Trolly’s week in Review – 29/10/2017 – Oh what a week.

This week has been one hectic week in politics. So much is happening in the US and Canada; I have to talk about it. In the US, the Russian collusion story is turning out as I predicted. Hillary Clinton and the DNC worked with the Russians to discredit Trump, to get Hillary into the White House. Maybe that’s why Hillary is so ‘convinced’ the Russians are playing games all over the world, she knows from first-hand experience by working with them, lol. Of course, the Russian Collusion story is turning out to be all about Hillary and the Uranium One deal now. Oh, how the tides have changed for her. Of course, the Stephen Paddock case is uncovering all kinds of dirty secrets of his family, including his brother have gigabytes of child porn on his computer. In Canada, we have some really ‘exciting news’, China’s CCCI company just bought the Canadian construction giant Aecon, which built the CN Tower, which used to be the tallest free-standing structure in the world until very recently. Yay, Canada will soon be completely operated by China, it just needs PM JT’s stamp of approval – just after another ‘generous’ Chinese Billionaire gives the Trudeau Foundation a $1,000,000 donation. And PM JT and his pal Finance Minister Bill Morneau are revealing their new spending spree ‘helping’ families after the Conservatives hound them to their dedication to helping the middle class. So let’s all get into this.

From Trump says Clinton camp funding for Russia dossier ‘a disgrace’

U.S. President Donald Trump and other Republicans latched onto revelations tying Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to a dossier of allegations about his ties to Russia, saying it’s a “disgrace” that Democrats had helped pay for research that produced the document.

“It’s just really — it’s a very sad commentary on politics in this country,” Trump said.

When you have such a corrupt scumbag as Hillary Clinton, who received over a billion dollar in donations from foreign countries in an attempt to win, this is what you get. Hillary is the type of person that so many conspiracies surround, you actually wonder if she’s guilty of them. While we cannot verify any criminal activity yet, if that much smoke surrounds someone, it usually means they are corrupt somehow.

Of course, Hillary’s supporters, and other ‘progressives’ have bought the dossier and the narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election, have not realised that Hillary paid to produce that dossier. So, how much of it is true or not, because Hillary has a conflict of Interest in paying for that dossier to be created. According to a Republican Senator, there is not one piece of evidence that connects Trump to Russia. And because people are not dropping like flies in regards to this ‘controversy’, I am pretty sure that Trump is innocent. The only reason why we cannot connect Hillary to any crime right now is it seems anybody who is investigating any corruption in the DNC ranks seems to end up ‘committing suicide’ or ends up dead in a robbery attempt. Something smells in Denmark.

Trump addressed reporters one day after news reports revealed that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, for several months last year, helped fund research that ultimately ended up in the dossier.

Trump has called the material “phoney stuff” and “fake news,” and on Wednesday he portrayed himself as the aggrieved party, posting on Twitter a quote he said was from Fox News that referred to him as “the victim.”

It was phoney. Russian Hookers peeing over a bed that Obama slept in, and peeing over Donald Trump? We called the Dossier #PissGate for a reason. It was completely fake, entirely made up. It was like some 12-year old was going wild, writing some weird porn-induced story about women pissing all over the place. I can’t believe BuzzFeed published it. BuzzFeed, you’re a bunch of morons.

I can’t believe we are still going on this. It’s practically one year after President Trump was elected. I think this is going to be Trump’s Obama’s birth certificate thing. Democrats and their allies around the world are going to hold onto this throughout his entire presidency, like Republican’s and their partners did about Obama’s BC. This narrative does nothing but cement division, and it needs to die.

More importantly, as we learn that it was Hillary paying Russian Agents and others to create that dossier, we are looking into her other connections with Russia, the Uranium One Scandal.

From Hannity: Uranium One Deal ‘One of the Biggest Scandals in American History’

Sean Hannity reacted to breaking news that the non-disclosure agreement with an informant privy to information involving the Uranium One deal was lifted.

The agreement, similar to a gag order, prevented the individual from discussing what he knew with Congress and others.

He said that Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is now calling for a special counsel to probe the Uranium One deal.

“The media has been wrong about the Trump-Russia collusion for over a year,” Hannity said.

“America’s national security was sold out,” he said, calling the deal one of the “biggest scandals in American history involving another country.”

“People… will need to go to jail,” he said.

No matter how people want to say this isn’t a ‘big deal’, allowing foreign nationals to buy huge parts of our countries industries is a big deal. The amount of money that was going to the Clinton Foundation has been corroborated by the New York Times.

But the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one.

At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.

The NYT wouldn’t be posting up a story that would make Hillary Clinton look like she was involved in pay to play politics if it wasn’t the truth.

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totalling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

Yes, millions of dollars were spent to wine and dine the Clintons during the Russians purchase of Uranium One. It’s time to realise that Hillary had more significant connections to the Russians than Trump ever did. The fact that everybody investigating Hillary and the DNC ends up dead, and nobody investigating Trump has ended up dead speaks volumes to the characters of these two individuals, because all signs point to Clinton’s corruption, even if there is no evidence of her crimes yet.

Trump is doing a great job dismantling the fake media who give Hillary a pass. But what about the Stephen Paddock case Trolly? It’s almost a month since the massacre, do they know more yet.

Well, yes and no. It seems Stephen’s brother was a paedophile with a penchant for child porn.


The brother of Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock has been arrested for child porn … TMZ has learned.

Bruce Paddock was taken into custody moments ago in North Hollywood, CA at an assisted living home.

Law enforcement sources tell us … cops were tipped that there was child porn on his computer and they got a search warrant. Our sources say the investigation began before his brother, Stephen, shot up the Vegas music festival earlier this month.

Yeah, the way Bruce went on during the beginning of this investigation, you’d think that Stephen was the ‘black sheep’ of the family, but it seems the entire family was involved in some profoundly criminal and disgusting behaviours behind the scenes. In my research into this kind of stuff, sometimes it may be just one person in the family, but often, the entire family is corrupt.

Some families, like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and it seems the Paddocks, are entire families you need to be cautious around. When you have two bad seeds in the same generation, it’s the family, and if you only have one bad seed, it’s that individual.

As with all things, the more powerful you become, the more corrupt you become. I’m hoping Donald Trump is not the same, but corruption and power usually go side by side. Up here in Canada, Prime Minster JT and gang are trying to buy votes, while he will make China’s take over of Canadian industries go unchecked.

From Liberals intend to raise Canada child benefit, officials tell CTV News

The Liberals introduced the $22-billion Canada child benefit (CCB) program in July 2016. It gives families with children under the age of 18 a monthly payment, the amount of which is tied to income.

The CCB currently pays up to $6,400 per child under the age of six, and up to $5,400 per child for those aged six through 17. However, the amount of money begins to decrease once a family’s net income reaches $30,000.

Since the Conservatives have been going hard on Trudeau’s tax reforms that hurt small businesses, and people living with Type 1 Diabetes and other mental health conditions, Trudeau had to come up with something to make people happy. Money always seems to do it, so they are deciding to bribe votes out of Canadians by increasing the Canada child benefit, increasing the spending on an already $22-Billion program.

From Federal Liberals To Raise Canada Child Benefit In 2018

The increase will mean an average Canadian family with two children will see around $200 more in 2018, and around $500 more in 2019, “We want to do a little bit more for middle class families through the Canada Child Benefit, just to make sure that it keeps up with inflation.  That is really important to us.  By increasing the tax credit for the individuals and families that are at that low income level,  it will have a real impact on them and they are going to put that money back into the economy.  So it’s really doubling down on a strategy that has worked,” Morneau says.

Increasing the benefit is a total ‘vote grab’. But if you think about this, it’s almost like the Liberals want people dependent on the government. With the new tax reforms, trying to develop your own small business is hampered and now you have to rely on the government more with the child benefits to make ends met. The more the government offers programs like this, the more reliant we will become on the government, and that can have a negative impact on the growth of individuals and families.

Plus, I can see many people who would want to immigrate to Canada who comes from countries which have larger families, just because of all the money that Trudeau is trying to spend on people making families. The fact Canada is $28.5 billion in debt, how much more does he want to spend?

And while all of this is happening, China has bought yet another major Canadian corporation for the tune of $1.5 billion. While the Harper government would have put China through hoops and fire to make that deal happen, because he had a Canadian Business first strategy, people expect they will have a much friendlier time of approval under Trudeau.

From Aecon takeover expected to get warmer reception from Ottawa

China’s CCC International $1.5 billion takeover of Calgary-based construction company Aecon Group Inc. may benefit from the Liberal’s softening tone on foreign takeovers

Yeah, softening the tone, I like that.

It seems that Trudeau’s philosophy, if you give the Trudeau foundation significant cash donations, the sales of major Canadian corporations becomes much more comfortable. So, I expect that Prime Minister JT will be making this take over very easy. Our Canadian Heritage is being sold from under our feet by a very greedy pay to play politician. Hopefully, his Teflon has been damaged enough by the Bill Morneau conflict of interest scandal.

The takeover of Calgary-based construction company Aecon Group Inc. by China’s CCC International for $1.5 billion will face scrutiny from Ottawa, including a test of whether the sale provides a “net benefit” to Canada.

But it is unlikely to have to weather the bumpy and ultimately frustrating ride experienced by other foreign investors in recent years, thanks to a softening tone from the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau.

A handful of foreign takeovers subjected to such probes under provisions of the federal Investment Canada Act were rejected by the previous Conservative government of Stephen Harper — notably the attempted acquisition of Saskatchewan’s Potash Corp. by Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd.

Yeah, I didn’t know how much good Harper was doing for Canada. I feel sorry for voting against the Conservatives during this election because it was Trudeau that was the snake in the grass. Hopefully, Andrew Scheer will come in and save Canada’s industries from Chinese takeover. I don’t want Canada to be controlled by an utterly dictatorial power, for the simple reason China is worth much more than Canada due to the sheer size of its population. It seems right now if a Chinese Billionaire wants to buy a Canadian company, Trudeau is giving it the green light.

Canada will not be able to stand on its own industries if this keeps on happening. We need a great Canadian Dream that focuses on rewarding people for hard work and determination.

Thanks for reading this week in review guys, and have a great week.

Just to let you guys know, I just got a job, and so my blogging schedule will drastically change as of tomorrow. I will not be putting up a blog every single day anymore, these puppies take 3 hours to write, edit, and distribute. What I promise to you will be at the minimum my week in review, and Shitpost Saturday. If I have time, I will do a blog on something that breaks that I feel that time is of the essence. I want to focus my time on two personal projects after I get home from work.

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