. I’d want you to be a Drama teacher again, but that is still wasting tax payer’s money that you don’t deserve. You’re the most famous ski instructor ever.
If your limited intellect doesn’t get it, nobody respects you. It would be better if you disappeared and never opened your mouth to the press and public ever again. You are the Big Red of politicians.

Mr. Morneau is facing a separate accusation of conflict of interest even as controversy lingers over his lack of a blind trust.

The New Democratic Party has written to the Ethics Commissioner, asking her to investigate why Mr. Morneau is allowed to sponsor legislation, Bill C-27, that makes significant changes to pension rules that, it argues, could reasonably be expected to benefit the human-resources company he once helmed, Morneau Shepell.

Excellent, someone is doing their best in Parliament to expose this corruption. I hope this will become a huge controversy that takes Trudeau out. It is ridiculous that Prime Minister JT and his party can be this outwardly corrupt. I don’t know what happened to the left over the past 20 years, but it has become increasingly corrupt. Once they get into government, everything gets exposed. I’ve never seen time in Canada where I’ve seen this much corruption. Even the Mike Duffy controversy wasn’t anything like controversy of Trudeau’s pay to play politics with China and Bill C-27 crafted by Bill Morneau? Canada really got duped when they voted for Trudeau.

His government has been objective worse with their ethics than Steven Harper’s government was towards the end. Yes, Trudeau has denied more Freedom of Information Requests than Harper ever did. This is Trudeau’s legacy.

I’d keep going on, but I could go on forever about how Trudeau is ruining Canada. Let’s make sure he is prevented from the Prime Minister position in 2019 guys.

Thanks for reading guys and have a great day.

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