Trolly’s week in review – Nov. 5th, 2017 – Islam is the Religion of Peace, and The Democrats are the Politics of Peace.

Usually, I am very open to religious freedom of everybody. I’m a live and let live guy. I love the diversity of different thoughts in all kinds of areas, so if your spiritual practices bring you peace, enlightenment, and a sense of purpose, that’s awesome. Islam, on the other hand, has been a real problem. When 7 percent of followers of Islam think that terrorist attacks are sometimes or often justified, and you look at the vast number of people following Islam, is it a wonder that Islam is responsible over 32,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11, leaving hundreds of thousands dead, and millions think this is sometimes or often justified. The reason why I say seven percent believe, if you randomly surveyed Church goers or Jews in a Synagogue and asked them if terrorist attacks on people are sometimes or often justified, it would be very close to 0 percent. For the thousands of Islamic terrorist assaults, you get one Alexander Bissonnette.

Islam is a dangerous religion, and we need to be aware of this. Islam doesn’t value human life like us, no matter how much they want to say they are are a ‘religion of peace’. The only peace they give is the people who rest in peace when they go barrelling down a bike path with a truck of peace.

From 8 killed in NYC by motorist in ‘cowardly act of terror’

NEW YORK – A man in a rented pickup truck mowed down pedestrians and cyclists along a busy bike path near the World Trade Center memorial on Tuesday, killing at least eight and seriously injuring 11 in what the mayor called “a particularly cowardly act of terror.”

The driver was shot in the abdomen by police after jumping out of the truck with what turned out to be a fake gun in each hand and shouting what witnesses said was “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” authorities said. The man underwent surgery and was in critical condition but was expected to survive.

Officials who weren’t authorized to discuss the investigation and spoke on the condition of anonymity identified the attacker as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov and said he is from Uzbekistan and came to the U.S. legally in 2010. The officials said Saipov has a Florida driver’s license and may have been staying in New Jersey, and a family friend described roots he had in Ohio, where he lived years ago and was a commercial truck driver.

Yes, ‘God is Great’, Allahu Akbar. I feel culturally enriched by Sayfullo Saipov. He has added so much to us, and 8 people are resting in peace today because he thought it was important to use a truck of peace to ‘mow’ down people going down a bike trail. According to the full story, this was one serious comedy of errors that ended in those deaths.

The alleged ISIS fanatic authorities say was behind Tuesday’s deadly New York City slaughter came to the United States seven years ago from Uzbekistan under the Diversity Visa Program, details of Sayfullo Saipov’s travel to America that could become all the more important as President Trump proposes revisions to his “extreme vetting” program.

The Diversity Visa Program, a State Department program which offers a lottery for people from countries with few immigrants in America, drew the ire of Trump early Wednesday morning.

Just think, Nobody did an extensive interview to see if he would fit into America.  He won the lottery, and that was the beginning of the end of each and every person who died in that savage attack.

Those really lucky individuals who will never get to experience any more life because we are infidels and our lives do not mean the same to them. Whether it is victim blaming the thousands of young women raped by grooming gangs in the UK, or killing young fans of Arianna Grande, or running people over on London Bridge, and then killing dozens after with knives, Islam has proven that it doesn’t fit into our tolerant culture.

I still contrast this to the most prominent thing other religions protest, Abortion. I’ve never seen a Christian drive a ‘truck of peace’ to kill women about to get an abortion shouting ‘Praise Jesus’. That just doesn’t happen. Objectively speaking, Islam has caused and is going to continue to generate the most deaths due to terrorism. And they cannot even get along with themselves. Almost 80 percent of the deaths that terrorist attacks claim is against other Muslims.

While Islam is a significant problem, the political left has become more and more violent as well. Whether it is the possible ties Stephen Paddock has with the left, protesting Trump, or James T. Hodgkinson trying to mow down Republicans on a baseball field, the left has a violence problem.

Today, everybody was reminded of it, when Rand Paul’s neighbour attacked Rand while he was mowing the lawn.

From Sen. Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home, reportedly by neighbor

Sen. Rand Paul was assaulted at his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky by an irate neighbor while he was mowing his lawn on Friday afternoon, according to neighbors.

Kentucky State Police have arrested the senator’s alleged assailant, identified as Rene Boucher, 59, of Bowling Green for intentionally assaulting Paul at his home, causing minor injury, local law-enforcement officials confirmed to Fox News.

Boucher was arrested and charged with one count of 4th degree assault – minor injury. He was taken to the nearby Warren County Detention Center where he is being held on $5,000 bail.

It’s funny that liberals talk about how violent gun owners are, but of all the televised atrocities, most of them at least point towards Democrats, and not Republicans. And they want people to give up their weapons, which will not work either. Democrats need to learn the riddle of steel. Steel, arms, and tools are only as strong as the person using them. Getting rid of guns is useless because people can stab with knives too, and there’s always trucks of peace and explosives, and a vast amount of different weapons. You cannot ban armaments; peace comes not from disarmament, but by the heart first.

Boucher didn’t have peace in his heart and went out to attack someone he saw as the enemy. While a gun may change this outcome, that man was a fanatic, who only saw Rand as an enemy he needed to destroy, and so he went to ambush and kill him. What we need to disarm is the level of fanaticism that is seen on both sides, because so many people see people with political differences as an enemy, and they need to destroy the enemy. Both the left and the right have many great things that are required, from individual rights to fiscal responsibility; we need both to have a prospering society.

Because murder is in the heart first, and then the arm second, I almost never deal with gun or weapon control. No matter what, criminals with evil in their hearts would only exploit an unarmed populace to do even more evil things, because they will have guns, while law-abiding citizens will not, therefore law-abiding citizens are going to be defenceless.

Politics on both sides of the fence is getting nasty right now, and it is very evident through what is happening on social media sites. The big upset this week was a PBS live stream for Hillary Clinton, where conservative voices who keep the ears to the ground showed up to show their disapproval of Hillary winning the ‘Democratic Woman of the Year Award’.

I don’t usually cover Hillary Clinton in my blog much, she lost, and she’s old news. She’s corrupt, the Uranium One deal, the 33,000 emailsthe Benghazi massacre, the billions in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. She played pay to play politics as nobody has ever done before that, and foreign powers put all their eggs into one basket, failing to realise if Hillary didn’t win, they’d have to deal with Trump anyway.

So it wasn’t a surprise to see the messages below.

From PBS FORCED TO Shut Down LIVE Event For Hillary Clinton After Facebook Users Destroy Her With Brutal Comments [Video]

Politicians who think they deserve a vote because they are something, like being black, or a woman, or gay, or whatever superficial characteristic you want to put on, they are sorely mistaken. To expect people to collectivise themselves like that is nothing short of disturbing. When I think about it, it is the opposite of meritocracy. When Hillary Clinton was on Ellen’s Talkshow, she said one of her ‘merits’ was that she was a woman. Wow, because of an accident of birth, she has merit?

So I am glad that there were people who went to that facebook page who expressed their freedom of speech to tell her she didn’t have the merit to be President. It was simple; she didn’t have the merit. After over a billion spent on her presidential run, and the mainstream press constantly giving her positive coverage, she lost because people didn’t like the corruption they saw out of her, nor did they like her arrogant attitude. Everybody thought she would win, but Trump won instead.

So PBS pulled the live stream because so many people were flooding the comments with negative feedback on her political career, putting her in an echo chamber. Politicians have become thin-skinned, and Catherine “Climate Barbie” McKenna is a prime example of being thin-skinned, by allowing nicknames to bother her. I have never used this term before, though I know it is the Rebel Media’s favourite nickname for her. It bothered her so much, and she demanded a person from the Rebel Media not to use it.

Catherine McKenna demands reporter’s outlet stop calling her ‘climate Barbie’ in terse exchange video.

Yeah, Catherine McKenna was so thin-skinned she was upset that people call her a ‘barbie’. And she declares this a victory against ‘misogyny’ as well.

Catherine McKenna (@cathmckenna)

2017-11-03, 9:01 PM

And this is exactly why I do it. We all need to stand together & call out sexist, mysogynistic & bullying comments. Thanks @ohanleyjk. 💪…

Yeah, she smashed the patriarchy, a patriarchy which allowed her to win a seat in the House of Commons in the first place. Evidently, there is nothing preventing women from entering into and succeeding at anything they decide to do. But in our perpetually offended world, who thinks insults are the same as injuries, a few jokes are misogyny, an absolute hatred and mistrust of women, because Catherine says so.

So minister McKenna may get upset that I use her very favourite nickname in this blog, but I also call Trudeau Prime Minister JT, I am not treating her any differently than him, I don’t like their policies, and I throw around jokes. I recommend that you do not get offended by the term.

I own that I am Human Garbage after Anita Sarkeesian used it to describe Sargon of Akkad and others like him. I don’t care how people think I am ‘problematic’ for having views about Islamic Immigration, abortion, fiscal responsibility, feminism, black lives matter and so many other issues. I stand proud for those views, and until someone shows me where I am wrong, I will continue to hold on them.

If a simple nickname can upset you this much McKenna, you show that I have more strength than you do, and I am not even a politician. The more I see things, the more I want to get into politics to bring vitality into the legislatures. Weakness causes the political divide. Whether it is PBS sheltering Hillary Clinton from negative comments, or McKenna being upset she is “Climate Barbie”, they want to hide from those negative political messages.

Guys, if you live in Canada, steal this meme, and spread this to her.

It is that weakness that prevents different countries to make the necessary adjustments to immigration when it comes to Islamic immigration. It was weakness and the desire not to be called a racist that allowed Sayfullo Saipov into America through an immigration lottery that he won, and 8 other people lost. It was ​Rene Boucher’s weakness that he decided to stab Congressman Paul instead of expressing his concerns. It is weakness and the desire not to offend people that a 50-meter ‘safe space’ has been legislated around all abortion clinics in Ontario, infringing on people’s unalienable right to free speech.

It’s time to talk about how great the political divide is and to bring ourselves back to a relatively central point, so we never experience this level of political discourse. It’s going to take strong people to move the political conversation back to a more central location.

Well, that’s my week in review guys. Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

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