Trolly News Update – Oct. 26th, 2017 – Ontario uses ‘gender-equality’ to deny free speech

If you watch Yuri Bezmenov’s videos, the idea Marxists go about to subvert and demoralise a country through a series of crisis is an absolute thing to understand. When you look at that and apply the fundamental tenets of critical theory, social engineers set segments of the population against each other in a worldwide game of chest where ‘privileged’ people vs people of ‘diversity’. Once Hollywood started to broadcast these messages into our homes through TV and movies, it has done nothing but set brother, sister, father and mother against members of their own home. In the recent two years, this conflict has become so strong, violence has erupted, first from the left in the riots protesting the Nov. 8th election results, and throughout this year with Charlottesville being the prime example of the heightened conflict between Marxists and Fascists, and now anybody who espouses any conservative view. With this heightened sense of conflict between the Marxists and Anti-Marxists – Antima for short, or AntiCom if you want to be literal – Anti Communists, all kinds of things gets implemented. Today, in the name of ‘gender-equality’ protesting at an abortion clinic is now a criminal offence. Yes, people who hurt the feelings of women wanting abortions are guilty of a crime now. Thanks, Kathleen Wynne.

From Ontario makes it illegal to protest outside and near abortion clinics

It will soon be illegal to protest outside and near abortion clinics in Ontario.

The legislature passed a bill Wednesday to create zones of between 50 and 150 metres around the eight clinics in the province, in which anti-abortion protests, advising a person not to get an abortion, and intimidation or interfering with a woman’s ability to access the services will be banned.

Again, I have never heard about any altercations that have happened near abortion clinics. They are using ‘protect women’ dialogue as a clever tactic to create tension between people. Every single day, if you check, your rights are being eroded by the government. Whether we are accused of hate speech when it comes to talking about Islam, the Transgendered push on children, and today, speaking out against abortion, Canadian’s are losing their right to speak the minds of on controversial topics like abortion, Islam, and immigration. Thanks, Kathleen, for creating such an intolerant ‘tolerance’.

I’ve said it, in the new leftist world, there is no choice but pro-choice, and if you have a different opinion, shut up. Whether the Leftist world decides that a pro-life voting woman can’t be the chair of the Status of women committee, or you are mandated to vote for Pro-Choice in all abortion matters, or it is this 50 meter ‘safe space’ around all abortion clinics because non-existent intimidation happens there, the government is violently denying pro-life voices. As a libertarian, if your idea needs force to prevent dissent than it is not worth implementing.

Attorney General Yasir Naqvi cheered that all three parties worked together to pass the legislation on a sped-up timeline.

Of course Patrick Brown is cucking himself for the Marxist forces in my government. He has to virtue signal that ‘he’s with the ladies’ because feminism has replaced religion as the ‘moral compass’ of our world. You can’t have a ‘moral compass’ that is constantly moving all over the place, because every time it shifts, it will deny more people their rights. Today, they passed a bill to silences Pro-life voices by preventing any protest within at least 50 metres of abortion clinic. What’s next, online, because you know whatever bill they use to create a safe space online may include ‘protecting women’s issues’.

It is going to be a battle to slowly take back our culture because people are under the false illusion that the way our culture works is right. It needs every single blogger, video maker and demonstrator to fight this. The hegemony that Marxists have created though feminism is almost absolute. Most people are intimidated into saying ‘I’m pro-choice and I’m a feminist’ because they know they will be bullied online if they say anything different.

We only need to look back to #GamerGate to see how people like Anita Sarkeesian, Zoey Quinn, and Brianna Wu acted towards people who oppose them. They doxx them, they harass them, and they attack their opponents on a constant basis. Whether you are Kaley Cuoco, Taylor Swift, or the numerous people who go out and attack women for having the ‘non-feminist’ ideas and positions. Feminism is not a peaceful movement whose views are so great people want to stand by them immediately; it is a movement of intimidation and fear, and one everybody should be opposing feminism right now. I’m for human rights, not women’s rights because feminism is not for free speech and freedom of ideas and views.

This kind of meme is born of the hegemony of Feminism. When everything has to be for women and by women, any kind of dissenting voice must be squashed.

“We as legislators have passed a very important piece of legislation ensuring that women have safe access to health-care services like reproductive health and abortion services,” he said. “We worked on this bill on a very short time frame to ensure that we protect women.”

The bill’s timing had inflamed political tensions between the governing Liberals and the Opposition Progressive Conservatives. The Tories had proposed passing the bill immediately after it was introduced, with no debate or committee hearings, and the Liberals declined, which led the PCs to accuse the government of trying to draw it out, hoping it would expose divisions within the PC party.

First, I have never seen any news story where there were riots between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice people. The only intimidation I see in this is the Ontario Government attacking people’s right to protest something they oppose. The fact that the Liberals wanted to try to cause division is yet another Marxist tactic. They intimidated the PC party to see if they could create any segregation, creating a political divide between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life politicians.

I almost want to show my disgust of this law by breaking it as soon as it gets implemented. I want to organise a peaceful sit-in, surrounding an abortion clinic for all 150 meters to make our voices heard, that we will not be intimidated by the government as it tries to divide us. I want the Ontario government to arrest me, to show how far they have fallen in this pit, exposing Ontario and Canada to the hegemony of feminism and Marxism.

Opposition Leader Patrick Brown noted his party unanimously voted for the bill’s passage Wednesday, and said it did not cause any divisions within his caucus.

Several of his caucus members — including those who have espoused socially conservative views — however, were absent for the vote. Two were away for health reasons, Brown said, though they are not the members who hold those views.

Yes, because people being absent for a vote because they had morals and wanted to vote no, but you intimidated them by saying your party has to vote ‘Pro-Choice’ look good and can’t bring up LGBT issues either shows there isn’t a fracturing of the PC party right now Patrick. I am voting Conservative in the Ontario election of 2018, not because I like Patrick Brown, but we cannot afford another four years of Kathleen Wynne. It is making me want to get involved in politics myself to be a political dissident in the real world, to expose the dirty corruption of the PC party in Ontario.

I want a provincial party that represents my best interests, not one that continually bows down to these divisive forces that force the socially conservative voices, like myself, to be silent. Marxism and good people doing nothing about it is a black hole that is consuming everything good in the world, and everybody needs to stand against these forces. Ontario conservatives choose Patrick Brown before a time we were organising online and making our voices heard, so he is a remnant of the neoconservative movement. In 10 years, we will have a better leader for Ontario. It’s good to see Andrew Scheer as the federal Conservatives leader because he is fighting the culture war with a few of his decisions.

Brown did not directly address the absence of the social conservative members, but noted many Liberals were away as well. That included two of three Liberals who have been praised by anti-abortion group Campaign Life Coalition for their views.

The lone politician to vote against the bill was Jack MacLaren, a former Progressive Conservative who now sits as an independent after joining the Trillium Party, which the legislature does not recognize as an official party.

I’m glad there are people on both sides of the political divide, both Liberals and Progressive Conservatives who were absent for the vote, who has been praised by the Campaign Life Coalition. It shows how much intimidation that is going on behind the scenes in both the Liberals and the Conservatives parties. Both parties are hell bent to cause a massive division between Pro-Life people and Pro-Choice, and substantially between men and women.

And I am glad to see one person, Jack MacLaren having the balls to be there and be counted as he votes against this considerable attack on the free speech people in Ontario. We have you in our sights, Patrick and Kathleen. We can see how you operate when people who would vote against this measure leave the legislature on the day of the vote. You probably make it so stressful for those members of parliament that they retreat from the opposition of their views, again, showing how much you respect freedom of speech.

Thanks for reading guys, and have an excellent day!

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