Trolly News Update – Oct. 19th, 2017 – Liberal’s Immigration policies hurt everybody

Welcome to Prime Minister JT’s multicultural wonderland. While most of my blogs on the immigration topic have been the possible negative impacts immigration may have in Canada, but there is the other side of the story, how loose immigration policies can have a very negative impact on those seeking Canadian citizenship, which Trudeau is inviting with his #WelcomeToCanada tweet. Go Trudeau. But it isn’t always negative for Canada; it can be detrimental to the people trying to come here because there are people who cannot be trusted smuggling people into Canada. It happens everywhere, the US, Canada, anywhere. When good people want to help those in need, some evil people will exploit those situations. In Canada, there is a debate on ‘immigration consultants’, who do all kinds of illegal things, like helping someone get into Canada, only to leave them in warehouses. If a predator immigration consultant is doing that to a person who has a legal and legitimate refugee seeker, what’s stopping them from working with ISIS? Well, the opposition parties have come up with 21 carefully decided recommendations to help immigrants and Canada’s safety, and the government is dragging its ass on this.

From Opposition accuses Liberals of ‘paralysis’ in crackdown on crooked immigration consultants

Opposition MPs are accusing the Liberal government of failing to protect immigrants from fraudsters and predators as it swings Canada’s door open to more newcomers.

In a formal response to a sweeping study by MPs on the immigration committee tabled four months ago, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the government is “seized” with issues related to inadequate protection from unprofessional or unethical practitioners, and conceded a strong system of oversight is essential.

Canada has a problem with immigration. Because of Prime Minister JT’s #WelcomeToCanada Tweet, we have people coming on a continual basis. And people who are either going to exploit people or people who don’t know what they are doing is just making matters worse when it comes to the 100 000s of people coming into Canada legally or Illegally.


I wonder how many of these ‘immigration’ consultants encouraged our current situation of Haitian Refugee seekers coming into Canada. Half of which is sent back to Haiti, because Canada is not as ‘open’ as Prime Minister JT’s tweet suggested.
Any kinds of delay on implementing the recommendations of this study are harming both Canada and the refugees seeking to come into my country. But at least the Liberals realise how wrong their immigration system is. We can stand the line and make the Liberals realise when they massively messing up, like the whole Tax reform thing. The Liberals heard some angry voices over their proposed changes, and we stood our ground, and the Liberals are backing down on lots of things. The same thing can happen with Immigration. We will fight to make our voices heard. But if a study was conducted four months ago to create these recommendations, doing another review on their research and recommendations, isn’t that redoing the work all over again?

But the Liberals have their excuses.

But he did not commit to any of the committee’s 21 recommendations, saying only that the government will carry out further study and expects to provide more information on a path forward next year.

“Given the complexity and inter-dependencies of the issues, the impact on public confidence, on clients and authorized immigration and citizenship consultants, the government will carefully consider the committee’s report and undertake a thorough analysis of key recommendations before determining how these issues could be addressed successfully,” his response reads.

Yeah, that sounds like a typical politician. Let’s carry out a study on another study and do nothing for months. I can’t believe this. The Liberals should have been involved in the first study so they can understand where the opposition parties were coming from, so they can start implementing the recommendations as soon as possible to protect both the refugees and Canada. Oh no, they can’t even do that. This issue is so ‘complex’ and the ‘inter-dependencies’ we can’t do anything too ‘drastic’. We need to ensure the public’s confidence. Well, guess what, our confidence in you is not that great. You’re dragging your ass, and we know it.

If people start delving into different issues by reading news stories for a couple of months, they will have a pretty comprehensive understanding of the subject. I don’t know how many Immigration related stories I have read, nor do I care to count how many immigration-related blogs I have written in the past year. Let me say, if a committee focused itself on immigration reforms for Canada, concerning ‘immigration consultants’, they are going to be very well versed, especially when they are writing a report with 21 recommendations. The only reason you are saying you need time to study their study is you are playing politics to make certain elements happy. You have to look strong for ‘progressives’.

A disappointed Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel said the response amounts to “typical inertia.”

“There are very substantive proposals on the table on how to manage this, and the government really just needs to make a decision and implement it,” she told CBC News. “The fact they’re not willing to do it suggests a sort of paralysis on their part, and that’s to the detriment of people who are being exploited.”

I am very impressed with Michelle Rempel. When the Liberals put C-6 into law into Canada, Michelle was bringing up all of the fraudulent immigration that was happening in Canada. Her three posts on the first page are a must read to really understand what is going on with Canadian Immigration, because it is not a ‘virtue’ signal. She is a warrior who wants to ensure the people coming into Canada are people we can trust, and those people can learn to trust us as we guarantee the best come to Canada so we can give them the best.

Immigration Consultants are people who help others immigrate into Canada. So we have an almost unregulated system, where people are giving others legal advice, how can we be sure Canada’s best interest put forward when there is an unchecked corruption in the immigration consultation sector. Corrupt, greedy consultants may work with ISIS. If a predatory consultant puts people in some unheated warehouse in the middle of winter, as Michelle discusses in her long rant about C-6, what’s to stop the same person from dealing with ISIS to bring Islamic warriors into Canada?

And the fact the Liberal government is dragging its heels is utterly astounding. Prime Minister JT’s Liberal government is not looking at what is best for Canada. It’s not even looking at what is best for the poor refugee’s who get stuck in a frigid warehouses in the middle of winter. Well, we have a chance in 2019 to knock him off his pedestal and elect Andrew Scheer.

Rempel said it is even more critical that the government crack down on predators in the context of its aggressive immigration strategy.

“We tried self-governance. Clearly, that’s failed,” she said. “I’m willing to say the approach we tried failed, twice, and it’s really now up to the Liberal government to do something, and the status quo is not going to cut it.”

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. If we continue to allow these ‘legal experts’ to help people immigrate to Canada without an oversight body, and bad things keep happening, the sooner we implement a strategy for what is best for the refugees and Canada, the better it will be for everybody.

Like I said, if the predators are doing all kinds of unethical things to the people they are bringing in, like the above warehouse anecdote, what’s to stop them from working with human traffickers sending young girls all around the world, or helping ISIS warriors come into Canada. We don’t know, and that is a huge problem. Taking these people’s ability to get involved in highly unethical acts by having an oversight committee sounds completely reasonable. We want and need the best of the best in Canada helping the best of the best refugees to come into Canada.

MPs on the panel also urged the government to raise awareness in foreign countries about unauthorized agents, and that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada improve the call centre to provide basic information in languages most commonly used by prospective immigrants.

That sounds entirely reasonable, but how will that be implemented. The more we broadcast our ‘bad agents’, the more corrupt organisations will use these agents to perform some nefarious schemes in Canada. If the information is just, be aware, there are unethical people that may bring harm to you would probably be acceptable.
Other recommendations include:

  • The new regulatory body develops a system of tiered licensing for categories of services individual consultants are allowed to provide.
  • The new body should have investigative and disciplinary powers when an immigration consultant fails to meet standards of learning, professional competence or conduct, and also be encouraged to engage in public education about the profession and engage in dispute resolution over fees.
  • The government should provide enough funding for Canada Border Services Agency to investigate complaints about ghost consultants, and that fines and penalties be reviewed and increased.
  • The government should provide more financial support to settlement agencies to provide basic immigration services.

These are the recommendations I can agree with.

First, a regulatory body to licence people who are offering to help people come into Canada sounds fantastic. That way we are vetting people who are assisting people to come over to Canada, which is entirely essential. That way we can prevent people who are corrupt and predatory from getting involved in a system that could bring harm to Canada and the world while ensuring people who want to come into Canada and make it a better place are allowed to come here.

Having a body that will use disciplinary powers is also impressive. That will weed out as many corrupt people as possible. We need people who are looking out for Canada and the refugees.

And a stronger border services agency is needed in Canada. When Prime Minister JT’s tweet has brought 10s of thousands of Haitian refugee seekers to Canada, we need to do our best to ensure this never happens again. How many of these ‘ghost consultants’ motivated and encouraged people to come over. Something needs to happen to ensure people are not giving wrong information to others.

And better financial support to settlement agencies, that sounds reasonable.

Why is Prime Minister JT’s government stalling on these basic measures? Does he want to harm refugee seekers and Canada?

Thanks for reading guys, and have an excellent day!

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